Horror In Suburbia – Builder ‘Butchered Niece And Attacked Stepdaughter’ At £1.5 Million Home

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The scene in Coombe Lane West, Kingston where police are investigating a murder.

A neighbour claimed the man was arrested when he tried to flee the country from Dover – after slashing his step-daughter’s throat, and killing his niece.

‘I’ve Got Acid!’ – Yob Caught On CCTV Squirting Cleaning Fluid In Drinker’s Face Outside Pub

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A man shouted 'I've got acid' before squirting what's thought to be cleaning fluid in the face of a drinker outside a Solihull pub.

The yob, who wore a man bag, was heard shouting: “I’ve got acid,” before squirting the noxious liquid at a group of people.

Royal Mail Suspend Deliveries To Quiet Cul-de-sac After Posties Attacked By SEAGULLS

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The birds’ divebombing assaults on posties have disrupted services in Regent Gardens, in the College Estate area of Hereford.

Young Mum Desperate To Make Memories With Her Son After Being Diagnosed With Alzheimer’s Aged 27

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Jayde Greene with son Freddie.

Jayde Greene, 27, is hoping to find a cure for the degenerative disease after she discovered she may not live to see her son finish secondary school.

Mum Devastated After Losing £700 On Ed Sheeran Tickets After Singer Cancels 10,000 Tickets

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Andrea Grant.

Furious Andrea Grant, 41, splashed out on the surprise gift for her seven-year-old son on an unverified website.

World’s Happiest Lizard Becomes Web Star Thanks To His SMILE

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Smaug the smiley dragon.

Smaug the smiley mini dragon has almost 4,000 followers on photo-sharing app Instagram, making him Britain’s most famous reptile.

Never Too Old To Learn – Gran Aged 86 Becomes Oldest Person To Graduate From Bristol Uni

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Proud Peggy pictured at home.

Proud Peggy Styles completed her studies despite suffering a life-threatening illness and the death of her husband.

Army Veteran Learns How To Fly So He Can Rescue Hundreds Of Dogs

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Paul Steklenski with one of the many dogs that have been rescued.

Kind-hearted Paul Steklenski, 45, forked out £50,000 for an aircraft which he fills with crates of unloved pups facing euthanasia.

135-Year-Old Dog Looking For Retirement Home To Live Out Her Days

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Tassie a 19-year-old Jack Russell is looking for a new home.

Jack Russell terrier Tassie has reached the incredible age of 135 in dog years but is said to still be young at heart.

Duckling Which Fell Down Drain Saved After Rescuers Play Quack Noises

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A plucky duckling which got himself stuck down in underground pipes was safely rescued - after an RSPCA officer played a DUCK video on her phone!

The bizarre rescue took place after a member of the public raised the alarm after hearing noises coming from an underground pipe and called the RSPCA.

Woman Banned From Keeping Dogs After 27 Poodles Where Rescued From Squalid Conditions

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Poodles kept in cages by Heather Green in Launceston, Cornwall.

Twenty one of the dogs were squashed together in five metal cages and six others were running loose in one room.

“Best Moment Of My Life” – Teen Crowned UK’s FIRST Ever Transgender Prom Queen

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Transgender student Lori Beynon steps out on her prom night where she was crowned Prom queen.

Inspirational Lori Beynon, 16, was born Luis but started transitioning two years ago after confessing her true identity to her mum in a text message.

Savvy Schoolgirl Turns Pocket Money Into Thousands After Selling Makeup Range On Instagram

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Isobel with her range of makeup

Entrepreneur Isobel Carter launched her own cosmetic range called ‘Isobel C’ from her mum’s beauty salon five months ago after saving up her pocket money for two years.

OAP Is World’s Biggest Royal Family Fan And Has Met The Queen More Times Than Any Other Member Of Public

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Terry Hutt, 82, pictured in his "royal room" at his house in Weston Super Mare, Somerset.

Devoted Terry Hutt, 82, has spent decades travelling to Buckingham Palace and other royal residences to wait outside and meet the Windsors.

World’s Most Pampered Pig Demands Belly Rubs, Builds Pillow Forts And Loves Cheerios

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Meet the pampered piglet that lives a life of luxury - demanding belly rubs, building pillow forts and eating CHEERIOS.

Sarah Kocher, 20, rescued pot-bellied Petunia after she was abandoned by her original owner.

First Child To Have Double Hand Transplant Now Able To Write, Feed And Dress Himself

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Zion Harvey one year after the op.

American boy Zion Harvey lost his hands and his feet when he was just two-years-old to a life-threatening sepsis infection that also led to a kidney transplant.

WATCH : Heartwarming Video Of Cancer Sufferer Told Wellwishers Would Fund IVF Dream

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Marisha Chaplin and Jonathan Hibbs.

Marisha Chaplin, 25, and fiancé Jon Hibbs, 28, were both diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma when they teenagers.