Man With Rare Condition Helped Through His Illness By Sharing His Home With Sixteen Therapy Cats

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Ian West (28), has brain damage and is one of two people in the world that has eosinophilic oesophagitis and CVS, which means he has violent sickness every five to ten minutes when he has an outburst.

Ian West suffers from has eosinophilic oesophagitis, an allergic inflammatory condition of the oesophagus.

Blogger Mum Broadcasts Her Birth From Bedroom Live On Facebook To 62,000 Viewers

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Sarah Cantwell at the start of her live blog.

Sarah Cantwell, 28, started streaming on social media at 5am – less than an hour before she had baby Maeve Elizabeth.

WATCH – Adorable Dancing Dad And Son Become Online Sensation With Super Cute Videos

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Stanley Freeland, 25, and son Josiah, 4 who dance together on Youtube

Stanley Freeland, 25, and son Josiah, four, started working on their moves for their ‘#FatherLikeSon’ videos two years ago.

Young Entrepreneur Fills Office With Giant Ball Pit, Takes Staff To Vegas And Gives Out Limitless Holidays!

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Lee McAteer, 32 (l) with staff from Invasion in Salford, Manchester on a trip to Las Vegas

Lee McAteer, 32, set up his company Invasion in 2010 and says he wants to make his office the “most fun in the country”.

WATCH – Talented Busker Drawing Crowds By Creating Hypnotic Music With Old Kitchen Utensils

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Video grab of amazing busker who plays the drums with old kitchen utensils.

The man was filmed on the streets of Weston-super-Mare, Somerset, beating a range of culinary equipment with drumsticks to create a mesmerising beat.

Couple Build Pub In Back Garden To Keep Social Life Alive As They Have Kids

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Phil Avery, 35, with his wife Eva 36 with their daughter Milli, 2.

Eva and Phil Avery decided to accommodate parenthood in an unusual way – by building a pub in the yard.

Disabled Woman Who Has Spent The Past 11 Years Stuck In Her Bedroom Fulfilled Wish To Walk Down The Aisle

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Jessica Taylor walked down the isle on her wedding day with her dad Colin to meet her husband Samuel Bearman waiting at the alter.

Jessica Taylor was struck down 11 years ago with myalgic encephalopathy which meant she spent 95 per cent of her time stuck in bed or confined to a wheelchair.

Young Brits Are Turning To Alcohol To Deal With Mental Health Issues

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A recent study quizzing 2,000 Brits on the state of their mental well-being revealed that when it comes to boosting mental health, it’s our friends and family that are most likely to help us out.

Mary Poppins Trainee Nannies Learn From Spy Chiefs In James Bond-Style Training Day

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Instructor Andy Tombling leads a self defence class for  trainee nannies at Norland College in Bath, Somerset.

Students from Norland College are being taught how to spot and deal with modern threats such as stalkers, online predators, paparazzi and cyber criminals.

Dad-To-Be Takes On Cycling Record To Prove It’s ‘Harder Than Giving Birth’

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Josh Morris, 29, and his wife Laura Morris, 30.

Josh Morris, 29, aims to beat Olympian Sir Bradley Wiggins’s world best by pedalling more than 33 miles, or 54.5km, in an hour.

Heartbroken Widower Slept Next To His Wife’s Body For SIX DAYS After She Died

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Russell Davison & Wendy Davison on their wedding day in 2013

Devastated Russell Davison, 50, decided he wanted to be in control of what happened to his partner’s corpse after she passed way from cancer on April 21.

BGT’s Harry Gardner Speaks Of His Heartbreak Over Death Of Nan Who Inspired Hit Song

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Harry Gardner, 16 from , Writtle, Chelmsford who featured on Britain's Got talent with a song written about his nan who had dementia. =

Harry Gardner, 16, put pen to paper last year on the day his 77-year-old gran Maureen McGuinness first forgot who he was.

Barber Shaves His Beard To Stop People Thinking He “Looked Like A Terrorist” On The Tube

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John Essien a barber from London who decided to shave his beard after people started reacting to him like he was a terrorist.

John Essien, 37, who is black British, said he noticed people whispering about him and refusing to sit next to him on public transport.

Mother’s Horror After Eight-Year-Old Daughter Finds Stranger On The Stairs

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Beverley Cooke, 53, was in her kitchen when she heard daughter Maddison scream out “there’s a man in the house!” as she played with a friend.

Woman Sues Dentist 20K After Being Told To Take Crown Out Of Her Own POO

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Sally Bannister who was awarded £20,000 compensation after dodgy dental work.

Sally Bannister, 44, spent nine years being treated by Dr Matthew Jackson but said she was left in agony after a series of ‘patch-up jobs’.

Why Are Commercial Cleaning Companies So Important For Your Business?

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Not many people like cleaning. Whilst that statement might seem pretty obvious, it is a core fact that when it comes to cleaning, most people can always think of better things to be doing, in fact, anything can seem better than spending hours on your knees cleaning toilets, under cupboards and everything else. Whilst this…

A beginners guide to online marketing

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If you are starting up a new business or you are looking to market your business for the first time, then there are a few basics that you will benefit from knowing. Firstly, not all marketing methods cost money but all marketing methods will cost time and effort. The effective marketing campaigns are the ones…