Schoolgirl Flown To Germany To Tour Car Factory After She Asked The Chief Of Audi For A Job

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Collect photos from the family of Leona during her visit to the Audi factory in Germany. A car-mad schoolgirl was flown to Germany by Audi to tour its largest factory after she told the company she dreamed of working for them.

Aspiring engineer Leona Burrell, 11, was driven by a female chauffeur to the facility outside Munich during the all-expenses paid trip.

Like Ducks To Water – Little Ducklings Take Their First Swim

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This cute video shows a brood of ducklings taking to the water for the first time - in an upturned plant saucer.

The clip captures the incredible natural instincts of the birds after they were hatched as part of a school educational programme.

Wildlife Park Welcomes Its First Ever Porcupine Twins

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A wildlife park is celebrating the arrival of porcupine TWINS - its first in 47 YEARS of being open.

The as-yet-unnamed and unsexed twins were born in March this year to first-time mother Stempu and father Prickle, who were introduced in October 2016

Baby Boy Has To Wear Specialist Helmet 23 Hours A Day After Being Diagnosed With Flat Head Syndrome

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Natalie Needham with her son Donevan Needham, 4 months.  A mum-of-four whose son has a rare condition known as flat head syndrome has said more needs to be done to fund treatment on the NHS.  See NTI story NTIFLAT.  It comes after she was left having to raise more than £2,000 in eight weeks for specialist treatment.  Natalie and David Needham's young son Donevan is just four-and-a-half months old, but has now been fitted with a specialist helmet which is gradually correcting the shape of his skull.  He was born with a condition called plagiocephaly, also known as flat head syndrome, which was first picked up when he was around eight weeks old.  In the majority of cases of flat head syndrome, the skull will naturally correct itself as soon as the baby can hold their neck up and start to move around more, and the pressures on the skull decrease before it fuses together when the child is around two.

Little Donevan Needham was born with plagiocephaly and Torticollis, which is usually caused by babies lying on their backs when they sleep.

Three Generations of Family Defy Odds To Be Born On The Same Day

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Three generations with the same birthday as Steve Winterbottom Snr & Jnr are joined by Alexa Rey, Buxton, Derbyshire

Bookies Ladbrokes have put the chances of Steve Snr, Steve Jnr and Alexa all being born on the same day are 48,000000/1

Check For Bunny Nests Before Mowing Your Lawn This Summer

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Ontario Animal Removal showing a rabbit nest below some grass.

This video by Ontario Animal Removal has been viewed almost three million times and shows animal expert Jared Houlistan spotting the heavily camouflaged rabbit homes.

These Wacky Moulds Mean You Can Grow Fruits Into Any Shape!

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Buddha peaches grown in a fruit mould.

China-based Fruit Mould Co. are behind the crazy contraptions and have been commissioned worldwide to help people make odd-shaped produce.

Dog Charity Appealing For Someone To House A Dog That Only Understands POLISH

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Caleb shaking his paw with Jess Murphy, Kennel Carer.

Caleb, a four-year-old German Shepherd, was thought to be “untrainable” because it would not follow basic commands in English.

WATCH – Shocking Moment Thug Is Filmed Beating Defenceless Dog Which Yelps Throughout Assault

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This is the shocking moment a thug is filmed beating a defenceless dog which yelps throughout the horrific assault.

Sick Thomas Miller, 25, is caught red-handed violently kicking his husky-type dog, Gizmo, in the face in a bid to silence him.

Gran Is First Brit To Be Diagnosed With Rare Disease That Caused Her To Bring Up Seven Pints Of Vomit That Looked Like Coffee Grains

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Mary McIntosh who has become the first Briton to be diagnosed with an ultra-rare disease

Mary McIntosh, 79, is the first person to suffer from ischmeic oesophagus on English shores after top medical experts were dumbfounded by her rare symptoms.

Woman Diagnosed With Terminal Cancer Writes “Living List” Of Things She Wants To Do Before She Dies

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Laura Hughes, 29 who has created a bucket list.

Laura Hughes, 29, has a list of 48 things that she wants to complete in order for her to have the best life she can.

These New Yorkers Have The Best Response To The Subway Dog Ban!

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Dogs in bags on the New York subway.

New laws say you cannot take your beloved pet on underground trains in the Big Apple unless they are ‘carried in a manner that would not annoy passengers.’

Seven-Year-Old Who Cares For Disabled Siblings Is Turned Into A Superhero – In The BEANO

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Bookworm Breeze Martin

Caring Breeze Martin helps her parents look after wheelchair-bound Coast, nine, and Blue, 10, who both battle severe autism and require 24-hour care.

14-Year-Old Girl Told She Would Never Walk Becomes Successful Model

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Cerebral palsy sufferer Ariella Byrne, 14, from the Wirral, Merseyside, has landed her first modeling job in a Co-Op advert.

Ariella Byrne’s family say the cerebral palsy sufferer has defied the odds to star in a TV advert – and now wants to stroll down the catwalk.

Shocking CCTV Shows Women Robbers Raiding Post Office With Meat Cleavers

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Two women are being hunted by police after raiding a post office in Birmingham armed with a meat cleaver and a knife.

The masked thugs forced their way into the shop at 10pm on June 4 by using a metal milk crate to jam open the shutters.

Abandoned Dog Whose Fur Was So Matted His Leg Became Stuck To His EAR Is Finally On The Mend

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Soldier an lhasa apso dog was rescued by a dog warden who found him wandering the streets of Leeds, West Yorks.

The six-year-old lhasa apso, now named Soldier, was rescued by a dog warden who found him wandering the streets of Leeds, West Yorks.

15-Year-Old Arrested After Taking Shotgun And Ammunition To School Was ‘Being Bullied’

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Hingham School Head Teacher Phil Kelly (suit no high-vis) with Police outside his school on Hingham Lane in Nuneaton, Warwickshire where police have arrested a teenage boy this morning on suspicion of being in possession of a firearm and ammunition on the school site

Police swooped on High Lane School in Nuneaton, Warks., after receiving a call from the teenager