Pupil Sent Home From School After Refusing To Don Black Blazer In Scorching 30C Heat

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Reece Wolfe 12 has been excluded from Kingswood Academy, Hull for one and a half days for not replacing his jacket inside the school when asked by a teacher.

Reece Wolfe, 12, was handed a “fixed-term” exclusion by teachers just minutes after starting the school day, along with two other pupils.

Adorable Harvest Mice Strike A Pose Running Up Shoots Of Straw

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Harvest mouse pictures taken by Dean Mason.

The miniature mammals bodies measure just an inch-and-a-half long and are usually impossible to spot in the wild.

Fox Spotted Soaking Up The Rays On A Sunbed On The Hottest Day Of The Year

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A fox was spotted catching some rays this weekend when it jumped onto a sunbed just metres from a man's back door.

Martin Besserman snapped the cheeky animal relaxing when he went to use his sunbed only to find he had been beaten to it by the ginger animal.

Effects of Emotional And Stress Eating On Obesity by Don Karl Juravin | Gastric Bypass ALTERNATIVE

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New understanding of the stress and emotional eating mechanism reveals that bariatric surgeries aren’t the real solution to the obese. Actually, a non-surgical Gastric Bypass ALTERNATIVE may provide a better weight reduction solution than gastric bypass, LapBand or gastric sleeve. Stress is a condition in which “environmental demands exceed the adaptive capacity of an organism,…

5 Things You Need To Know Before Buying An Electric Bike

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Looking up from a gruelling uphill ascent and grimacing as a cyclist whizzes past you with a humiliating lack of effort. In your exhaustion-induced stupor, you may be inclined to venture that you have just seen Chris Froome. In reality, you have actually encountered an e-bike. The name is relatively self-explanatory – e-bikes are simply…

Scaffolder Who Lost Three Limbs In Electric Shock Horror Accident Now Faces Losing His Final Limb

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Jamie Mines who has had both of his arms and one of his leg and part of his foot amputated after being electrocuted when working as a scaffold.

Jamie Mines, 33, is back at home with his girlfriend Harley Mines, 25, and twin baby girls after six months fighting for his life in hospital – just in time for Father’s Day.

Meet Britain’s Oldest Zumba Dancer!

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Dorrie Pack aged 90 takes part in her weekly Zumba class at  the St Francis Church Hall in Sidmouth, Devon.

Nimble Dorrie Pack, 90, took up the craze three years ago after she lost her husband of 62 years, Royal Navy sailor Ken Pack.

Mum Gives Birth To Two Babies Born With External Intestines Who Were Saved By Clingfilm

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Baby Petal after her first operation.

Doctors told Krystle Giles, 26, the chances of having two children born with the rare condition gastroschisis was so low they had never seen it.

Campaign Launched To Keep Banksy In Dover

June 19, 2017 | by | 1 Comment
The Banksy mural in Kent which is set to be removed and sold to benefit local charities.

MP for Dover Charlie Elphicke’s rallying cry called for the owners of the building it occupies to “work with us” to preserve it and keep it in Dover for tourism and future prosperity.

Terminally Ill Five-Year-Old “Marries” Best Friend To Tick Off Bucket List

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Eileidh Paterson, 5, and best friend Harrison Grier, 6, both from Forres, Moray, at the ceremony in at the AECC, Aberdeen.

Brave Eileidh Paterson, who has the childhood cancer neuroblastoma, made the list after being told her condition was terminal.

Heart-Warming Moment Police Officer Waltzes With Elderly Lady In A Shopping Mall

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This is the heartwarming moment a police officer is filmed waltzing with a sprightly pensioner in a shopping centre.

PCSO Steve Hopley was spotted taking the old lady by the hand and leading her onto the floor accompanied by the music being piped into the mall.

Eight-Year-Old Who Had To Undergo Surgery After Stepping On A NEEDLE On Holiday Wins Payout From Jet2

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Lisa Roberts and daughter Molly Roberts of Leicester.

Little Molly Roberts, who was eight at the time, was left screaming in agony when she trod on the discarded needle as she went to fetch her mother some food.

Schoolboy Threatened With Suspension After Shaving Hair For Charity

June 16, 2017 | by | 5 Comments
Joseph Prentice, 14 before he had his hair shaved off for charity

Joseph Prentice, 14, was even supported by his teachers when he announced plans to chop off his treasured 12-inch locks to raise money.

Schoolgirl Flown To Germany To Tour Car Factory After She Asked The Chief Of Audi For A Job

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Collect photos from the family of Leona during her visit to the Audi factory in Germany. A car-mad schoolgirl was flown to Germany by Audi to tour its largest factory after she told the company she dreamed of working for them.

Aspiring engineer Leona Burrell, 11, was driven by a female chauffeur to the facility outside Munich during the all-expenses paid trip.

Like Ducks To Water – Little Ducklings Take Their First Swim

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This cute video shows a brood of ducklings taking to the water for the first time - in an upturned plant saucer.

The clip captures the incredible natural instincts of the birds after they were hatched as part of a school educational programme.

Wildlife Park Welcomes Its First Ever Porcupine Twins

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A wildlife park is celebrating the arrival of porcupine TWINS - its first in 47 YEARS of being open.

The as-yet-unnamed and unsexed twins were born in March this year to first-time mother Stempu and father Prickle, who were introduced in October 2016

Baby Boy Has To Wear Specialist Helmet 23 Hours A Day After Being Diagnosed With Flat Head Syndrome

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Natalie Needham with her son Donevan Needham, 4 months.  A mum-of-four whose son has a rare condition known as flat head syndrome has said more needs to be done to fund treatment on the NHS.  See NTI story NTIFLAT.  It comes after she was left having to raise more than £2,000 in eight weeks for specialist treatment.  Natalie and David Needham's young son Donevan is just four-and-a-half months old, but has now been fitted with a specialist helmet which is gradually correcting the shape of his skull.  He was born with a condition called plagiocephaly, also known as flat head syndrome, which was first picked up when he was around eight weeks old.  In the majority of cases of flat head syndrome, the skull will naturally correct itself as soon as the baby can hold their neck up and start to move around more, and the pressures on the skull decrease before it fuses together when the child is around two.

Little Donevan Needham was born with plagiocephaly and Torticollis, which is usually caused by babies lying on their backs when they sleep.