Vicar Steps In To Let Post Office Open Branch In His Church

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Customers use the Post Office inside St Peter's Church in Whitstable

Around 40,000 residents faced travelling more than a mile to a proper post office after theirs shut

Parents Agony After Two-Year-Old Dies From Sepsis Following Bout Of Chicken Pox

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Parents Rob and Lynette Schonau from Stoke-on-Trent who have spoken of their heartbreak after their two-year-old son died suddenly after having chickenpox

Little Oscar Schonau picked up the contagious illness in October but appeared to be on the road to recovery.

Shocking Moment Travellers Threaten Bailiffs With Wooden Bats During Aggressive Stand-Off

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The bailiffs remain calm and composed while the men, one of whom is carrying a wooden bat, try to intimidate them by throwing insults and threats.

Escaped Rapist Given Muffin & Listened to Music With Students – Before Being Convinced To Hand Himself In

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Escaped convict Admi Headley (L) & Student Tom Phillips

Rapist Admi Headley, 34, was on the run from jail when he collapsed outside the home of Tom Phillips, 22, and Aidan Byrne, 21.

ISIS Salon Forced To Change It’s Name After Receiving Threatening Email From ‘Head Of ISIS’

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Owner Karen Lawrence (l) and beauty therapist Lin Hoblin (r) posing outside Studio No 5 with the old ISIS sign in Writtle, Essex

Married mum-of-three Karen Lawrence, 54, named her salon ISIS after the Egyptian goddess of the sun and moon 16 years ago when she first set it up.

Pub Becomes One Of The First In The UK To Sell Beer Exclusively Brewed For Dogs

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Craig and Hayley Armstrong with Lola the dog

Landlord Craig Armstrong, 52, has taken dog-friendly pubs to another level by stocking a Belgian beverage that is exclusively brewed for pooches.

Fraudster Jailed After Taking £98k Grant To Start New Forest – But Didn’t Plant A Single Tree

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Pritesh Ladwa

Pritesh Ladwa, 29, lived a Champagne lifestyle and has been pictured at glamorous locations around the world on social media.

Guitarist Proposes To Girlfriend During Band’s Mannequin Challenge

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This is the romantic moment a band member proposed to his stunned girlfriend during a Mannequin Challenge.

  This is the romantic moment a band member proposed to his stunned girlfriend during a Mannequin Challenge. Hull band Bud Sugar organised for the challenge to be held in the city but was secretly using it as a ruse for band member Stan to propose to his girlfriend. Following a call out on social…

Journey From Hell! : Two Young Women Dumped Near Scary Reservoir By Violent Uber Driver

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Shenel Osman, 28 (l) and Rachel Cousins (r) from Chestnut, Hertfordshire who were dropped off near a reservoir by an angry Uber driver .

What was supposed to be a 20 minute journey turned into a nightmare

Bored Of Being Retired! : 89-Year-Old Publishes Work Appeal To Stop Him ‘Dying Of Boredom’

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Joe Bartley aged 89, who placed an advert in the Torquay Herald and Express newspaper

Widower Joe Bartley placed the ad for his services in his local paper as he has become sick of sitting at home alone with nothing to do.

School Faces Backlash From Gay Rights Groups After Apologising To Christian Teaching Assistant Who Said Gay Marriage Was Wrong

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Teacher Vicky Allen

Vicky Allen, 51, took legal action to overturn a formal written warning and to seek damages for ‘hurt feelings’ after telling the teen she disapproved of gay ceremonies

flying Scotsman Racing Santa Around The World To Break Record For Longest Christmas Day

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Fraser Watt a Scotman living in Australia in the suit that he plans to wear while flying on his Christmas day flights

Fraser Watt, 58, plans to stretch the day out by flying East to West across the world following the sun on commercial flights

Burly Bodybuilder Gives Four Hours Of Physio To His Fluffy SHIH TZU A Day!

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Robert Dawson from Samptford Peverell, Devon, with his shih tzu Benjamin

Dog-lover and bodybuidler Robert Dawson, 35, has already spent £5,000 on treatment to save his poorly pooch

WATCH : Terror For Passengers As Sparks Fly Out Of Plane’s ENGINE

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The terrifying moment passengers saw SPARKS pouring mid-air out of a plane's ENGINE

The Boeing 787 Dreamliner was flying from Sydney to Singapore when travellers heard a loud bang from the aircraft’s right wing.

Woman Left Victim With Horrific Injuries After Glassing Him Because He Told Her To “Stop Being Nosy”

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Horrific injury picture of Mark Cook

Bethany Cox, 24, left Mark Cook, 29, with permanent scarring after she smashed a glass into his left cheek

Postmaster Awarded Police Bravery Medal For Chasing After Shotgun-Wielding Thugs

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Anthony Williams the postmaster of Boston Spa post office who with the help customers helped foil an armed robbery committed by men wearing drag.

Plucky Tony Williams chased off the criminal double act, who were dressed in wigs, hats and women’s clothing, while one of them pushed the other in a wheelchair

Man Stands Above Clouds To Capture Astonishing Night Skies

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Chris Miles with his dog looking down at low cloud inversion over Tomtain from the Kilsyth Hills

Chris Miles, 35, had been waiting for years to capture the sky with the clouds blocking the lights of the towns and cities below.