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Police Searching Home Of Murderer Christopher Halliwell For More Bodies

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Christopher Halliwell.

Evil Halliwell was last year convicted of fatally stabbing and strangling Becky Godden, 20, in 2003 and handed a full-life jail term at Bristol Crown Court.

Entrepreneur Vows To Raise £2,000 To Hand Out To Homeless After Cambridge Student burns £20 Note

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Owen Barrow and Lee Nicolaou.

Lee Nicolaou, 23, wants to raise the cash after being disgusted by the footage of first-year law student Ronald Coyne trying to light a £20 note.

‘I Love Animals’ : Cruel Yob Caught On CCTV Kicking And Stamping On His Dog During Drunken Attack

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CCTV of a cruel thug caught stamping on his pet dog during 30 minute drunken rampage.

Evil Richard Cheshire, 34, was captured on CCTV kicking the cowering pooch in a lift before giving a thumbs up for the camera.

Man Discovers He Has Terminal Skin Cancer Caused By – Stubbing His TOE

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Roland Monger.

Roland Monger, 36, was walking to work in the snow in 2009 when he slipped and broke his ankle leaving his foot in a plaster cast with his toe exposed.

Sisters Defy Odds To Give Birth To First Boys In Family For 50 YEARS – At The Same Hospital Just An HOUR Apart

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Leanne Walters left with Freddie, Lisa Harmel right with Liam

Nursery worker Leanne Walters, 25, and bartender Lisa Harmel, 22, stunned midwives when they went into labour on the same day in adjacent rooms.

Obscure Metal Band Come Up With What Could Be Briatin’s Most Offensive T-Shirt

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Death metal act Burning The Dream L to R Richy Paton, Rowan Petch,Paul Kelly, Iain Docherty, Greig Sills.

Death metal act Burning The Dream launched the merchandise last year in the lead-up to their debut performance — and the item quickly sold out.

New Mum Stunned When She Gives Birth To Daughter – Who Has Two Fully Formed Front TEETH

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Most babies start teething at six months but little Ella-Rose Lines stunned nurses and midwives with her perfect white incisors.

Screwdriver-Wielding Thug Tries To Rob Newsagents But Is Fought Off By Elderly Owners

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Dolly Karim,75, who foiled a robbery at her newsagents.

Shocking CCTV footage shows the man bursting into Pitville Convenience Store and demanding that shop owner Dolly Karim, 75, hand over the till.

Horse Trainer Sails Her Ponies To The Shetland Islands On A Tiny Motor Boat..So They Can Meet Their Relatives

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Horse whisperer Emma Massingale on her trip to the Sheltland Isles with ponies Albert & Ernie.

Emma Massingale, 34, accompanied Albert and Ernie back to their native roots as part of her latest equestrian challenge.

Mischievous Shar-Pei Puppy With Wonky Legs And Loads Of Wrinkles Is Looking For A Loving New Home

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Ruby the Shar-Pei who has a conditions which gives her wonky legs. See SWNS story SWPUPPY; An animal charity which specialises in rescuing an ancient Chinese breed is looking to rehome a wrinkly puppy which is limping around on wonky legs. Ruby the five-month-old Shar-Pei wags her tail and loves to play with people and other dogs. But the happy animal has developed carpal laxity, a musculoskeletal condition which causes the ligament in her front legs to move around more than normal. As a result, she shuffles around awkwardly and could face being permanently disabled without the right treatment.

Ruby the five-month-old Shar-Pei wags her tail and loves to play with people and other dogs.

Massive Haul Of Cannabis Found In Mansion Just Yards From Buckingham Palace

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Police officer picks up the cannabis dropped by the squatter cannabis from the mansion just yards away from the grounds of Buckingham Palace, Belgravia, central London.

POLICE officers have uncovered a colossal haul of cannabis – all being grown in a £15million mansion located a short distance from Buckingham Palace

Mum Saves Daughter From Choking Just Days After Watching First Aid Video Online

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Tina Jagger saved daughter Jessica Cain, five, from choking.

Mum saved her five-year-old daughter’s life when she started choking on a sweet thanks to watching a video just a couple of days earlier

Heartbroken Dad Of Becky Watts Speaks Out On Second Anniversary Of Her Death

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Rebecca 'Becky' Watts who was found dead in Bristol.

Tragic Becky, 16, was brutally murdered in February 2015 by her own stepbrother, Nathan Matthews, in a sexually-motivated kidnap plan.

Mum Warns Parents To Be Vigilant As Man Attempts To Lure Away Three-Year-Old Daughter In Hull

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Amanda Playle and her daughter Courtney who was approached by two men in west Hull

Amanda Playle, 40, was walking with her daughter Courtney when two men approached the youngster who labelled the luring predator as ‘Mr Take Me Away’.

Deaf Couple Hear Each Other For The First Time In 12 YEARS Of Marriage

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The touching moment when deaf couple Neil and Helen Robinson hear each other for the first time - when their cochlear implants are turned on.

Neil and Helen Robinson have both been deaf since birth and have communicated through sign language, lip reading and failed attempts at using hearing aids.

Lady And The Tramp : 89-Year-Old Marries Homeless Man She First Met When He Was Rummaging Through Her BINS

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Joan Neininger & Ken Selway arrive back for their wedding reception at Hannover Court, Cinderford, Gloucestershire.

Loved-up pensioners finally tie the knot in touching ceremony attended by friends and family