Family’s Torment After Young Dad Was Left Dying On A Bus For Almost Five Hours

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Gavin Wudinge

Gavin Wudinge, 31, had only been on a Stagecoach bus for around half an hour before slumping in his seat after suffering a cardiac arrest.

Gran Run Over by A Car Lay In Aldi Car Park For THREE HOURS As She Waited For An Ambulance

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Grandmother Karen Barnes, lies face down in the Aldi supermarket carpark.  A pensioner run over by a car had to wait THREE HOURS for an ambulance as she lay in agony outside a supermarket.

Grandmother Karen Barnes, 60, was forced to wait face-down on the “cold wet floor” after she was hit by the vehicle in the Aldi car park

Newly-Married Mum Found Out She Had Thyroid Cancer After Bumping Into A Doctor During Her Honeymoon

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Danielle McCulloch age 27 at her home in Peterbrough

Danielle, 26, was holidaying in Cyprus just days after getting married when a doctor spotted a strange lump on her neck when she was in a supermarket.

Bell-Ringer Tells Of Horrific Moment He Fell And Becoming IMPALED On A Metal Peg

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Robert Wood, 62, a bellringer at Ripon Cathedral, North Yorks., who slipped and fell onto a metal spike in the bell mechanism, impaling his chin

Robert Wood, 62, slipped and fell into the 106-year-old mechanism while carrying out maintenance work.

Randy Tortoise Has Set Of Wheels Fitted After Developing Arthritis Through Having Too Much SEX

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Bert the African spurred tortoise with Basil a Mediterranean tortoise at the Dinosair Adventure park in Norfolk.

Bert, a 22-year-old African spurred tortoise, now travels around with the help of heavy duty wheels strapped to his shell whenever his back left leg swells up.

Watch Hilarious Moment Young Lad Is Thrown 18Ft In The Air To Grab A MANGO

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Video grab of the hilarious moment young lad thrown 18ft in the air by his friends to grab a MANGO

The group of four teenagers were taking a break from classes when they spotted the juicy fruit outside their school in Koronadal City in the Philippines.

WATCH : Shocking CCTV Shows Moment Racist Thugs Set Fire To Mosque

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CCTV grab of the moment pair of racist thugs set fire to a mosque

The louts initially tried to break into Al Falah Braintree Islamic Centre in Essex by throwing bricks and kicking the door.

Female Fraudster Used Tragedy Of Five Dead Colleagues To Steal £30K From Firm

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Joanne Perry

The tragic workers were crushed underneath nine tonnes of metal and concrete blocks at the Hawkeswood Metal recycling in Nechells, Birmingham, on July 7 last year.

Rare Exotic Animal From Africa Found Curled Up In A Tyre At Mercedes Dealership

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Kamarla, the Spotted Genet (a distant relative of the domestic cat) which went missing from it's home in Brighton but was found in Milton Keynes

Kamarla, the Spotted Genet, went missing for nearly three weeks after escaping out of a window from his home in Portslade, Brighton.

Pedestrian Killed During Hit-And-Run By Car Involved In A High Speed Police Chase

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Forensic tent at the scene on Old Steine, Brighton where a pedestrian was killed during a police chance last night in Brighton, Sussex, 11 January 2017

Police were in a high speed chase with a Vauxhall Astra at around 10pm on Tuesday night when the car ploughed into the pedestrian on a busy street.

WATCH : CCTV Captures Three Vehicles Crashing Into The Same House In Just 20 MINUTES

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The three crashes at the home of Hannah Jones in Oak Road, Grimsby.

The astonishing collisions, all on black ice during the cold snap last Thursday, were caught on CCTV.

Man Smiles As He Appears In Court Charged With Murdering His Former Girlfriend

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Kerri McAuley who was found dead at her flat in Norwich

Joe Storey, 26, was shouted at by relatives of his former partner Kerri McAuley, 32, who broke down in tears in the packed public gallery at Norwich Magistrates Court.

Paraglider Tells How She Waited To Die In Terrifying Near-Miss With Huge Military Aircraft

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Paraglider Kristianna Draper who is happy to be alive after a near miss

Kristianna Draper was cruising at altitude with a tiny paramotor on her back when the giant Airbus A400M thundered by her at 250mph.

Together Forever : Devoted Couple Who Were Together For 50 Years Die Within Hours Of Each Other In Real-Life Version Of The Notebook

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John and Pam Northern at their son's wedding.

John Northern, 73, and wife Pam, 72, had been married for 50 years before they both fell ill and died in their home just before Christmas.

Bizarre ‘Double Decker’ Car Pile-Up At Kirkcaldy Train Station

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Car parking catastophe at Kirkcaldy railway station, January 10, 2017.

It seems that one driver was a bit too eager to make the train to work after one car seemingly parked on top of another.

Ten-Year-Old Accidentally Hanged Himself With A Scarf In Act Of ‘Childhood Curiosity’

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Alfie Hyett

Tragic Alfie Hyett, was found unconscious by his devastated mother Louise Hembrow, 43, on the evening of March 9 last year.

Man Sheds Six Stone After Switching McDonald’s For Full English Breakfasts

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Slimming World's winner of the Mr Sleek award, Liam Smith, 25, at the Ritz Hotel in Central London.

Liam Smith saw his weight increase to 19st when he stopped playing badminton and football.