Families Fuming After Carving Into Green Turkeys On Christmas Day!

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Christmas Day has been ruined for families this year who carved into their roast turkey to find it was florescent GREEN inside

Pictures emerged of crowns of turkey meat which had been cut in half to reveal the unsightly green flesh – which left families hungry on their big day.

“Worst Scars In The UK” : Woman Who Suffers With Horrific Keyloid Scarring All Over Her Body – Told She Won’t Get Treatment On NHS

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Bianca Lawrence, 22, has had keloid scarring for 9 years, but the NHS wont treat it fully, pictured at home in Bradford, West Yorks

Bianca Lawrence developed the unsightly scars when she was just 13-years-old – which now, at 22, cover much of the upper half of her body.

Young Epilepsy Sufferer Has Life-Changing Operation To Remove Golf Ball Sized Brain Tumour

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Kodi-Leigh Reynolds (10) in hospital.

Kodi-Leigh Reynolds was diagnosed with epilepsy seven years ago caused by a non-cancerous growth doctors discovered when she was two.

Soldier Left Paralysed From Neck Down After Catching A COLD

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Former soldier Steve Mawer

Father-of-two Steve Mawer was super-fit and healthy and had been training to take on a 100-mile charity bike ride when he began to feel unwell.

Girl Left Mute By Bullies Finds Her Voice After Three Years – To Sing Frozen

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Andrea Tilling & Phoenix Tilling.

Phoenix Tilling was aged six when a classmate grabbed hold of her and shoved her headfirst into a sandpit.

Coastguard Captures Hilarious Moment He Spotted A Seal Relaxing On His Dinghy

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The seal in the dinghy on the River Orwell in Suffolk

Jon Harvey, 27, had just moored his yacht after he had been out sailing when he heard a loud splashing noise.

Mum Who Ballooned To 21st After A Stillbirth Sheds TEN STONE In A Year

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Stacey Lamb before her weight loss

27-year-old Stacey has celebrated Christmas for the first time with a sunny disposition and wearing a size 12 dress

Fears Growing For Young Woman Missing From Hospital

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Olivia Buckenham (21) who has gone missing from hospital, sparking a police appeal.  See NTI story NTIMISSING.  Nottinghamshire Police have released a picture of Olivia Buckenham, who went missing at 9.30am today.  Olivia is white, around 5ft 6ins tall with a pale complexion and short black hair described as a pixie cut.  She was last seen wearing a khaki green cardigan and black jeans. Both her arms are bandaged.

Pretty Olivia Buckenham was last seen wearing a khaki green cardigan and black jeans with both her arms bandaged

Selfless Youngster Battling Cerebral Palsy Completes Charity Walk For Cancer Sufferer Bradley Lowery

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Michelle and Charlie Creaser

Kind six-year-old Charlie Creaser suffers from cerebral palsy but was determined to get out and help little cancer sufferer Bradley Lowery

Four-Year-Old Boy Has Christmas Wish Come True With Iron Man Bionic Hand – So He Can Rip Open Presents!

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Brooklyn Bretnall-Croydon (4 ) of Doncaster

Brooklyn Brentnall-Croydon is set for a magical Christmas after receiving a 3D-printed Iron Man hand to be just like his idol Tony Stark.

Grandfather Spots Marines In Christmas Fancy-Dress Land On A Beach – And Run Off To The Local Pub

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This is the moment a dog walker saw a group of marines in Christmas fancy dress run from a landing craft onto a beach

The bizarre video was captured by confused Chris Slater, 73, who was walking his two dogs with his five grandchildren at the time

HMP Swaleside Reclaimed After A Night Of Rioting

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Emergency services outside HMP Swaleside in Kent, where inmates have taken over a jail wing

The disturbance at HMP Swaleside was brought under control just after 1am today (Fri), following a spate of riots across the country.

New Pair Of Lungs For Christmas : Fifteen-Year-old Lad Spends First Christmas At Home Thanks To Life Saving Gift

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Keir one day after transplant

Brave Keir Thompson, 15, was born with cystic fibrosis so his longest stretch away from hospital was just seven months – and he’d never spent December at home

Women Scrawl On Poster To Help Encourage Other Females To Check For Breast Cancer

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A breast cancer awareness poster in the lady's toilets of Leeds Trainstation, West Yorks., has had messaged added to it by passing women

The scribbles, which have transformed the poster into a shrine, are all words of encouragement to women to check themselves for lumps and support to those who are fighting the disease.

Watch As Amazing Tetraplegic Woman Paints Christmas Cards With Her Mouth

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Vanessa Haarhoof, 35, from Bristol, who suffered an accident resulting in tetraplegia

Vanessa Haarhoff, 35, was just 19 when she suffered a spinal injury which paralysed her from the shoulders down.

Girl Writes Letter Addressed To “Somewhere In Paris” And Receives Reply From LOUVRE

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Iris Corbett aged 8, from West Bridgford, Nottinghamshire

Iris Corbett wrote the note, including ten questions about the famous city, the food, and its culture, after learning about France at school.

Motorist Jailed For Causing Crash Which Killed Father Of 11 – Because He Was Using EYE DROPS

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Rajesh Patel

Rajesh Patel, 54, hit a broken down truck full of chopped steel and Nigel Blount, 62, was unable to avoid colliding into the back of him on March 5 last year.