MS Sufferer Thrown Out Of Weatherspoons After Bouncer Dismissed His Symptoms For Him Being Drunk

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Former teacher John Geraghty, 58 from Bedfordshire

Wheelchair-bound John Geraghty, 58, was ordered to leave the boozer when his body slumped forward due to a lack of muscle control.

“If She Is so Good In Bed, You Can Stay There” : Jilted Woman Takes Revenge On Cheating Partner By Putting Up Posters Around Warwick

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Love-cheat poster, lots of which have been put up along a major traffic route on crossings and lamp posts in Warwick, Warwickshire

Dozens of notices have been put up across Warwick informing Graham his car keys are in the canal, the locks have been changed and the credit cards have been maxed.

Shar-Pei That Looks Like A Lion Steals The Hearts Of Staff At Rescue Centre

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Murphy the ‘lion dog

The ancient Chinese breed is typically known for having short fur, a blue tongue and plenty of wrinkles.

Cat’s Leg Amputated After Being Blasted By A Shotgun

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Gringo the cat who was shot full of lead pellets

Gringo went missing from his home just before Christmas and returned five days later with horrific injuries.

Heartbroken Mum Of 16-Year-Old Who Collapsed & Died In March Horrified After Finding Fake Facebook Page Using Her Daughters Pictures

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Jessica Davies, 16, who died in March.

Karen Davies, 45, said she spotted an account shortly before Christmas featuring photos of her daughter Jessica Davies, 16, who died in March.

Ryanair Blasted For Charging Disabled 6ft 11in Teen For Extra Leg Room Because He Doesn’t Use A Wheelchair

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Jordan Hamilton, 19 (L) with cousin Steven McCrudden

Jordan Hamilton, 19, suffers from Klinefelter’s Syndrome, a genetic condition which causes his limbs to grow abnormally long.

Girlfriend Of Scaffolder Who Had Both Arms & A Leg Amputated Following Electric Shock At Work Speaks Of Devastaion

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Jamie Mines and his girlfriend Harley Ware

Scaffolder Jamie Mines, 33, is fighting for his life after the incident while working on a five-metre high scaffolding rig before Christmas.

Parents Release Heartbreaking Video Of Baby Suffering Rare Epileptic Fits – Who Is Now Cured Thanks To Medical Trials

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This heartbreaking video shows a baby Grace Hall screaming in pain while suffering a rare form of epileptic fit - but she is now cured thanks a pioneering medical trial.

Little Grace Hall started suffering sudden seizures when she was just a few months old.

WATCH : Man Smashes His Own Scooter To Stop Police Confiscating It

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This is the hilarious moment a man caught riding a banned e-scooter SMASHES it - instead of letting police confiscate the device

Officers spotted the young Chinese man swerving down the road in Singapore’s business district on New Year’s Day.

‘Tell The Grandkids I Love Them’: British Grandfather’s Final Message From Thailand Moments Before A Car Mounted A Pavement And Killed Him

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Collect of Ralph Chambers with his daughters Laura(R) and Jemma(L)

Doting Ralph Chambers, 68, was enjoying a drink with his friend outside a bar when the driver swerved to avoid a dog and ploughed into Ralph.

Blind Ex-Doctor Straps GoPro Camera To His Guide Dog To Capture Abusive Behavior On Tube Trains

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Amit Patel with his guide dog Kika in park in London

Amit Patel, who lost his sight three years ago, says he is constantly barged and pushed out of the way as he navigates around the trains and buses of London.

Health And Safety Gone Nuts After Stretch Of Trees Are Chopped Down – Because Of Squirrels Gnawing On Bark

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Damage caused by squirrels has been blamed for the need to chop down a mile-long stretch of trees along the A38 in Cornwall.

Hundreds of beautiful beeches were reduced to stumps over claims the chomping rodents made them a danger to motorists.

Grey Seal Rescued From Garden After Getting Stranded More Than A Mile From The Sea

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The Seal in the garden, Blakeney, Norfolk.

The marine mammal is thought to have swam inland up a small river before taking a rest in some shrubbery.

Rescue Team Seen Dashing Through The Streets In Fancy Dress – After Call Out During New Year’s Eve Party

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From left, Jay Curtis dressed as Superman, Robert Deakin dressed as Spiderman, Brian Bowdler dressed as Robin and Matthew Jaycock dressed as Bananaman.

The lifesavers were seen dashing through the town dressed as Donald Trump, Superman, Bananaman and Robin Hood.

Cancer Mum Pleads For Drugs To Remain Free On NHS So She Can Live To See Her Son Start School

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Bonnie Fox who has started a petition to keep a breast cancer drug funded on the NHS called Kadcyla

Bonnie Fox, 39, was diagnosed with secondary cancer in July 2015, just four months after her son Barnaby was born.

World’s Largest Fish And Chip Shop Opens In Popular Seaside Town

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Papas Fish and Chip Restaurant, Scarborough

Family-ran business Papas Fish and Chips is opening its doors to fish and chip fanatics in Scarborough, North Yorks., following a refurbishment of a former boozer.

Mum Threatened With ASBO Due To Noise Being Made By Her Two-Year-Old

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Left to Right - Callum Fisher, Sapphire Curzon and Kyle Fisher.

Sapphire Curzon, 24, was handed a letter warning her about the excessive volume coming from her property being caused by her toddler Callum playing with his toys.