Disabled Lad Born With No Arms Can Now Swim – Thanks To British Inventor’s ‘Aquaplane’ Shark Fin

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Ismail Zulfic uses his green aquaplane device to go swimming with friends.

Little Ismail Zulfic, six, was born with a congenital defect but was determined to take to the water.

Heartbroken Dad Whose First Wife Died In A Car Crash In Shock After Second Wife Is Paralysed In Shower Fall

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Ian, Louise, with Ian's children Joshua and Daisy on their wedding day.

Ian found happiness again after the death of wife Maxine but it was short lived after new wife Louise’s accident

Backpacker On Trip Of A Lifetime Killed & Friend Seriously Injured In Tragic Jeep Crash

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Ali Lambert, left, and Nezi Borislavova, right, in the Jeep she died in.

Ali Lambert, 22, was driving the pink off-road vehicle with friend Nezi Borislavova, 25, in the passenger seat during heavy rains on Thai holiday island Phuket

Slimming World Miss Slinky Lost Nearly 10 Stone In A Year After Being Horrified By Holiday Snaps

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Before pic of slimmer Jennifer Ginley.

Jennifer Ginley, 26, who stood at 5’5″, weighed a whopping 19st 4lbs and had to wear a seatbelt extender when travelling by plane.

British Father Shot Dead By Gunman In Thailand

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Facebook picture of Tony Kenway and his wife Pas (Facebook)

Web developer Tony Kenway was blasted in the head in a brutal execution-style shooting

15-Year-Old Stabbed To Death Outside School Gates In Front Of ‘Screaming’ Pupils

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Facebook tribute picture of Quamari Barnes

Quamari Barnes, 15, died after being repeatedly stabbed when he was attacked waiting for a bus in Willesden at 3.30pm yesterday.

Violent Road Rage Driver Cut Up Biker Before Spitting At Him And Threatening A Fight

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This video shows the shocking moment an angry motorist spits at a biker and cuts him up in a serious bout of road rage - before threatening a fight.

Stunned Chris Brisbane was riding back from a friend’s house when a Ford Focus speeds into the slip lane beside him – squeezing him between two cars.

Nationwide Shortage Of ‘healthy’ Porky Lights Sausages After Slimming World Dieters Go Mad For Them

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The Porky Lights sausages which are creating a fuss in the slimming world after they were labelled great for people losing weight.

The healthy bangers have caused a storm after Slimming World categorised them as having just 0.5 ‘syn points’.

Tot Born Four Months Premature Described As A “Miracle Baby”

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Mum Charlene Clark and daughter Emily, from Livingston, Scotland, who was born 16 weeks premature

One-year-old Emily Clark weighed less than a bag of sugar when she was born, and needed a constant oxygen supply and several blood transfusions.

Six-Year-Old Girl Needs Life Changing Surgery In The US To Help Her Walk Tall

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Beth Woolford, 29, with her daughter Freya, who needs to raise 65k to have surgery to help her stand up.

Little Freya Bailey has tense muscles and stiffness caused by diplegic cerebral palsy, which means her lower limbs tilt inwards and her feet are deformed as a result.

Young Girl who Could Die From A Nosebleed Is Taken Out Of School After She Was Attacked For Being A “Ginger Freak”

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Kingswood Academy pupil Crystal Pugh has been taken out of school

Crystal Pugh has been punched and kicked by cruel peers since she started high school last year – and dubbed ‘ginger freak’.

No Extra Charges Brought Against Poppy Widdison’s Mum – Despite Family Court Ruling The Little Girl Died Following Assault

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Poppy Widdison

Michala Pyke, 38, and John Rytting, 40, were both jailed for 13 years each last week for their neglect of the four-year-old.

20 Foot Python Caught By Villagers After Eating Two Goats

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This is the harrowing moment a giant python was caught by furious villagers - after it gorged on TWO of their goats. See SWNS story SWSNAKE; The rampant reptile devoured the hapless farm creatures after slithering through a wire fence in Pahang, Malaysia. Horrified villages found the stodged serpent sprawled out in the mud with an enormous lump in its belly from the partially digested goats. Residents - afraid to get near the enormous creature - poked it with sticks as it sluggishly reared up to bares its fangs. But the porky reptile couldn't muster a defence and was eventually tied up and carted away in a truck. Onlooker Akouck Joe Gank said: ''This was the longest python I have ever seen. He ate two goats from a farm and couldn't move. ''That'll teach him to be so greedy. It needed three of four men to lift the python away. He was long, very long.''

The greedy reptile devoured the hapless farm creatures after slithering through a wire fence in Pahang, Malaysia.

Teen Spent Work Experience At Top Raymond Blanc Restaurant Repeatedly Resetting A “Sparking” Electrical switch In Faulty Fuse Box

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Melissa Hamilton with her son Brandon Davis, 14.

Brandon Davis, 14, was supposed to be waiting tables at posh Brasserie during a two-week work placement, according to his mum Melissa Hamilton, 37.

Family’s Plea For Cash To Help Their Daughter Walk After Complications With Pregnancy Left Her Disabled

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Little Esme Hodge – known as Ezzy

Little Esmè Hodge – known as Ezzy – was wrapped in a sandwich bag inside a special incubator to keep her alive after being born almost three months early.

Schoolgirl Scarred For Life After Being Savaged By Neighbours Out Of Control Dog

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Schoolgirl Tamia White, 11, was savagely attacked by a neighbours Staffordshire Bull Terrior

Tamia White, 11, had “chunks of flesh” ripped from her arms and legs when her neighbour’s crazed hound attacked

Widow Demanding Answers After Husband Died 17 Hours After Being Discharged From Hospital

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Brenda Romp whose husband William was discharged from hospital but died just 17 hours later.

William Romp, 88, was taken home by ambulance after a doctor deemed him fit for discharge.