Girl Who Could Die If She Gets Sad Appeals For Strangers To Send Her Christmas Cards

November 4, 2016 | by | 1 Comment

If five-year-old Isabell Tipper gets sad her heart becomes starved of oxygen

Friends Spend Hours Covering Birthday Girl’s WHOLE Bedroom in Wrapping Paper

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Friends Tom Greenaway, 21, and Chris Gould, 21, wanted to give Robyn something she would really want – her own stuff back

Mum-Of-Eight To Quit Job And Claim More Benefits To Cover School Dinners – Because She Will Be Better Off

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Marie Buchan, 33, who works 16 hours a week as a carer, says she might quit in order to pocket more free hand-outs.

‘I’m In Heaven Now’ : Brave Boy Leaves Heartbreaking Letter For Friends Before He Died Of Rare Genetic Disease

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Alex Keel pictured during a healthy spell between transplants.

Brave Marshall Clarke told pals he will now be able to ride slides, eat strawberries, run. talk, and enjoy his childhood

Tortoise Reunited With Owners After She Was Found Wandering Down Busy A-road

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The large reptile, named Summer, was crawling along the tarmac when she was spotted by a family in a passing car.

Evil Conwoman Spared Jail After Swindling Thousands Of Pounds From Dying Pensioner

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James Foster, 44

Scheming Melanie Dee Vickers, 35, was entrusted with Sylvia Martin’s bank card to carry out errands for her

Glam Bodybuilding Mum Whose BMI Is Overweight Slams Gov For Using Outdated BMI System

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Charlene Harvey, 37, has spoken out against the policy of regularly measuring school pupils’ BMI

Plus-Sized Mum Left In Tears After Being Body Shamed By John Lewis Staff

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Karen Connolly, 57, said she was left in tears after being told they did not stock clothes for her size 22 figure

Student forced to remove black face paint because of “racist” grim reaper costume

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Ryan Lytwyn, 22, who painted his face black for a ‘Grim Reaper’ fancy dress outfit was left “embarrassed” after being banned from a university party

Dad stunned after he cracks open ten double yolkers in a row

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John Landy, 40, was totally gobmsacked when he realised they were all rare double yolkers.

10 Brilliant Ways That Videos Can Work For Your Business

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Video dominates the internet and is forecast to grow strongly into the future. The fact that you are reading this article probably means you know how powerful video is. Perhaps you need a little more information before deciding to pay another company to lovingly craft an effective, professional and engaging video for you. So here…

Couple shocked after finding bright orange snake hiding in the vacuum

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A couple got a surprise when they found a corn snake in their airing cupboard.

Terrifying carjacking captured on OAP’s dashcam

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Dashcam footage from the victim’s car captured the thieves ambushing the pensioner

Mum gets £200,000 payout after hospital blunder left her with flesh eating disease which destroyed her womb

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Natasha Richardson, 26, was giving birth to her first child naturally, when doctors decided she needed a Caesarean because there were problems with his heartbeat

‘Britain’s luckiest mum’ used hypnotherapy to ease labour pains – before experiencing a three-week ORGASM!

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Midwife Emily Street, 35, experienced the euphoric sensation after each of the births of her four children.

Nine-week-old baby girl is a real head-turner thanks to her thick mop of hair like Boris Johnson

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The tot stunned nurses when she was born fully hirsute and her barnet has continued to grow into a golden-blonde mop.

British Leeks In Season From 1st November

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As we head into colder months, the Leek Grower’s Association is urging people not to forget the benefits of the British leek as the fat-free, nutrient rich answer to staying healthy and helping combat colds this winter. From keeping sore throats at bay to improving the quality of the singing voice, this ‘upmarket onion’ or…