Allotment Owners Sickened After Thugs Stamp Pigeons, Chickens And A Goose To Death During A Horrific Killing Spree

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This goose was killed in the attack

The distraught 69-year-old owner said he knew something had happened to his beloved pet when he couldn’t hear it when he arrived at his plot.

Con yer bike! : Thief Snapped Making Getaway On A Bike – While Carrying A Stolen Bicycle Under His Arm

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A brazen thief has been caught on camera carrying a stolen bike - while making a getaway on another bicycle near St Andrews Parish Church

Bizarre photos show the man grimacing as he peddles one-handed while holding the frame of the other bike under his left arm.

World Pie Eating Competition King Retains Crown

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Martin Appleton-Clare, right, crowned winner, for the third time at the annual World Pie Eating Competition 2016

Martin Appleton-Clare, 38, is on the crust of a wave after penning his name in the history books for scooping the pie eating crown for a second consecutive year.

‘Little Miracle’ : Hand-Reared Baby Gorilla Born By Cesarean Section Now Fully Integrated With Her Primate Family

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Afia with her surrogate mother Romina, Keepers at Bristol Zoo have announced that their ‘little miracle’ Afia, the young Western lowland gorilla who has been hand-reared since birth, is now fully integrated with the gorilla troop

Afia, a western lowland gorilla, is no longer being cared for by humans and can be seen exploring her new home

Man Who Only Eats Roadkill Planning To Tuck Into WHALE For Christmas Dinner

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Arthur Boyt serves up a roadkill badger stew

Eccentric Arthur Boyt, 77, has been dining on run-over animals for years including weasels, hedgehogs, squirrels and otters.

Couple With Combined Age Of 160 Get Engaged After Meeting At A Care Home

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Elsie Bradbury, 95 with boyfriend Tony Frogley

Elsie Bradbury moved into care two years ago – and finding herself a ‘toyboy’ was last on her list of expectations.

Good Samaritan Stripped Off To His PANTS To Rescue Dog From Freezing Lake

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Brave Simon Whittaker, 45, was walking his own pooch when he spotted the collie stranded on a small wooded island

Rabbit Rescued After It Was Spotted Hopping About On A ROOF

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A rabbit which was stolen in a burglary had to be rescued by the RSPCA after it was found on the ROOF of a two-storey house

Animal welfare officers initially thought the fluffy bunny had been picked up by a bird and dropped onto the tiles of the two-storey house

Britain’s Luckiest Turkey Facing The Chop After Being At Risk From Bird Flu

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Dinner, Britains oldest turkey saved for another Christmas - But now kept inside due to bird flu risk

The plucky bird, which is owned by retired teachers Stephen Gee and Marie Rogers, was bought as a chick in 1999

University Graduate Applied For 400 Jobs Without A Response Until He Removed Disability From CV

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Daryl Jones says he was forced to take his disability off his CV

Daryl Jones had been job hunting since graduating six months ago, but could not even get a reply from employers.

Gay Man Viciously Beaten Up In Homophobic Attack Bravely Speaks Out About Ordeal

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David Ryan who was viciously beaten up in a homophobic attack

David Ryan, 56, was walking home from a pub on New Year’s Eve when he was attacked by boxer Keith Moult, 35.

WATCH : Pair Of Thugs Captured Beating Two Men Senseless In Horrific Street Attack

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Video grab of the attack in Colchester city centre in Essex by Zak Farmer and William Atkins

Zak Farmer and William Atkins attacked the pair when two rival groups met in Colchester city centre in Essex.

Brave Shopkeeper Sees Off Gun Raider – By Telling Him Not To Be SILLY

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This is the terrifying moment a shop worker saw off a masked raider waving a gun – by telling him not to be "silly"

Brave Dawn Harris, 43, “held her nerve” when the dark-clad armed robber Alex Steffens, 23, burst into the store demanding cash

Hundreds Of Thousands Of Dead Mackerel Have Washed Up On A SECOND Cornish Beach

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Hundreds of thousands of dead fish have washed up on a Cornish beach for the second time in as many weeks

Pictures showing mackerel “as far as the eye could see” were taken at Marazion Beach in Cornwall after they washed up on Saturday night.

“A Little Christmas Miracle” : Tiny Prem Baby Weighing Just 2lbs Goes Home Just In Time For Christmas

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Family hand out of Theo Dawes in hospital

Christmas miracle Theo Dawes has given his parents Vicky Curry, 38, and Martin Dawes, 42, the best festive present ever after battling to survive his early arrival.

Britain’s Most Frugal Mum Vows Not To Buy Anything New For A Whole Year

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Katie Musgrave with her children Ariadne and Eliza (orange top)

Thrifty Katie Musgrave, 32, made the pledge after becoming sick of the amount of barely-used equipment, clothing and toys that were being stored in her home

Paedophile Will Become The Oldest Person To Be Jailed In British Legal History – AGED 101

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Ralph Clarke

Ralph Clarke – who was born in March 1915 – was warned he will be almost certainly die behind bars when he is sentenced this morning.