Burly Bodybuilder Gives Four Hours Of Physio To His Fluffy SHIH TZU A Day!

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Robert Dawson from Samptford Peverell, Devon, with his shih tzu Benjamin

Dog-lover and bodybuidler Robert Dawson, 35, has already spent £5,000 on treatment to save his poorly pooch

WATCH : Terror For Passengers As Sparks Fly Out Of Plane’s ENGINE

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The terrifying moment passengers saw SPARKS pouring mid-air out of a plane's ENGINE

The Boeing 787 Dreamliner was flying from Sydney to Singapore when travellers heard a loud bang from the aircraft’s right wing.

Woman Left Victim With Horrific Injuries After Glassing Him Because He Told Her To “Stop Being Nosy”

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Horrific injury picture of Mark Cook

Bethany Cox, 24, left Mark Cook, 29, with permanent scarring after she smashed a glass into his left cheek

Postmaster Awarded Police Bravery Medal For Chasing After Shotgun-Wielding Thugs

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Anthony Williams the postmaster of Boston Spa post office who with the help customers helped foil an armed robbery committed by men wearing drag.

Plucky Tony Williams chased off the criminal double act, who were dressed in wigs, hats and women’s clothing, while one of them pushed the other in a wheelchair

Man Stands Above Clouds To Capture Astonishing Night Skies

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Chris Miles with his dog looking down at low cloud inversion over Tomtain from the Kilsyth Hills

Chris Miles, 35, had been waiting for years to capture the sky with the clouds blocking the lights of the towns and cities below.

Oh, what a life! : Snoring Bulldog Becomes Internet Sensation After Falling Asleep In The Bath

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The hilarious moment a bulldog falls asleep while he's having a bath and starts SNORING

Seven-and-a-half year old Yun Ja was having her daily foot scrub in soapy water outside her home in Chonburi, Thailand.

Disabled Mum Helps Catch Sex Fiend By Tackling Him In Her Wheelchair

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Kirsteen Johnson on the lane where the attack took place

Heroic Kirsteen Johnson, 45, was coming home from bingo when she heard “muffled noises” across the street from her home.

Grumpy Cat And Lizard Form Unlikely Friendship

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Bearded dragon lizard Joanna and rescue kitten Din Din

Kimi Joyner, 26, adopted rescue kitten Din Din four years ago but was exasperated at her hostility to other animals and humans.

Trainee Midwife From Cirencester Officially Has The Best Bikini Body In The WORLD

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Lauren Calladine who has won the Pure Elite Miss Bikini body award for 2016

Lauren Calladine, 22, hit the gym for an exhausting 18 hours a week to tone her petite frame into the perfect shape.

#TowSafe4Freddie : Death Of Three-Year-Old In Crushing Trailer Tragedy Leads To New Government Safety Campaign

November 28, 2016 | by | 1 Comment
Three-year Freddie Hussey

Little Freddie Hussey suffered fatal head injuries when a two-tonne trailer mounted a pavement and pinned him against a wall

Young Psoriasis Sufferer Becomes Internet Sensation Giving Make-Up Tutorials To Other Sufferers Of Skin Condition Which Almost Killed Her

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Bryony after covering the scars with make up.

Bryony Bateman, 21, nearly died when 98 per cent of her skin was affecged by psoriasis

Fundraiser Living In Kennels Over The Festive Period – Will Eat Christmas Dinner From A Dog Bowl

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Adrian Thompson in the kennel with Bertie the dog, where he plans to spend Christmas

Eccentric Adrian Thompson, 48, has announced he will sleep alongside man’s best friend from December 17 through to December 28.

Horrific Images Released Of Elderly Man Beaten So Badly He’s Still In Hospital Three Months Later

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Richard Merry, 65, who was left for dead by a callous attacker, who beat him to the ground and left him in a bush in Ealing, west London.

Richard Merry, 65, was left for dead by the callous attacker, who beat him to the ground and left him in a bush

Nine-Year-Old Cancer Sufferer’s Drawing Of Police Dog Stabbed On Duty Sells For More Than £1,300 At Auction

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Alex Goodwin, 9 from Lutterworth, Leics., is undergoing chemotherapy for Ewing Sarcoma

Seven-year-old German Shepherd Finn was stabbed in the head and chest while chasing a man suspected of robbing a taxi driver at gunpoint.

Famous Cigar Merchants Celebrate Churchill’s Birthday By Smoking Indoors

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A cigar is lit inside James J. Fox cigar merchant in London.

Cigar merchants James J Fox, said to be the oldest cigar merchants in the world, held the bash at their London base in St James’s Street

Shocking Footage Shows Children & Pram Being Lifted Over Level Crossing Barriers

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Video grab of the shocking moment two women were caught lifting young children and even a PRAM over the barriers at a level crossing as a train approached

The dramatic footage released by transport police first shows a man jogging across the train tracks as the barriers are coming down.

Two Girls Spotted Swinging On Level-Crossing Barrier As Train Comes Hurtling Past

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This video shows the dangerous moment two young girls stand and swing on a level crossing shortly before a train drives past.  See ROSS PARRY story RPYTRAIN.  The incident was filmed in Hawthorn Avenue, west Hull, on Wednesday evening.  It shows the youngsters stepping up onto the level crossing barrier and swinging on it with their feet while leaning over it.  It is not until the train nears that one of the girls can be seen stepping down.

The youngsters are seen with their feet on the bottom rung of the barrier as they are crouched over the top.