Kind-Hearted Teen With ME Plays Secret Santa For Charity – And Collects 5,000 Presents

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Courtney Hughes with some of the 5000 presents she collected for her secret charity Santa

Compassionate Courtney Hughes, 18, started her festive collection for the sick and needy five years ago

Baker Had Engraved £5 Note Worth £50k But Accidentally Gave It Away As CHANGE

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Art gallery owner Tony Huggins-Haig and Alan Malone of Granny Jean's Bakery in Kelso

Alan Malone said he was “absolutely gutted” the special note passed through his til while he was unaware of its value.

Make-Up Artist Who Woke Up With Half A Paralysed Face Becomes Internet Inspiration

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Rebecca Elliott, 36 a beauty vlogger from Colchester Essex

Rebecca Elliott, 36, felt a twitching feeling in her eye before her tongue went completely numb and doctors thought she could have been having a stroke.

Pensioner Turns 14ft Cockerel Into A Giant Festive Display

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Jim Hughes from East Wemyss, Fife, with his giant cockerel shaped tree which he has covered in fairy lights for Christmas

The 77-year-old sculpted an old cherry tree into a cockerel while his wife Moira was on holiday earlier this year.

Young Mum Died From Cervical Cancer After Being “Too Scared And Embarrassed” To Go For Smear Test

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Lisa Gould

Mum-of-three Lisa Gould, 34, wanted to raise awareness of the importance of smear tests after initially putting off going for her own test out of embarrassment.

WATCH : This unmarked police LORRY is watching your every move

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The unmarked DAF police lorry; See SWNS story SWLORRY; Police in Plymouth have a new weapon against dodgy drivers - a heavyweight undercover lorry that has already been out patrolling the A38. The unmarked DAF truck might look like an unlikely vehicle for police to use in the fight against roads menaces. But it gives cops a vantage point to see motorists texting at the wheel, watching movies on their mobile phones - or worse. In one case, officers say they caught a fellow lorry driver cooking a meal on a hob in his cab.

The unmarked HGV gives cops a better vantage point to see motorists texting at the wheel or watching movies on their mobiles.

Sick Thug Grabs Young Girl With Down’s Syndrome – And Throws Her Into The Road

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Alan Dale and daughter Skye Preston, seven, who has Downs Syndrome was attacked outside Sunderland Eye Infirmary

Alan Dale, 34, was walking hand in hand with little Skye Preston when a man approached them from behind.

Brave Five-Year-Old Battling Cancer Receives Over 1,400 Christmas Cards

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A brave five-year-old lad battling cancer has been swamped with a staggering 11,000 Xmas cards from all over the world after an appeal backed by soccer star John Terry

The appeal was launched after Sunderland fan Bradley Lowery discovered that a rare neuroblastoma cancer had returned and spread.

Teen Has His Teeth Knocked Out By Cab Driver After An Egg Was Thrown At His Taxi

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Mason Taylor, 14, who was punched by a taxi driver

Mason Taylor said the incensed driver chased him in his vehicle and ran him over before getting out and punching him in the face.

Little Lad Becomes 26th Member Of His Family To Wear The Same Christening Gown Through Four Generations

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Harrison Holt, of Lea Lane in Lea Town, will be christened on the 11th December wearing the same gown as his great-grandfather and 24 other members of the family wore for their christening. See Ross Parry story RPYGOWN; A baby boy has become the 26th member of his family to be christened in robes first worn by his great-grandfather nearly a century ago Three-month-old Harrison Holt proudly continued 86 years of family tradition after donning the robes during Sunday's service. Grandmother Linda Mrkalj, 64, who also wore the robes, said: “It seems to have become quite a tradition now. "I’ve posted it out to cousins all over the north of England over the years. “The size of the robe dictates when Christenings occur and it will be quite big on him, but it’s in good condition considering the age.”

Three-month-old Harrison Holt proudly continued 86 years of family tradition after donning the robes during Sunday’s service

13-Year-Old Girl Threatened By HBO Lawsuit For Using ‘Winter Is Coming’ Reference On Artwork

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Felicity Wilcox, 13 of Edwinstowe, Nottinghamshire

Felicity Wilcox, 13, was stunned to receive an email telling her TV giant HBO would sue her for breach of copyright

Dad Creates Stunning Winter Landscapes On Windows Using Snow Spray

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A stay-at-home dad has been bringing festive cheer to his neighbour's homes by creating these stunning winter landscapes on their windows

Talented Simon Patel, 40, taught himself how to craft the intricate displays on panes of glass using just tins of fake snow and a Stanley knife.

Heartbroken Parents Battled In Vain To Save 14-Year-Old Daughter Who Died On A Sleepover

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Hannah Cubin who passed away on Saturday night

A British Airways captain told yesterday how he and his wife battled in vain to save their tragic 14-year-old daughter who suddenly died on a sleepover. Tragic Hannah Cubin dreamed of following in the footsteps of her dad Andy, a former Red Arrows pilot who was awarded the MBE for his 20-year RAF service. She…

Toddler Strangled By Loose Rope In Soft Play Area At Holiday Park

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Terrified Jimmy Cane suffered cuts and rope burn after a rope wrapped around his neck and choked him as he tried to go down a slide

Couple In Desperate Bid To Get NHS To Fund Drug For Disabled Sons

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The Bosanquet family at Crantock Gardens, Keyworth. Sons Jack 16 & Tom 14 have a life-limiting muscle wasting condition called Duchenne muscular dystrophy.

Claire Bosanquet, 50, and husband Ian, 56, are campaigning to persuade authorities to approve the drug which made a positive impact on their teenagers during a trial in 2009.

Mum Vows To Never Buy Weetabix Again After Finding Beetle In Toddler’s Breakfast

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A furious mum has vowed to never buy Weetabix again after finding a dead BEETLE in her daughter's breakfast

Lian Bowling, 25, was feeding her one-year-old Amelia Hudson Weetabix Organic when she made the grim discovery

Can You Help Solve This Christmas Mystery? : Woman Has Received Cards From ‘Eileen’ Every Year For The Past 20 Years

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Angie Kenney who has received hand delivered Christmas cards for years from a mystery woman called Eileen

Angie Kenney, 45, says the festive mail is hand-delivered to “Lynne and Bob” from “Eileen” each December, but she has never spotted the sender.