Callous Carer Caught Red-Handed Stealing Money From Vulnerable Pensioner

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This shocking footage captures the sickening moment a trusted carer stole cash out of the handbag of a vulnerable pensioner. See ROSS PARRY story RPYCARER.  Evil Leila Denton was caught red-handed on a hidden camera installed by the suspicious relatives of frail Irene Houston after the widow's sons began to notice money missing from her purse.  Tragically, Mrs Houston, who had infections and diabetes among other ailments, fell seriously ill in the weeks following the theft and passed away at the age of 79.  However, despite her illness, brave Mrs Houston was determined to bring Denton to justice.  Mrs Houston's son, David Kelly said: "Two days before my mother's death she was adamant we carried on with the prosecution because she didn't want anyone else to be affected by it."  The disturbing CCTV lasts for almost a minute and shows 20-year-old Denton looking anxiously for signs of anyone coming as she sits down in a chair and rifles through Mrs Houston's handbag.  Mr Kelly, one of Mrs Houston's sons, installed the fingernail-sized device on a chair leg at his mother's warden-controlled maisonette in Kearsley, Bolton.

Evil Leila Denton was caught red-handed on a hidden camera

WATCH : Robbers Getaway Van Ramming police Car Before Crook Falls Out In Terrifying Chase

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A high speed pursuit through two counties, involving over 20 officers  and two helicopters has resulted in four men being sentenced  to a combined total of 30 years in prison after pleading guilty to robbery at a Nantwich jewellers

Police released dramatic dashcam footage of the chase after four robbers were jailed for a combined total of 30 years following a raid at a jewellers.

Mischievous Moggie Turns Real-Life Cat Burglar

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Paddy, a five-year-old Norwegian Forest cat

Paddy the cats bag of booty has grown so large that owner Paul Terry is using Facebook to try to find the victims and return the items

Nightmare Neighbour Evicted Over Blasting Out LILY ALLEN Songs Has Won Support From The Pop Star Herself

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Neil Ashley Wright outside Plymouth magistrates. See SWNS story SWLILY; A nightmare neighbour has been banned from playing loud music anywhere in the city after he was caught blasting Lily Allen. Neil Wright, who is currently sofa-surfing after being evicted from his Teats Hill flat on November 8, was hit with a Criminal Behaviour Order (CBO) - banning him from playing his favourite tunes - at Plymouth Magistrates' Court today, Tuesday. The 47-year-old pleaded guilty to three counts of breaching a noise abatement notice after he was caught blaring Lily Allen tracks and the soundtrack to War of the Worlds at a volume deemed "excessive" and "intrusive" by Environment Protection officers.

Pop-loving Neil Wright, 47, admitted he would blast out the singer’s greatest hits all day and night.

Technology Meets Tradition At NovaCast’s UK Foundry

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Advanced technology is breathing new life into the most traditional of industries as NovaCast invests heavily in the latest “Click2Cast” Casting Simulation Systems at its UK non-ferrous foundry. Gone are the days when the only way to test the integrity of a casting was by trial and modification, albeit in a highly skilled environment. The…

Firefighters Wrestle Through Freezing Mud To Rescue Dozens Of Trapped Sheep That Fled From Dogs

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Firefighters work to free a group of sheep who got stick in cold sludge

The traumatised flock were found in such a bad state after the attack, two of them had died and others had open wounds.

UN Troops In Congo Receive 4,000 Mile Takeaway Curry From The North East

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Monsoon's Showkoth Choudhoury preparing to send his curry to the Congo.  A British curry house has sent a special order of meals 4,000 miles away to the CONGO - for a handful of United Nations troops.  See ROSS PARRY story RPYCURRY.  Chefs were set the unusual challenge of making dishes to be flown by helicopter to the Democratic Republic of Congo to feed up to 70 soldiers stationed there.  The Monsoon restaurant in South Shields, South Tyneside, was set the colossal task to drum up 10 mirch masalas, 10 achargola curries and five butternut squashtong curries for the journey.  Restaurant owner Showkoth Choudhoury, 42, started the endeavour after receiving an email from businessman Mohammed Kabir asking if he could create the dishes.  Mr Kabir - a multi-millionaire working on football projects in the Congo - had visited the restaurant last month and was so impressed that he set Showkoth the strange request.

Chefs were set the challenge of making dishes to be flown by helicopter to the Democratic Republic of Congo to feed up to 70 soldiers

Dominatrix Reveals Her Catalogue Of Weapons And Tools She Uses To Inflict Pain On Her Customers

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Some of the many 'props' inside Margaret Corvid home. See SWNS story SWPAIN; A dominatrix has revealed her catalogue of weapons and the tools she uses to inflict pain on her customers. Metal chains hang from the ceiling. A selection of belts, whips, masks, canes, gags and handcuffs are laid out neatly on a sofa. In the centre of the room a gynecological bench waits, stirrups parted. On the windowsill there are tissues, condoms and a wooden box of ominous-looking electrical implements. More of those later.I tell myself to stay calm. I'm just here to report. Think Louis Theroux without the TV cameras. Margaret, also known as 'Mistress Magpie', is a professional sex worker practising bondage, domination, sadism and masochism. Her work is completely legal, and she runs a professional establishment catering mostly for heterosexual or bisexual men.

Sex worker Mistress Magpie – known also as Margaret – has specialised in bondage, domination, sadism and masochism (BDSM) for four years.

Hero Eight-Year-Old Lad Turns Midwife To Deliver His Baby Sister

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Marcus Caffery was told by dad David to keep his mum calm while he went outside to look out for the ambulance.

“A very naughty boy” : Autistic Five-Year-Old Left In Tears After Being Told He’s On Santa’s Naughty List!

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The man dressed as Santa didn’t realise that five-year-old Dylan Taylor was just excited to meet him as he jumped up and down in the queue.

Couple Had To Leave Their Lives In Spain After Royal Mail Bungle Sends Passports To NEW YORK

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Pictured is Keith Cerslake whose passport got lost on the way from Bransholme to Gibraltar and ended up in New York. See ROSS PARRY story RPYNEWYORK; A west Hull couple were forced to give up their lives in Spain after their passports were sent more than 3,000 miles away to strangers in New York by mistake. Keith Kerslake and his wife Louise say they now feel "sceptical" about using the Royal Mail after their passports ended up in the States, arriving there by post. They applied for their passports in May so they could carry on working but they only found out the important documents had been sent over the Atlantic last week. But by that time they had already had to leave their jobs and the country they had lived in for nine years because they were unable to work without their passports. A shocked Mr Kerslake, 53, said: "We just couldn't believe that our identifications had been sent to a stranger on the other side of the world."

Keith Kerslake, 53, and his wife Louise applied for the essential documents in May last year, so they could carry on working.

‘Help, Mummy’s Not Well’ : Three-Year-Old Calls 999 After Mum’s Sudden Collapse

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Despite being just three years old, clever Isabelle Solly had the wherewithal to raise the alarm after finding her mum Kay on the floor, unconscious.

Son Of The Multi-Millionaire Owner Of Poundstretcher Is Killed After His Mercedes Crashed Into A Tree

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Tragic Sabir Tayub, 48, was killed when his grey coupe careered off the eastbound carriageway of the M45 and hit a tree

Tesco Pull Brand Of Baby Medicine Off The Shelves After Tot Had To Be Rushed To Hospital

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Tesco have pulled all the Galpharm’s Junior Ibuprofen, after concerned mum Alison Smith complained that the packaging did not contain all the necessary information.

Mum Who Lost Baby To Sepsis – Only Able To Celebrate Arrival Of New Daughter After She Outlived Her Brother

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Hayley Jermyn with her daughter Molly May

Hayley Jermyn, 37, and husband Mark, 45, watched the clock count down to 29 hours before allowing themselves to feel any joy over the arrival of new daughter Molly

Animal-Loving Landlord Opens Pub Dedicated To Dogs

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Ian Bradford wanted to offer dog-walkers somewhere to take their four-legged companions

Driver Died In High Speed Crash After He Was Distracted Texting Pal

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Tragic Jonathan Robert Harris, 22, was travelling “well above” the 60mph speed limit when his Renault Megane coupe swerved off a bend on July 30 this year.