Police Remove Pet Ducks From Homeless Man Who Rescued And Raised Them As His Own

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Russ O'Conner with his ducks

Russ O’Conner says he saved the animals and raised them on the street.

Shocking Video Captures Moment Motorcyclist Suffers Life-Changing Injuries In Horror Smash

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This is the dramatic moment a young motorcyclist suffers a life-changing brain injury after bouncing off the windscreen of a car in a head-on collision

The unnamed 27-year-old rider can be seen swerving onto the wrong side of the road before colliding with the Audi A6.

Mum Heartbroken To Find Her Missing Dog Has Been Registered With New Owners Without Permission

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Black miniature Schnauzer Mitzy who went missing 5 years ago but has been registered to new owners without her permission.

Tracy Dobbs, 34, lost her beloved black miniature Schnauzer Mitzy five years ago when she escaped from her former partner’s home.

Bed Delivery Blunder Means Frail 93-Year-Old Gran Forced To Sleep In A Chair

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Beryl Kerry, 93, sitting in the chair she has been sleeping in.

Generous Beryl Kerry, who suffers from knee problems and has to walk with a zimmer frame, donated her old bed to the British Heart Foundation.

Student Left Scarred After Suffering Horrific Allergic Reaction To Veet Wax Strips Just Days Before She Was Due To Go On TV

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Chloe Harrison, 24, showing no marks on her face before using the waxing product.

Chloe Hutchinson, 24, decided to try out Veet’s Easy Grip Wax Strips for the first time a few days before she was due to film for hit TLC show Say Yes To The Dress.

WATCH : Armed Robber Forced To Flee Empty Handed After Hero Shopkeeper Fought Him Off With DOG Repellent

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Have ago hero Shikha Mahsum aged 39 owner of the Kobani Stores, Walsall, West Midlands.

Dramatic CCTV footage shows a thug armed with a handgun storming into the Kobani Stores, in Walsall, West Mids., at midnight on January 9.

Five Children Injured After Bus Carrying 50 Pupils Overturns Outside School

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A bus full of school pupils overturned in a crash during morning rush hour on its way to Our Lady's High School in Cumbernauld, North Lanarkshire.

The single-decker was taking children to their high school when it came off the road before smashing down an embankment and into the woods.

WATCH : Police Release Alarming CCTV Of Man Being Kidnapped From Bristol Bar

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This is the shocking moment CCTV footage caught the moment a man was kidnapped from a Bristol bar.

The 22-year-old victim was out drinking with pals when they found themselves surrounded by another group of men.

Hero Woman Risked Life And Limb To Crawl Out On Frozen Lake – To Rescue Her Dog

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A woman seen crawling across the fozen lake to rescue a dog at Connaught Water, in Chingford, Essex.

Alice Wardill spotted the brave dog walker edging across the frozen pond to rescue dog Freddie after he became trapped in the icy water.

Breathtaking New MRI Scan Of Unborn Babies In The Womb Show Smiling, Wiggling And Kicking!

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This baby shows he's belly happy - after giving his mum an enormous kick in the most life-like scan image ever.

The astonishing video is one of the first in the world to use algorithms, magnetic fields and radio waves to create extra-high quality images of a tiny foetus.

Man Who Lost His Dad And Uncle To Breast Cancer Has Double Mastectomy To Save His Life

February 9, 2017 | by | 1 Comment
Giles Cooper at home in Conderton, Tewkesbury

Giles Cooper, 56, was devastated when doctors told him he had the same strain of cancer which killed his dad and uncle.

Tributes Paid To Care Worker Killed By Illness So Rare It Doesn’t have A Name

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Lyndsey Borman on graduation day.

Lyndsey Borman, 33, was described by her devastated family as a “warrior” after battling illness her entire life.

Man Jailed After Hamster Torture Saw Him Feeding It Tizer Laced With LSD And Cannibis

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Mr Chow the hamster.

Two thugs filmed themselves feeding a hamster Tizer laced with LSD and a cannabis leaf to see how it reacted.

Naked Carpenter Charged With Public Order Offences Blasts Police For ‘Siding With Prudish Neighbours’

February 9, 2017 | by | 1 Comment
Naturist Rob Jenner who was taken to court for renovating his house - in the nude, but beat the case

Rob Jenner, 42, claimed the police were “never on my side” after they arrested and charged him with numerous public order offences for his naturism.

20-Year-Old Goldfish Lives To Swim Another Day After Undergoing Operation To Remove Tumour On His Fin

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Bob the goldfish having an operation to have a tumour removed at Toll Barn Vets, Norfolk. See Masons copy MNFISH: An elderly goldfish whose life was at risk due to a tumour is now getting along swimmingly after having it removed by vets. Bob had been struggling in his tank for a number of weeks after developing a lump on his fin. At 20 years old - most goldfish do not live passed 15 - his chances of survival seemed slim. However, Bob's owner's opted to pay £200 for vets to operate on the three-inch fish which they consider part of the family.

Bob had been struggling in his tank for a number of weeks after developing a lump on his fin.

Newlyweds Had Dream Wedding Destroyed After Roof Of Hotel Lobby Collapsed During Rehearsal

February 8, 2017 | by | 1 Comment
John and Sarah Wenham on their wedding day in Cuba.

Sarah and John Wenham had saved for years for ‘the wedding of their dreams’ in Cuba, costing more than £25,000 for themselves and 24 guests.

Shocking Footage Shows Live Fox Being Torn Apart By Hunt’s Hounds

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Shocking footage shows the moment a live fox is torn apart by hounds belonging to a hunt.

The sickening clip, which has gone viral after being shared by Cheshire Hunt Saboteurs, shows more than 20 frenzied dogs savaging the vixen.