Obese Dad Worried He Would Die Early Has Shed So Much Weight He Now Practices MARTIAL ARTS With His Son

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Collect photo Jamie Perryman and son Hanley when Jamie was at his fatest in 2009. An obese father who was worried he would die early and not be there to watch his child grow up has managed to shed so much weight he now practices MARTIAL ARTS with his son. See story SWJIU. Fat-fighting Jamie Perryman, 40, struggled to look people in the eye, suffered from anxiety and was so fat a hospital had to use special scales to weigh him. But the determined father-of-one hit the gym, joined a fat camp and stopped eating his favourite food - chips and mayonnaise - in order to lose three stone over four years and the remaining six in the past 18 MONTHS. "I was my heaviest in 2009," said Jamie, who works as a crime scene investigator. "I began to realise that I was going to die sooner rather than later. "I had always been big but after my wife, Philippa, had a miscarriage, it got even more out of control.

Jamie Perryman, 40, suffered from anxiety and was so fat a hospital had to use special scales to weigh him as his weight ballooned to 25 stone

Hungry Squirrel Found Itself Trapped In A Bird Feeder

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A hungry squirrel found itself incarcerated in a bird feeder after somehow squeezing inside a cage designed to keep the critters out

The unfortunate animal was found trapped in the supposedly “squirrel proof” bird feeder

Residents Take Law Into Their Own Hands By Removing 50 Traffic Cones From Dual Carriageway To Open Up Closed Lane

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Police are hunting down two people who walked onto a busy dual carriageway along the B4100 near Gaydon, Warkshire’ and moved around 50 TRAFFIC CONES

In scenes reminiscent of an Alan Partridge episode the cheeky duo are shown on CCTV footage wandering along the B4100 near Gaydon, Warks.

Father-Of-Two Loses Arm & Leg After Suffering Electric Shock In Freak Work Accident

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Picture taken from a gofundme page of James Mines

Jamie Mines, 33, is fighting for his life after suffering the shock while working on five-metre high scaffolding.

Do You Recognise This Lady? : Police Appeal To Identify Old Lady Who Doesn’t Know Who She Is Or Where She’s From

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Police are appealing for help in identifying a confused old lady who was found in Birmingham city centre

The pensioner – who can only say her name is Valerie – was seen wandering around Birmingham city centre

12-Year-Old Jailed After Robbing Two Shops And A Man At Knife Point

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CCTV grab of the moment a 12-year-old schoolboy leaps over the shop counter to grab cigaretts during a five month crime spree

He stole cigarettes and alcohol when he ransacked a corner shop with a gang of three friends

Slimmer : Dad Who Was Bullied At School For Being Fat Has Last Laugh After Transforming Into Super Toned Hunk

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Arann Thornhill has transformed from his time at school when he was bullied about his weight.

Arann Thornhill, 31, gorged on burgers, crisps and fizzy pop when he moved into a pub with his mum aged 13.

Man Shocks Motorists When He Wandered Onto Dual Carriageway Only Wearing PANTS & Socks

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Video grab of a man who shocked motorists when he wandered onto a dual carriageway- only wearing underpants and socks

Footage of the bizarre incident shows police standing on the tarmac trying to talk the semi-naked offender down from a concrete embankment on Christmas Eve

World’s Oldest Multi-Purpose Household Appliance Still Going Strong After 91 Years

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Mary Waite from Halesowen, Birmingham with her Piccolo machine.

Mary Waite, 64, and her husband Ivor, 66, have been using their versatile Piccolo appliance since it was given to them as a wedding present in 1963.

Shot British Holidaymaker Able To Fly Off Antigua After Appeal Tops £50K

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Chris Tester.

Chris Tester, 37, is continuing to fight for his life after being caught up in an armed raid during Christmas Day celebrations on Caribbean island

Woman Tells Of Terror After IPhone Explodes In Her Pocket & Bursts Into Flames

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A woman has told of her terror after her iPhone reportedly 'EXPLODED' in her pocket and burst into a ball of flames

Antonia Gallagher, 26, was walking down a street when she heard a loud pop.

Families Fuming After Carving Into Green Turkeys On Christmas Day!

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Christmas Day has been ruined for families this year who carved into their roast turkey to find it was florescent GREEN inside

Pictures emerged of crowns of turkey meat which had been cut in half to reveal the unsightly green flesh – which left families hungry on their big day.

“Worst Scars In The UK” : Woman Who Suffers With Horrific Keyloid Scarring All Over Her Body – Told She Won’t Get Treatment On NHS

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Bianca Lawrence, 22, has had keloid scarring for 9 years, but the NHS wont treat it fully, pictured at home in Bradford, West Yorks

Bianca Lawrence developed the unsightly scars when she was just 13-years-old – which now, at 22, cover much of the upper half of her body.

Young Epilepsy Sufferer Has Life-Changing Operation To Remove Golf Ball Sized Brain Tumour

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Kodi-Leigh Reynolds (10) in hospital.

Kodi-Leigh Reynolds was diagnosed with epilepsy seven years ago caused by a non-cancerous growth doctors discovered when she was two.

Soldier Left Paralysed From Neck Down After Catching A COLD

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Former soldier Steve Mawer

Father-of-two Steve Mawer was super-fit and healthy and had been training to take on a 100-mile charity bike ride when he began to feel unwell.

Girl Left Mute By Bullies Finds Her Voice After Three Years – To Sing Frozen

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Andrea Tilling & Phoenix Tilling.

Phoenix Tilling was aged six when a classmate grabbed hold of her and shoved her headfirst into a sandpit.

Coastguard Captures Hilarious Moment He Spotted A Seal Relaxing On His Dinghy

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The seal in the dinghy on the River Orwell in Suffolk

Jon Harvey, 27, had just moored his yacht after he had been out sailing when he heard a loud splashing noise.