New Pair Of Lungs For Christmas : Fifteen-Year-old Lad Spends First Christmas At Home Thanks To Life Saving Gift

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Keir one day after transplant

Brave Keir Thompson, 15, was born with cystic fibrosis so his longest stretch away from hospital was just seven months – and he’d never spent December at home

Women Scrawl On Poster To Help Encourage Other Females To Check For Breast Cancer

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A breast cancer awareness poster in the lady's toilets of Leeds Trainstation, West Yorks., has had messaged added to it by passing women

The scribbles, which have transformed the poster into a shrine, are all words of encouragement to women to check themselves for lumps and support to those who are fighting the disease.

Watch As Amazing Tetraplegic Woman Paints Christmas Cards With Her Mouth

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Vanessa Haarhoof, 35, from Bristol, who suffered an accident resulting in tetraplegia

Vanessa Haarhoff, 35, was just 19 when she suffered a spinal injury which paralysed her from the shoulders down.

Girl Writes Letter Addressed To “Somewhere In Paris” And Receives Reply From LOUVRE

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Iris Corbett aged 8, from West Bridgford, Nottinghamshire

Iris Corbett wrote the note, including ten questions about the famous city, the food, and its culture, after learning about France at school.

Motorist Jailed For Causing Crash Which Killed Father Of 11 – Because He Was Using EYE DROPS

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Rajesh Patel

Rajesh Patel, 54, hit a broken down truck full of chopped steel and Nigel Blount, 62, was unable to avoid colliding into the back of him on March 5 last year.

Shocking Footage Shows Moment Cyclist Comes Within Inches Of Being Crushed By Train

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This heart-stopping footage shows the moment a cyclist comes within inches of being crushed to death by an oncoming train

In the footage, a man in a checkered shirt and shorts is seen to open the gate at a level-crossing while the cyclist wearing a black hooded top walks through.

Mum Takes Elf On The Shelf To A New Level With Adorable Snaps Of Seven-Month-Old Daughter

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A mum has taken the Elf on the Shelf craze to a whole new level with a set of adorable snaps of her seven-month-old daughter - as the naughty mischief-maker.

Claire Thistlethwaite, 32, dressed up little Jorgie in a bright red elf costume and posed her array of scenes in the run-up to Christmas.

Shocking Footage Shows Mass Brawl At German Market As Shoppers Fight Amongst Christmas Trees

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This is the shocking moment festive shoppers were caught on camera rolling around in Christmas trees after a mass brawl broke out at a German market in Hanley

Six men were involved in the “violent disturbance” which erupted in front of hundreds of horrified onlookers at around 1pm yesterday (Wed)

Santa Spotted Riding Through City On Tinsel-Covered Motorbike!

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The mystery Santa was spotted roaring through Nottingham city centre

Britain’s Most Famous Butcher Has Created The Biggest Christmas Roast EVER – Stuffing 14 Different Birds Inside A Turkey

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Scott Rea Britain's preparing 14 bird turkey dinner which he then wrapped in bacon.

Scott Rea wowed viewers by creating his “15 bird roast” by layering it with stuffing and placing 14 smaller birds inside the turkey – all from his garden shed.

Heartless Thief Nicked A Car From A Pensioner Moments After Offering Her Help

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The victim looks at the front of her car after being told something was leaking by the thief

The 72-year-old victim had returned to her black Ford Focus when a hooded man approached pointing to the bonnet and claiming the vehicle had a leak.

Family Left Homeless For Christmas After 400-Year-Old Thatched Cottage Burned To The Ground – Three Days After They Moved In

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Sophie, Madeleine, Oliver and Paul Purdy looking at the devastation at Hormead Cottage in Great Hormead, Herts.

The Purdy family had barely set foot inside their 400-year-old “dream home” before it was razed to the ground on December 1.

PC Rehomes Pug Puppy He Found During A Fraud Investigation

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PC Bradley Stadler with Gary the Pug

Gary the pug was sold for £500 but when the breeder went to bank the cash she was told the notes were fake.

Young Golfer Suspended After Medical Condition Forced Him To Urinate Behind Bushes

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Teenage golf star David Halliday has been suspended from his club after his medical condition forced him to dash behind some bushes to take a leak

David Halliday, 14, has a rare disorder where his brain doesn’t tell his bladder it’s full until it’s fit to burst.

Hospital Staff Produce Calendar Featuring Their Adorable Babies Taking On ‘Duties’

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September. These are the adorable dozen star in the Babiographers Calendar, with each having their own jobs around the hospital

Twelve babies were born this year in the X-ray department at Wigan Hospital, Greater Manc

Allotment Owners Sickened After Thugs Stamp Pigeons, Chickens And A Goose To Death During A Horrific Killing Spree

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This goose was killed in the attack

The distraught 69-year-old owner said he knew something had happened to his beloved pet when he couldn’t hear it when he arrived at his plot.

Con yer bike! : Thief Snapped Making Getaway On A Bike – While Carrying A Stolen Bicycle Under His Arm

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A brazen thief has been caught on camera carrying a stolen bike - while making a getaway on another bicycle near St Andrews Parish Church

Bizarre photos show the man grimacing as he peddles one-handed while holding the frame of the other bike under his left arm.