Evil Couple who Left Their Baby With “Catastrophic Life-Changing” Injuries Before Going For NANDOS Have Been Jailed

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Rocky Uzzell & Katherine Prigmore

Evil Rocky Uzzell, 29, and Katherine Prigmore, 24, subjected their child Isabelle to torturous abuse and serious physical harm, some of which they filmed

Couple Return Home From Honeymoon To Find Entire House Wrapped In Christmas Paper

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One of the rooms pasted with festive wrapping paper

Shocked Faye Gilbert, 28, and her husband Karl Gibert, 27, found their walls, furniture and electrical appliances covered in festive wrap.

One Of UK’s Youngest Spice Addicts Aged Just 13 Smokes Every Day Until He Passes Out

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Jamie Poulton from Lincoln is only 13 but admits that he is addicted to the drug spice, with his mum Jennifer (r) and his grandma Teresa (l) who looks after him

Jamie Poulton, 13, began taking a variation of the powerful synthetic cannabis called Black Mamba two years ago after struggling with mental health issues

16-Year-Old Girl Who Suddenly Fell Ill With Mystery Condition May Never Fully Recover

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Vicky Archer, 15, who is in Bristol Children's Hospital suffering with a mystery disease

Vicky Archer’s body is being ravaged by the illness, which mum Alison Archer believes could have been caused by mosquito bite.

Brave Woman Speaks Out After Being Raped By Fiance While Having Epileptic Fit

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Georgina Adams 24, who was raped in her home by her boyfriend at the time Peter Cotterill 29 while she has a seizure. December 07, 2016.  A brave lady who revealed how she was raped by her fiance as she was having an epileptic seizure, has urged other victims suffering in silence to call the police.  See NTI story NTIRAPE.  In an emotional interview, Georgina Adams (24) has waived her right to anonymity to speak about the abuse meted out by her boyfriend.  Sex beast Peter Cotterill was the 'childhood crush' and the love of her life who became Georgina's full-time carer after she was diagnosed with epilepsy.  But binman Cotterill abused Georgina's medical problems - and raped her during one 20-minute seizure.  The couple were in a relationship for almost five years and engaged for two years.

A woman has bravely told how she was raped by her evil fiance who attacked her – while she suffered an epileptic fit. Georgina Adams, 24, was brutally raped by 20-stone binman Peter Cotterill as she suffered a seizure in bed. She only realised what had happened when she came to following the 20-minute fit…

Kick-Ass Pensioner Proves He’s Still Fighting Fit By Landing Second Black Belt In Karate At The Grand Old Age Of 75

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Joe Thornton, 75 from Canvey, Essex is a belt belt in Karate

Joe Thornton came to the martial art late in life – aged 62.

Pensioner Left With Horrific Injuries After Motiveless Street Attack

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Geoff Richardson from Blackburn, Lancs., was the victim of an unprovoked attack in Blackburn city centre

Shaken Geoff Richardson, 69, is now too scared to leave his own home

Real Life Babe The Pig Is Left Devastated After Best Friend Sheepdog Dies

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Savvi the 15st pig with lifelong companion Skye the dog

Savvi the porker was taken in by a pig sanctuary as a piglet and then raised alongside border collie Skye.

Thousands Of Dead Mackerel Washed Up On Shore – Could Have Been Fleeing A Whale

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These stunning photos show thousands of dead MACKEREL that washed up on shore

Beachgoers were left baffled after the fish were left sprawled on the sands in unprecedented numbers over the weekend.

Chip Shop Puts Novel Twist On Christmas Staple By Creating Deep Fried Sprouts

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Andrea Long, 51, (right) sells battered Brussels sprouts at Terrys Traditional Fish and Chips in Huddersfield, West Yorks., with assistant Ann Hutchinson, 59 (left)

The unusual delicacy has been offered out to customers while they wait for their fish and chips to be cooked

Four-Year-Old Wants To Donate All His Presents To The Homeless

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Tyler Rowland at his home in Devon

Mum-of-two Lorelei Rowland was reduced to tears when little Tyler came up with the idea

Shocking CCTV Shows The Moment Carer Steals From Courageous War Hero While Looking After Him In His Own Home

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Susan Pell, 65 caught on CCTV stealing from Peter Carpenter, 89.

Susan Pell, 65, was employed to visit 89-year-old Peter Carpenter twice a week to help him with a life-threatening health condition.

Elderly Dog Survives After Running Off & Getting Stuck Down A Rabbit Hole For FOUR WEEKS

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Sylvia Dean is reunited with Oscar her Jack Russell after he survived four weeks in the wild when he was found down a rabbit hole

Mischievous Oscar bolted after picking up the scent of a rabbit during a walk with owner Sylvia Dean

Tragic : Young Man Died In Freak Accident After Slipping Over And bumping His Head

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Jack Berger, 21 with girlfriend Charlotte Kybert, 18.

Jack Berger was knocked unconscious when he slipped and hit his head on the pavement

Mum Left With Two Broken Legs After Being Thrown From Roof By Attacker

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Millie Butt.  A 25-year-old mum has told how she was left with TWO broken legs after she plunged 10ft from her roof onto concrete in a horrific attack by Scott Baird.  See SWNS story SWROOF.  Millie Butt was asleep in bed when ‘local man’ Baird, 26, who she’d ‘known for years’ broke into her home in October 2015.  When the full-time mum to Kayne-Lewis, 3, and Konrad-Lei, 2, climbed out her bedroom window onto her porch to escape, Baird followed her.  In a sickening attack, Baird grabbed the mum by the hair and beat her on the roof, and she tumbled 10ft onto concrete as horrified neighbours looked on.

Millie Butt, 25, was napping in bed when would be burglar Scott Baird, 26, who she had “known for years”, entered her home.

Police Continue To Investigate The Deaths Of Young Couple Found In A Car Following ‘Chemical Incident’

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The scene in Chelmsford in Essex where two people were found dead in a blue Ford Fiesta on 06 December 2016

The bodies of Nikki Willis and her boyfriend Tom Putt, both in their 20s, were discovered in a brand new blue Ford Fiesta

Woman Hit With Fine Threat For Flying Festive Santa Flag – Because It Breaches ADVERTISING Laws

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Janis Patterson, 64, hoisted up the colourful festive flag which shows Father Christmas and his reindeers flying in front of a moon.