Tragic granny, 88, mowed down and killed by callous driver in hit-and-run horror

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Mary Elizabeth Humpherson, known to her friends as Betty.

An 88-year-old grandmother has been mowed down and killed by a callous hit-and-run driver.

Super slimmer mum loses 14 stone after getting stuck on child’s slide

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FILE PICTURE COLLECT - Janine Furr pictured in Nottingham in Summer 2010.  A super-slimming mum who weighed the same as a baby ELEPHANT has lost a whopping 14 stone after turning down a gastric band. See NTI story NTISLIM;  Determined Janine Furr, 31, tipped the scales at a staggering 25st 7lbs (161.9kg) after years of gorging on takeaway food. The mum-of-three finally decided to lose weight after she got wedged in a children’s slide at a playground. Despite being offered a gastric band operation on the NHS, Janine decided to lose weight under her own steam and joined her local Weight Watchers group. Since 2011, Janine, from Nethertfield, Notts., has lost 14st 1lbs and dropped from a roly-poly size 30 to a svelte size 10.

Janine Furr has shed 14st and 1lb – dropping from a size 30 to a size 10

WATCH : Britain’s tidiest ghost caught on camera cleaning up haunted pub

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James Stevens 39 next to the TV monitor where his staff saw the footage, James is the pub landlord at his property where a ghost has appeared to move and cleaning sign and mop from a back room near the toilets. The Chapel House, Ruiton Street, Lower Gornal, Dudley, West Midlands. October 23, 2016.  A spooked landlord reckons he has captured Britain's tidiest ghost on camera - cleaning up his haunted pub. See News Team story NTOGHOST; Eerie footage shows licensee Katie Ann Round, 31, placing an A-board and mop in the back room of the boozer after closing time last week. But after she left the room at The Chapel House in Dudley, West Mids., the yellow wet floor sign seems to move mysteriously and fold itself neatly on the floor. Then, as her fiance Ben Parkes, 35, enters the shot, the mop in the corner of the room is propelled across the nearby table. Katie and business partner James Stevens, 39, are now calling in paranormal investigators to try and shed some light on the ghostly goings-on.

Creepy CCTV appears to show a ‘ghost’ moving around a wet floor sign and a mop in a pub

Woman posed as good neighbour to steal cash from dementia sufferer

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This is the shocking moment a woman brings an iced lolly to her neighbour with dementia - before stealing cash from her purse and stuffing it inside her bra. See NTI story NTITHIEF.  Amanda Donnelly, 55, pretended to be a good neighbour to Patricia Bent, 76, but abused the pensioner's trust to steal from her on four different occasions.  Mrs Bent's son Mark, 54, became suspicious after cash he gave to his mum each day for groceries started disappearing so he set up a secret camera hidden in a pill box.  Days later he caught Donnelly entering the back door of Mrs Bent's home in Syston, Leicester, with two strawberry lollipops.  After sitting down at the table, Donnelly is seen reaching into the pensioner's bag and rifling through it while she casually chats to Mrs Bent.  Moments later Mrs Bent leaves the room to answer the phone and Donnelly is seen stuffing the notes into her bra.  Donnelly, who lives opposite Mrs Bent's bungalow, then tells the pensioner she will see her the next day before leaving.  On Thursday (20/10) Donnelly admitted stealing a total of £70 from Mrs Bent on four different days when she appeared at Leicester Magistrates' Court.

Amanda Donnelly, 55, pretended to be a good neighbour to Patricia Bent, 76, but abused the pensioner’s trust

WATCH : Bungling crooks take a tumble

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The video captures the moment one of the suspects fell flat on the floor as he strains to break the lock on the grey Suzuki DI650 motorbike

Family pays tribute to man who died 103 years to the minute after he was born

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Jimmy Newell from Dittisham

Great-grandfather Jimmy Newell has died at the exact time and date as he was born – 103 years ago

Woman’s life SAVED thanks to painful gallstones

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Hannah Humphrey and boyfriend Matt Debnam. A 25-year-old woman’s life was saved when she lost five stone and ended up with painful gallstones - which turned out to be hiding a rare cancerous TUMOUR. See SWNS story SWTUMOUR. Hannah Humphrey dropped from a size 18 to a size eight in 18 months after years of fat jibes by playground bullies. Formerly 17-and-a-half stone, she was over the moon with her new slender frame. But shedding the pounds so quickly left her in excruciating pain - which turned out to be caused by hundreds of GALLSTONES. Surgeons carried out a routine op to remove her gallbladder in early January and told Hannah that everything would be OK.

Hannah Humphrey : “When I remember that they saved my life, I realise they weren’t so bad after all”

Dad transforms his 3-year-old daughter into Wonder Woman

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A devoted dad has turned his 3-year-old daughter into Wonder Woman, with an out-of-this world photoshoot and handmade costume. See SWNS story SWWONDER.  Comic book fan and commercial photographer Josh Rossi took these incredible photos of his daughter "I'm a commercial and advertising photographer so I regularly do really cool and powerful stuff for big companies."My wife was complaining that I never do cool photos for my family, "Ever since my daughter was born I started doing one photo shoot a year on her birthday. "Last year we did Mulan, it's really cool. She's doing the splits and it's really awesome.

Comic book fan and commercial photographer Josh Rossi, 31, celebrated Nellee’s third birthday by transforming her into the DC Comics heroine

Child fire hero becomes arsonist and found guilty of killing pensioner it care home blaze

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Child fire hero becomes arsonist and found guilty of killing pensioner it care home blaze

SHOCKING : Carer caught stealing thousands of pounds from vulnerable 84-year-old widow

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Cruel carer stole thousands of pounds from the pensioner

The video captured Donna White, 48, brazenly stole cash from the purse of frail OAP Diana Bramall

Mum’s fury as seven-year-old daughter picks up dirty SYRINGE in McDonald’s toilets

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Kayley Paul (29) with her daughter Jordyn Carruthers (7) outside of McDonald's King Street, South Shields.  A mum is furious her daughter was offered a free Happy Meal as compensation - after she picked up a used hypodermic needle in a McDonald's. See ROSS PARRY story RPYNEEDLE.  Little Jordyn Carruthers, seven, picked up the needle from the floor of the fast food restaurant toilet to the horror of her mum Kayley Paul, 29.  The full-time mum immediately told her daughter to drop it and scrubbed the schoolgirl's hands, but claims she has suffered nightmares and been unwell since.  She complained to bosses South Shields restaurant but was appalled when they offered an apology and a free Happy Meal for Jordyn.  Kayley said she is currently consulting a solicitor and has emailed and spoken to company bosses to raise her concerns.

Little Jordyn Carruthers, seven, picked up the needle from the floor of the fast food restaurant toilet

Orphaned foal who took internet by storm due to his teddy bear still sleeps with it three years later

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Breeze was gifted Buttons the teddy to keep him company and act as a surrogate mother

Talented artist creates 3D sculptures of celebrity heads out of LEGO

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Dirk Denoyelle, 52, has painstakingly built dozens of busts

Ten-year-old who suffered cardiac arrest wants others to learn CPR

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Dan Fagg, 10

Dan Fagg collapsed on August 21 and was saved by quick-thinking referee Chris Crowe

Mum of missing RAF serviceman believes he is still alive despite not a single sighting in almost a month

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Corrie McKeague an RAF serviceman who is missing. See Masons copy MNRAF: Police searching for an RAF serviceman who disappeared in the early hours of Saturday have released CCTV footage taken moments before he went missing. The footage shows Corrie McKeague sleeping briefly in a doorway before he gets up and walks away. This was the last time the 23-year-old was seen after a night out in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk at around 3.20am on Saturday.

Corrie Mckeague, 23, was last seen on CCTV making his way home after going for drinks with his mates

GOMA Industries’ best selling GoPro suction cup mount is now available on

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The GOMA Solid can now be bought in the UK for a discounted price on and shipped to your home within days. GOMA Industries have just released the GOMA Solid, a GoPro suction cup mount carefully designed to attach your hero camera to windshields, hoods, sunroofs and many other solid surfaces. The uses are…

Findtheneedle Welcomes PMC Telecoms to Their UK Directory

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PMC Telecom, who are in the communications sector, have recently joined forces with Findtheneedle.  Findtheneedle is an online free Business to Business Directory that offers the opportunity for UK based businesses to boost their online presence by offering them a listing on their business directory and PMC Telecom are hoping to be one of their success…