Brave Student Who Completed Degree While Battling Cancer Dies Just Weeks After Graduating

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Dennis Newlove.

Inspirational Dennis Newlove achieved a 2:1 after bravely completing his studies and writing his dissertation about his terminal illness.

Animal Charity’s Facebook Post About Lost Rabbit Swamped By ‘Excitable’ Women Wanting To Adopt Hunky Sanctuary Supervisor

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Woodside Animal Welfare Trust in Plymouth, Devon, sanctuary supervisor Leon Lambert-Gorwyn holding an unclaimed rabbit in a Facebook post.

The post showed the unclaimed rabbit, found hopping through a garden, being cuddled by buff sanctuary supervisor Leon Lambert-Gorwyn.

Family Of Little Girl Who Fought Extremely Rare Brain Tumour Appeal For Birthday Cards After Difficult Year

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Eve Gascoigne, 6.

Courageous Eve Gascoigne, six, was diagnosed with myoepithelial carcinoma, a rare brain tumour which only affects eight people globally, after a routine opticians visit in November 2016.

Make-Up Artist Partying With Amir Khan Claims She Was Glassed In The Face By “Jealous” Air Hostess

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Bia Hannides before a night out in Dubai.

Bia Hannides, 22, was drinking and dancing with the boxer and his pals after they exchanged numbers in a Dubai shisha cafe and he invited her to a club

Forget Swimming With Dolphins – Welcome To The South African Bay Where You Can Swim With 6,000 Wild Seals

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This incredible footage shows swimmers sharing the shores of Plettenberg Bay with playful Cape Fur seals.

Mum Calls “Double Standards” After Instagram Removed Her Kim Kardashian-Styled ‘Belfie’ Pic – For Being Inappropriate

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A mum who posted an image of herself copying Kim Kardashian's famous 'belfie' pose accused Instagram of "double standards" - after her picture was removed for being "inappropriate".

Daring Mary Przymus, 37, started working out relentlessly to lose her baby weight and snapped selfies of her workouts.

Pervert Hid Spy Camera Inside Lynx Shower Bottle To Film 13-Year-Old

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The Lynx shower gel bottle used by Bristol man Michael Magic to hide a smartphone so that he could video a 13-year-old

Father-of-three Michael Magic, 38, concealed a mobile phone in the shower gel container and cut a small rectangular hole in the front for the camera lens.

Woman Who Suffered Nine Miscarriages Is Crowdfunding To Pay For Further IVF Treatment

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Pamela Mackenzie from Edinburgh who has had 9 miscarriages and an ectopic pregnancy.

Pamela Mackenzie is looking to raise £6,000 to help pay for IVF as she no longer qualifies for a free round of treatment from NHS Scotland

RSPCA Hunt Cruel Yob Who Shot Dead Fox With Plastic Arrow

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The RSPCA are hunting a cruel thug who shot dead a fox - with a PLASTIC ARROW.

The animal was discovered by a member of the public with the arrow sticking out of his back left leg

Nine-Year-Old Autistic Boy Left With A Nail Impaled In His HEAD After Being Attacked By Bullies

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Romeo Smith with the 20cm-long plank of wood in his head.

Romeo Smith was strolling behind his mum and dad when a 20cm-long plank of wood was lobbed at his head

Mum Horrified After Footage Of Her 11-Year-Old Son Being Beaten Up Goes Viral

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Video grab of the moment an 11-year-old was beaten up in a playground

The 11-year-old boy was attacked by an older lad who knocked him to the ground and sat on top of him punching him in the head

ASBO Goat Wreaking Havoc In Suburb by Breaking Into Gardens And Falling Through Garage Roof

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A rogue goat has been wreaking havoc in a small suburb by breaking into gardens - and even fell through someone's garage roof.

Lauren Bellew, 22, was stunned when she found the goat eating the vegetables she was growing in her garden.

Audi Manage That! – Reckless Driver Overtakes By Veering Onto Motorway Reservation

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Reckless Audi driver caught on dashcam overtaking on the OUTSIDE of a car in the fast lane of M5.

Dashcam footage captured the speeding Audi A7 tailgating the Volvo before the driver edges off the outside lane and makes their move.

Woman Who Found Out She Was EIGHT Months Pregnant During Kidney Scan – Gives Birth Hours Later!

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Leanne and hubby Kevin, with harley

Leanne Allen, 37, gave birth to surprise baby Harley at 31 weeks despite suffering a miscarriage months earlier and her husband having a vasectomy.

Brave War Hero Drew On His Military Past To See Off Burglar

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Brave war hero Arthur Phillips drew on his military past to see off a burglar he confronted on the landing of his home in the middle of the night.

Heroic Arthur Phillips, 83, said his war-time fighting skills stood him in good stead when he we found himself face to face with Mark Lewis who had broken in.

British Tourist Found Alive After Three Days In The Australian Outback Surviving On Fruit He Found – By Following Group Of CAMELS

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Anthony Collis.

Barefoot Anthony Collis, 32, became separated from his girlfriend following a row in the remote Pilbara region in north-west Australia.

WATCH!: Police Hunting Savage Jogger Who Shoved A Woman Into The Path Of A Bus

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The jogger.

At about 7.40am the 33-year-old victim was walking across a bridge when a man appeared to veer towards her – and shove her to one side.