Dad Gets Tattoo To Match His Baby’s Scar From Heart Surgery

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Bobby Davies.

Richard Davies, 29, decided to get the scar-like tattoo after son Bobby had open heart surgery to repair a birth defect which meant he was born with half a heart.

Postman Rapped For Taking Water Pistol From Naughty Five-Year-Old

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CCTV grab of the moment that a postman confiscated a water pistol after a schoolboy used it to squirt him.

CCTV footage shows Cody Harvey and his two mates squirting each other and messing around when a Royal Mail post van pulls up on the street.

Shipping Container Converted To Luxury Home For Rough Sleepers

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Help Bristol's Homeless unveil their first converted shipping container on Malago Road, Bedminster, Bristol.

Jasper Thompson, 58, was moved by the numbers of people he saw sleeping on the streets and put his mind to doing something to help.

Postie Refuses To Deliver To Family Home After Being Chased By Chihuahua Called Tiny

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Sarah Martin, 30, was left without mail for more nine days after her seven-inch high pooch ran out and yapped at the postie.

Hero Six-Year-Old Saves Mum’s Life By Calling 999 While Looking After Baby Brother

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Tate King with his mum Jenna.

Quick-thinking Tate King leapt into action when his mum Jenna, who suffers from type 1 diabetes, collapsed at the kitchen table after breakfast.

Britain’s Longest Serving Employee Celebrates 70 Years At Same Company

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Monica on the walk way between offices. Montague Road, Warwick, Warwickshire. See NTI story NTIJOB. A dedicated pensioner is Britain’s longest serving employee who has worked for the same firm for 70 YEARS. Monica Evans, 89, took the bus for her first day as an accounts clerk for an engineering firm when she was just 19. Incredibly, Monica has remained at the same engineering firm her entire working life and on Friday (28/4) celebrates the 70th anniversary of her first day. She now works for the great-granddaughter of her first boss at Kigass Aero Components Ltd and has no plans to hang up her calculator, still doing the books three days a week. During her career at the Warwick-based firm, she has filled out roughly 42,000 payments forms, only ever failing to account for a 2p deficit back in 1959.

Monica Evans, 89, has barely taken a day off since starting her job as an accounts clerk at an engineering firm when she was just 19.

Male Model Makes History As First Amputee To Make It To Finals Of Mr England Contest

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Jack Eyers has been crowned Mr Dorset at the Poole Football CLub in Dorset, and is now the first Amputee Mr England.

Jack Eyers, who had his right leg amputated at the age of 16, will compete against 24 other hopefuls at the event in July.

WATCH – Gutted Salesman Duped Into Thinking He’s Won £100k On Scratchcard!

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Gary Boon when he thinks he's won.  A gutted salesman was tricked into thinking he’d won £100,000 on a scratchcard by cruel workmates - who captured his hilarious reaction on camera. See SWNS story SWSCRATCH.  Gary Boon's colleagues slipped the fake card into a bundle of lottery tickets and betting slips they gave him as a leaving present.  The 35-year-old was over the moon when he scratched the surface and discovered he’d hit the jackpot.  Funny footage shows the group sitting in their local pub when a shocked Gary interrupts them and whispers: "Guys, I need to stop you. I've won £100,000."  He shows them the prize ticket to faux enthusiastic responses of, "oh my God," and "what the f*ck", before standing up and pacing, clutching it in his hand.  But Gary - who thought he would be able to pay off his mortgage - quickly comes crashing back down to earth when his workmates reveal it's all a joke.

Salesman Gary Boon’s cruel colleagues slipped the fake card into a bundle of lottery tickets and betting slips they gave him as a leaving present

Woman Cruelly Teased At School For Losing Her Hair Has Last Laugh By Becoming Beauty Queen

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Chloe Ashford-Smith, 21, of Grimsby, Lincs., at the age of 15, with particularly bad alopecia (L)

Chloe Ashford-Smith’s school days were blighted by hurtful taunts because she suffered alopecia which caused large patches of her hair to fall out.

Britain’s Oldest Ballerina Still Shows Off Dance Skills At 91!

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Maureen Leathley is thought to be the UKs oldest ballet dancer at 91 years young

Maureen began dancing in 1938 at the tender age of 12 and went on to tour the country with operatic companies as a prima ballerina.

Man Loses 20 Stone In Two Years – After XXXXXXL Shirt Didn’t Fit Him

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Dylan Condron, 21, left the scales groaning at a massive 33 stone after gorging on carbs when he failed to find work.

Lucky Cat Survives Falling From Owner’s Car At 65mph After Clinging On For Four Miles

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Joanne Smith, 34, with Bella as a kitten.

Joanne Smith, 34, was on her way to a funeral when she heard a thud and noticed something black tumbling behind her Vauxhall Astra.

Mum’s Desperate Bid For Tot With Rare Condition Leaving Her Constantly Hungry

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Rosie Gray who was born with Prader-Willi syndrome. File photo. See SWNS story SWHUNGRY; A mum is desperate to find a cure for her two-year-old daughter before her rare condition kicks in which means she will spend her life always being HUNGRY. Little Rosie Gray was diagnosed with Prader-Willi syndrome shortly after birth which causes her brain to fail to send vital messages to parts of her body. In addition to a permanent insatiable appetite it will mean she will never feel full. Her mum Sarah Gray, 36, has now launched a bid to raise awareness and funds for research into a cure for what she described as a "vile" syndrome.

Little Rosie Gray was diagnosed with Prader-Willi syndrome shortly after birth which causes her brain to fail to send vital messages to parts of her body

WATCH – Epic Car Smash Caught On CCTV Before Car Occupants Scarper With Their Dog!

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Shocking CCTV shows moment car ploughs into FOUR vehicles in Cleethorpes, North East Lincs

The dramatic CCTV images unbelievably spotted the driver running away as a woman and another man clutching a dog also fled the scene

15-Year-Old Put In Isolation At School For Breaching Rules After Shaving His Hair – For CHARITY

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Taylor Jones hair before haircut.

Taylor Jones, 15, lost his locks in a sponsored trim at the weekend and raised £850 for Cancer Research.

Pair Who Became Friends Through Message In A Bottle Meet For First Time – 45 Years Later

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Fred Nass and Tina Campbell who became friends as youngsters through a message in a bottle

Fred Nass and Tina Campbell had a touching relationship that lasted years after he visited the UK via boat from America at the age of 15.

How To Make Meeting New People Less Stressful

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Credit Pexel

Meeting new people can be a tough and intimidating prospect. Some people suffer from social anxiety and meeting new people exacerbates their symptoms. Others simply have a dislike of meeting new people in new situations despite wanting to meet those people. It can be so easy to find ourselves avoiding certain social situations and becoming…