VIRAL : Eight-year-old girl calls Tesco out over ‘sexist’ kids’ clothes

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Daisy Edmonds (8) from Oaksey, Wilts pictured with the boys' clothes selection in Tesco

“It’s unfair because everyone thinks girls should just be pretty and boys should just be adventurous.”

Warrens Bakery a rising west country star

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Warrens Bakery, one of the UK’s leading craft bakeries and the world’s oldest pasty maker, appears at number 32 in this year’s Top 150 Companies in Devon and Cornwall in the Western Morning News’ Annual Business Guide 2016. With expansion this year across Devon, Cornwall and Somerset, as well as a new store opening in…

DriveRightData opens new wheel testing facility in the US

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DriveRightData, the leading independent supplier of automotive, wheel and tire data have established a new testing facility based in Fullerton, Los Angeles, facilitating the ability to provide the industry with wheels tested to international standards. The company has recently undertaken a programme of global expansion into new markets in Europe and the Americas. As the…

WATCH : Hero policeman saves passed out driver and baby by shunting their car off a motorway

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The quick-thinking officer brought the car to a standstill in dramatic footage

Adorable five-year-old girl’s heartfelt plea for people to clean their streets and Keep Britiain Tidy goes viral

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Florence Parsons and her little brother take to streets and beaches every few days in a bid to clean up their home town

Woman who couldn’t say her own name overcomes speech impediment to become a TEACHER

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Chloe Pyner, 29, couldn’t face the prospect of introducing herself

Man SPARED jail after his three dogs slowly cooked to death while he was at the GYM

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Jonathan Theobald age 65 leaving Peterborough Magistrates court today

The dogs “would have gone through stages of panic, heat stress and likely seizures and injury in an attempt to escape before dying”

£100 reward has been issued for return of a teddy bear by its 18-year-old owner who can’t start uni without it

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An 18-year-old student has offered a £100 reward

Desperate Anna Cross needs to get back the soft toy which is “very much part of their family”

Newlyweds returning home after honeymoon are greeted by boarded-up windows, manure on the driveway and a tractor in their dining room – thanks to their prankster farmer mates

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Somebody had filled their bath with balloons, individually wrapped all their cutlery in cling film and taken the labels of all their canned food

Angels Are More Elusive than You Think – How to Catch a Private Equity Investor

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When it comes to seeking an angel investor, many people have the wrong idea about exactly what it is that this type of private equity investor does. Somewhere along the way it became a common misunderstanding that angel investors were quicker to land than business loans in financial institutions and that when the loan was…

Convicted child rapist who posed as policeman to attack two schoolgirls in the space of one hour is jailed for LIFE

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Apeldelrazek Badran

Badran sexually assaulted a 12-year-old and tried to do the same to a girl of 11

Care home to face financial penalty for allowing 91-year-old to freeze to death

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Oaklands Care Home

Annie Barritt was so cold that her temperature couldn’t register on a standard thermometer

Crossed The Line – Protest Art Installation & Performance featuring American Artist Christine Walters

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Crossed the line is a political protest installation by Christine E Walters that focuses on the US Presidential Election, Brexit, racism and the migrant crisis. The 4th of November is set to be opening night and 4 days before US Presidential Elections. Christine Walters of will paint the abstract of LIVE DJ music featuring…

Swale Heating replace it’s Service Management Software with Aeromark Optimatics

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Swale Heating Ltd, the largest independent heating maintenance provider in the South East has successfully replaced the software which runs it’s business with the market leading Optimatics from Aeromark. Swale Heating who look after more than 130,000 properties and directly employ over 280 Engineers, sought to replace it’s multiple systems with fully integrated market leading…

BottleMate – Probably the Best Bottle Opener in the World!

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Dan Linsell founder of proudly announces that the BottleMate bottle opener is now available in the UK and Europe. BottleMate is an ingenious new bottle opener that makes opening twist off or crown type bottle caps a breeze. Linsell believes that BottleMate is “probably the best bottle opener in the world.” After taking Australia…

Brexit Backwards Running Wristwatch

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A new watch from the Worldwide Watch Co. makes a statement about the Brexit vote. All three hands run backwards around images of the Union Jack and other British icons. “We’re getting a great response to the watch,, both from the public and the media,” said Robert Tewksbury, Marketing Manager for the Worldwide Watch Co….

Expect More: SVM™4001 Stabinger Viscometer™ for Lubricating Oils

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The SVM™ series of viscometers from Anton Paar has been expanded with the new SVM™ 4001 Stabinger Viscometer™. It has a double-cell system for viscosity measurements at two different temperatures simultaneously, providing the fastest Viscosity Index determination from the lowest sample volume. The innovative double-cell design of SVM™ 4001 allows for simultaneous measurements at 40…