Clay-Clad Canine Causes 19 Hour Rescue Mission

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Ziggy, safe and warm, cuddles up with his owner, Lauren.

Ten-year-old Patterdale terrier Ziggy was on a walk with owner Lauren Flintoff, 23, when the mischievous mutt disappeared down a drainpipe.

Kids Lie Across Street In Bizarre Attempt To Make Drivers Rethink Their Road Behaviour

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This is the moment pupils from Banchory Primary School in Alloa, Clackmannanshire promoted safe driving - by getting youngsters to lie in the road and play dead in a series of bizarre poses.

The “unusual” project to persuade drivers to be more cautious saw pupils strewn across the asphalt – lying in patterns on yellow lines.

Three-Year-Old Baffles Parents With Her Extraordinary Memory – By Being Able To Play 41 Songs On The Xylophone

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Little Laasya Chigurupati who has learnt to play 41 songs on the Xylophone.

Little Laasya reels off Jingle bells, Twinkle Twinkle little star and Row Row Row Your Boat after listening to the songs just a handful of times.

GCSE Pupil Has Completed 12 Years At School Without Having A Single Day Off!

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Amelia Passey - pictured aged 15 - celebrating 12 years of perfect attendance.

Amelia Passey, 15, has turned up to school without fail for 2,280 days straight — despite an ingrowing toe nail in primary school threatening her perfect record.

Gran Of Seven-Month-Old Baby Abducted By Parents Makes Desperate Plea For Them To Contact Her

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Daniel Minton, 28, and Tory Smith with their seven month old baby Daniel John Minton.

Susan Minton, 53, pleaded for her son Daniel Minton, 28, and Tory Smith to reveal their whereabouts as well as that of her missing grandson Daniel John Minton

Psychic Raccoon Predicts Corbyn Will Win General Election

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Rocky the psychic raccoon eats treats off a Jeremy Corbyn bucket thereby predicting a Labour win in the June 8 general election.

Rocky, who lives at Bristol Zoo, is often consulted on important voting decisions, including who would win last year’s Great British Bake Off.

Husband And Wife Wear Hard Hats For Wedding Photos After Finding Pretty Church Covered In Scaffolding

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Andy Boyce, 55, and Susan Campbell, 49 at their hard hat wedding. 
(Britannia Photographic / SWNS)

Andy Boyce, 55, and Susan Campbell, 49, wanted to celebrate 23 years together with the perfect wedding.

Mini Driver Gran Reunited With Very First Number Plate 44 Years After Selling Beloved Car

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Hilary Badhams of Tibshelf, Derbyshire with her new mini and number plate she sold more than 40 years ago.

Hilary Badhams, 67, fell in love with her first car, a green Austin Mini and nicknamed it the ‘Green Pea’ after it arrived with an ‘800 PEA’ number plate in 1967.

Pensioner Is One Of The Oldest In The UK To Get Manchester Bee Tattoo With First Ever Inking In Tribute To Victims

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Ann Banks (80) from Wigan, who got the Worker Bee tattoo in tribute to the victims of the Manchester terror attack.

Ann Banks felt “heartbroken” following the nail bomb massacre last month and decided to have the motif inked on her right wrist.

Mum Pulls Nine-Year-Old Out Of School After Being Threatened With Flick-Knife By Fellow Pupil

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Ethan Leigh, a year 5 pupil from Manor Road School who was threatened with a knife.

Ethan Leigh, nine, was pinned to the ground as he tried to squirm away from his primary school attacker who pressed the knife against his face.

Furious Mum Claims Kids Were Left ‘Like Burned Bacon’ Despite Applying SPF 50 Cream

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A mum has spoken of her holiday horror after her two children suffered third degree burns - despite her claims she was lathering factor 50 sunscreen on them.

Furious Claire Tymon says she applied SPF factor 50 Banana Boat UltraMist sun screen to son Louie, eight, and daughter Millie, 12, several times a day as instructed.

Mum Battling Incurable Cancer Makes Round The World Trip From New Zealand To Renew Wedding Vows In Front Of Friends And Family

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Nicola Tatupu with her husband Uaina Tatupu.

Nicola Tatupu, 38, decided to share the special ceremony with family and friends after returning home for what could be the final time.

Brave Schoolgirl Used Ambulance Volunteer Skills To Save Her Dad’s Life – As He Choked On Handful Of Midget Gems

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Millie Murphy, 9, from Hull, East Yorkshire, who saved her dad James from choking.

Millie Murphy put her training into practice when dad James Murphy started struggling for breath after taking a mouthful of Midget Gems.

Terminally Ill British Girl Makes ‘Miracle’ Recovery After Family Moves To Mexico For Treatment

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A terminally-ill British girl who was given just months to live has made a "miracle" recovery after her family moved to Mexico to get her life-saving treatment.

Kaleigh Lau, seven, was diagnosed with a brain tumour and her devastated family were told there was no cure on the NHS.

Father Could Die At Any Minute Due To Rare Disease Brought On By Chicken Pox

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Jonathan Sheldon age 39 with his wife Nicola Sheldon age 40  at home in Ramsden Bellhouse Billericay Essex.

Jonathan Sheldon, 39, was diagnosed with Addison’s disease, which means his body is unable to produce a certain chemical which is vital for survival.

Boy Who Forgot How To Smile Gets His Grin Back After Symptoms Were Cured By MILK

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Sonny Little the four-year-old boy who forgot how to smile due to a rare disease with parents Kelly and Martin. Trowbridge, Wiltshire.

Sonny Little is one of just 25 children worldwide with a chromosome deletion syndrome known as 2Q24.3.

A Greener Lifestyle Can Save You Money

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There are few misconceptions about living an environmentally friendly lifestyle, making us believe it’s inconvenient, expensive and tough. However, the fact of the matter is that going green isn’t as much of a chore as people believe and can be adhered to. Plus, by giving the planet a rest from civilisation, you’re offered the bonus…