Nine-Year-Old Autistic Boy Left With A Nail Impaled In His HEAD After Being Attacked By Bullies

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Romeo Smith with the 20cm-long plank of wood in his head.

Romeo Smith was strolling behind his mum and dad when a 20cm-long plank of wood was lobbed at his head

Mum Horrified After Footage Of Her 11-Year-Old Son Being Beaten Up Goes Viral

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Video grab of the moment an 11-year-old was beaten up in a playground

The 11-year-old boy was attacked by an older lad who knocked him to the ground and sat on top of him punching him in the head

ASBO Goat Wreaking Havoc In Suburb by Breaking Into Gardens And Falling Through Garage Roof

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A rogue goat has been wreaking havoc in a small suburb by breaking into gardens - and even fell through someone's garage roof.

Lauren Bellew, 22, was stunned when she found the goat eating the vegetables she was growing in her garden.

Audi Manage That! – Reckless Driver Overtakes By Veering Onto Motorway Reservation

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Reckless Audi driver caught on dashcam overtaking on the OUTSIDE of a car in the fast lane of M5.

Dashcam footage captured the speeding Audi A7 tailgating the Volvo before the driver edges off the outside lane and makes their move.

Woman Who Found Out She Was EIGHT Months Pregnant During Kidney Scan – Gives Birth Hours Later!

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Leanne and hubby Kevin, with harley

Leanne Allen, 37, gave birth to surprise baby Harley at 31 weeks despite suffering a miscarriage months earlier and her husband having a vasectomy.

Brave War Hero Drew On His Military Past To See Off Burglar

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Brave war hero Arthur Phillips drew on his military past to see off a burglar he confronted on the landing of his home in the middle of the night.

Heroic Arthur Phillips, 83, said his war-time fighting skills stood him in good stead when he we found himself face to face with Mark Lewis who had broken in.

British Tourist Found Alive After Three Days In The Australian Outback Surviving On Fruit He Found – By Following Group Of CAMELS

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Anthony Collis.

Barefoot Anthony Collis, 32, became separated from his girlfriend following a row in the remote Pilbara region in north-west Australia.

WATCH!: Police Hunting Savage Jogger Who Shoved A Woman Into The Path Of A Bus

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The jogger.

At about 7.40am the 33-year-old victim was walking across a bridge when a man appeared to veer towards her – and shove her to one side.

Nine-Year-Old Drumming Sensation Taught Himself Through YouTube Videos

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Sean Whiting, 9, has been playing the drums for two years and appears to have a natural talent, picking up new rhythms from YouTube videos, pictured at home near Bradford, West Yorks.

Talented Sean Whiting uses the video platform to teach himself difficult tracks – even though he is only taught the basics at his half-hour weekly drumming class.

In A Prickle: Race Against Time To Find Rare Baby Albino Hedgehog

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Twinkle the remaining albino hedgehog at Wildlife Orphanage in Selby, Yorkshire.

It is thought just one in 100,000 hedgehogs have the recessive gene which makes them white with red eyes and paws.

Shocking Pictures Show Calf Fatally Wounded After Being Blasted Twice With Shotgun By Evil Thugs

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Tragically, the calf died following the vile attack which left her bleeding from wounds to her head, right side and rear.

Heroic Schoolgirl Swam To The Rescue Of Two Drowning Girls While On Holiday

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Lakeisha Saynam Nealon.

Nine-year-old Lakeisha Saynam Nealon courageously swam to the rescue of the girls after spotting them in difficulty in the water – the incidents occurring just days apart.

Shy Autistic Teen Wows The Internet With Incredible Singing Voice And Talks Of Dream To Sing With Ed Sheeran

August 7, 2017 | by | 2 Comments
Ashleigh Fagan, 17

Ashleigh Fagan cannot read or write music but can pick up a song quickly after listening to it

Sting In The Tale : Mum Lucky To Be Alive After Being Attacked By Stingray – And Stabbed In The Foot

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Dawn North, 44.

Dawn North, 44, accidentally stepped on the animal while on a dream holiday in Khao Lak, Thailand, and was jabbed through her foot with the painful and poisonous barb.

Bulldog Spirit! : Poorly Pooch Found In Appalling Condition Is Battling Back

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A poorly dog is going to have to show the bulldog spirit after he was such bad condition he made staff at the vets CRY.

William’s skin was in such an appalling state way that he bled as he was lifted into a car by his rescuers.

Grandad Is One Of The Oldest Swingers In Town – Still Playing Golf At 100-Years-Old

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Harry Moorhouse age 100 playing a round of golf at Eaton Golf Club in Norwich.

Harry Moorhouse is one of the UK’s oldest golfers and says his secret to staying fit is taking to the course twice-a-week to pot a round of nine holes.

Adorable Sleepy Owl Caught Yawning As It Was Rudely Awakened

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Six-week-old Snowy Owl chick struggles to stay awake at the Scottish Owl Centre in West Lothian as she needs all her energy for feather growth.

The fluffy snowy owl sleeps for much of the day while it is still young as it is conserving its energy for adulthood.