Woman fuming after mistakenly receiving an email from letting agent – calling her a “F*CKING IDIOT.”

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Shannon Capps (Surrey Mirror/SWNS)

Shannon Capps was left fuming after reading the horrific emails – which a spokesperson for the lettings agent said was just “banter.” She needed somewhere to live after taking a job at Gatwick Airport, moving down from Suffolk.

Aspiring footballer born without a hand receives revolutionary new robotic limb

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William Joyner age 8 at the University of Bedfordshire with his new prosthetic hand (SWNS)

William Joyner was born without a hand as a result of amniotic band syndrome – where the band wrapped itself round his hand reducing the bloodflow. This left Reading Football Club mad William, from Paulerspury, Northamptonshire, with only a palm on his left hand.

The average British dieter aiming to lose a stone in weight

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With men wanted to go from an average 11.8 stone to 11.2 stone and women wanting to drop from 10.5 stone to 9.3 stone. Despite these weight goals, the survey by kitchen specialists, Glotechrepairs.co.uk, showed that the average Brit adhered to their diet of choice for an average of just four months.

Family of Nathan Wood who died falling into a river after taking ‘n-bomb’ speak out and warn of dangers of ‘legal highs.’

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Nathan Wood, 16 (SWNS)

Tragic stduent Nathan Wood, 16, described by his mum as a sociable” and loving son, is believed to have drowned after taking a powerful hallucinogenic. His family have revealed he became freaked out after fearing he would be “sacrificed” then stripped off his clothes and ran off in a distressed and panicked state.

Woman has gall bladder op cancelled after she breaks strict nil by mouth rule – by chewing GUM

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Laura Cleave (SWNS)

Stunned Laura Cleave, 37, was being prepped for a procedure to remove gall stones last Thursday after suffering with the painful condition for several years. But the op at the Royal Cornwall Hospital was cancelled at the last minute after medical staff noticed mum-of-three Laura had gum in her mouth.

Proud single mum denied family meal deal at cinema because she had no partner

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A proud single mum has told of her disgust when she was banned from buying a 'Family Meal Deal' at the cinema - because she "wasn't a family".  (SWNS)

Emma Wallen, 28, took kids Lily, six, and London-James, two, to see the BFG at Cineworld and tried to buy an advertised £9.99 family meal. But she claims the cashier told her she didn’t “qualify” because she wasn’t with a second parent.

Vulnerable pensioner suffered stroke in public toilet after she was left locked in for 21 hours

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Norma Webster who was locked in a supermarket toilet in Forres, Moray, after suffering a stroke. (SWNS)

Stricken Norma Webster, 78, was found unconscious in a cubicle when cleaners finally arrived in the morning to open up the toilets. She’d been there since mid-morning the day before and had gone unnoticed during the entire day and was left languishing behind a cubicle door when the toilets were locked up for the night.

Council branded “bonkers” after painting parking lines both sides of narrow road

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Barmy parking bay lines in Cross Park Avenue in Plymouth (SWNS)

The residential road in Plymouth, Devon, has long parking bays stretching down either side of the street, next to the pavement. The parking scheme in Cross Park Avenue means the centre of the road is just a few feet wide, leaving the road totally unusable if the bays are filled.

Gran of Olympic hero Adam Peaty is “the proudest nan in Britain”

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Mavis Williams (74) who is the nan to Adam Peaty (SWNS)

Delighted Mavis Williams, 74, watched alone from her bungalow in the early hours as her 21-year-old grandson brought home Team GB’s first gold of Rio 2016. Peaty smashed the world record twice on his way to becoming the first British man to win a medal in the pool since Adrian Moorhouse 28 years ago.

Most expensive estate in Scotland come to market at £10.5 MILLION

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(Strutt and Parker / SWNS)

Tillypronie Estate, near Tarland, Aberdeenshire, boasts stunning scenic views of the Dee Valley and comes with its own salmon fishing and pheasant shoot. The 12,000-acre estate is currently owned by Philip Astor, a member of the Anglo-American Astor family, with ties to the former Prime Minister’s wife.

Carrier of Shame’ list names EasyJet as the most complained about Airline for 2016

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Budget airline EasyJet have been revealed to be the most complained about carrier according to a UK based flight compensation company. New data release by EUclaim has revealed that EasyJet have been the most complained about UK airline the first half of this year. Many airlines however have been vocal in disputing the data, however…

Man who battled stammer becomes rapper thanks to help of Kanye West

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Chris Heath, 20, began going to speech therapy classes from the age of six but nothing seemed to help his condition which left him unable to get his words out. He carried on going to the classes for four years but it was only when Chris came across rap music that his stammer started to improve.

Pensioner cruelly dubbed ‘Elephant Man’ because of a bizarre leg condition has tragically died

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Michael Cull (SWNS)

Michael Cull, 68, died on Thursday after his swollen leg started bleeding while on holiday last month. The death of the retired NASA computer technician, from Rosehearty, Aberdeenshire, comes after years of pleading with doctors to amputate his leg.

Tips for Buying a Used Car

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Drivers who can’t afford to purchase a brand new vehicle can still purchase a used car that’s in great condition. And if you’re a new driver, a used car could be the best and most affordable option. Be sure to prepare for what it will be like to get behind the wheel for the first…

RMP’s Insta-lifestyle from football to studio and reaching his goal

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As he used to run on the football field, RMP is now running head first into the recording studio and music scene of today.  In the world of Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram where everything is easily accessible, up to the minute and on trend, RMP still holds traditional values close.  Home, family and his crew are what are important to him; football is still a passion of course, but music is his living, breathing, all consuming dream. RMP started writing early on, but performing really took hold in 2014, the same year he won the Unsigned Stars UK competition.  Since then his music has continued to evolve and he has something very strong to say.  A video released earlier this year ‘Free The Bros,’ is about tackling the issues young black men are facing today, but also comments on the fast paced and get rich quick lifestyle the young aspire towards. RMP remains fresh as he won’t be pinned down by genre or theme, but incorporates a mixture of hip hop, RnB, soul, spoken word ­ a dedication to his musical heroes perhaps. His new video ‘Get Active,’ out on Friday 29th July, does not have a political message to get across, but is slick, modern and fun appealing to those who appreciate the party lifestyle and beautiful girls.  It’s a snapshot of a typical night a celebrity or footballer might experience.  And who doesn’t want to see that? ‘Foreign’ has a similar theme about the lust for driving fast cars and the extravagant lifestyle that comes with that. Despite his travels and having lived in the USA, RMP is proud of where he comes from.  Home is Croydon, South London and this is often reflected in his music and lyrics.  He is part of that aforementioned social media world because he has to be, but RMP also enjoys quiet time where he can focus on his work and ambitions.  With hot beats, a variety of themes and contemporary, relevant lyrics, RMP will continue to make music the youth of today want to listen to. This is only the beginning. Read, Watch and Listen –  www.rmpmusic.co.uk www.youtube.com/RmpMusicTV www.soundcloud,com/rmp_music

A decidedly modern taste for reclamation, salvage and up-cycling…

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Pro Auction are delighted to announce a live and webcast auction of Architectural Antiques, Salvage & Reclamation items to be held over two days on the 16th and 17th September 2016, The past two decades have brought about an incredible resurgence in salvaged, up-cycled and church reclaimed architectural items; even for those outside of design and…

New website poised to improve shopping experience for native groceries

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Purchasing Asian and Afro-Caribbean and other native groceries is set to get a lot easier with the upcoming launch of the new website, SpiceMint.com. For many individuals, shopping for ethnic groceries is a lot harder than shopping at regular supermarkets. They have to contend with traffic congestion, poor weather, long queues and parking issues and often…