Britain’s oldest man, 108, shares his secret to a long life…

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Great John Mansfield, known as Jack

John Mansfield, known as Jack, was born in 1907 meaning he has lived through 19 Prime Ministers, five monarchs and survived two world wars

Man who was starved of oxygen at birth awarded £2.5m NHS payout – nearly half a century after suffering catastrophic brain damage

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Peter Atherton, 47, was left severely disabled as a result of being starved of oxygen

Leg op patient ‘attacked by nurse – after he asked for painkillers’

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Hammad Rashid, 27, was coming round from surgery when he claims an NHS staff nurse attacked him

New mum suffers post-birth psychosis that made her believe she was Limitless like Bradley Cooper – and went nine DAYS without sleep

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Holly York, 30 with her baby Leo. See SWNS story SWLIMIT; A new mum who suffered extreme psychosis after giving birth felt like she had taken a real-life ‘Limitless pill’ - like Bradley Cooper in the hit film. Holly York, 30, was sectioned under the Mental Health Act after experiencing the effects of postpartum psychosis - which made her want to slit her own throat. The first-time mum barely slept in nine days after little Leo was born and felt like a superhuman who was constantly on cloud nine. She whizzed around the house at 100mph - changing nappies, feeding the baby and keeping the house perfect - while husband Adam, 31, watched on in amazement. But the mania had terrifying consequences. Personal trainer Holly was sleep-deprived and paranoid and suffered vivid hallucinations - including seeing her own dead body on the kitchen floor. Her symptoms mirrored those experienced by Bradley Cooper’s character Eddie Morra in the 2011 thriller Limitless, after he takes ‘smart drug’ NZT-48.

Holly York, 30, barely slept for nine days after little Leo was born and felt like a superhuman who was constantly on cloud nine

Mum who suffers from MS has benefits cut – because she can squeeze someone’s thumb

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Melanie Wiseman

Mel Wiseman, 43, suffers from debilitating multiple sclerosis (MS) and is unable to walk unaided

Daring Edna Arnold celebrates her 100th birthday by soaring 2,000 feet in the air

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Plucky pensioner Edna Arnold was launched into the skies for a 30-minute flight

Hero police dog making miraculous recovery after stabbing

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FILE PICTURE Police dog Finn, a German Shepherd. A hero police dog, who was stabbed in the chest while chasing down a gun-toting teen, is making a miraculous recovery after his ordeal. See NATIONAL story NNFINN;  German Shepherd Finn and his handler, PC David Wardell, had been tracking a 16-year-old wanted after a taxi firm reported that a driver was being robbed at gunpoint.  The cop’s seven-year-old canine colleague refused to let go of the suspect despite his severe injuries – stab wounds to both his head and chest – while David suffered an injury to his hand.  Finn was rushed to vets for initial treatment, after the attack on October 4th, before being transferred to Davies’ Veterinary Specialists in Higham Gobion in Hertfordshire. David, who has had Finn since he was a nine month old pup, said: “He’s a lot brighter than he was and he’s starting to get cheeky, so he’s starting to get back to his old self. “Finn is an amazing partner. I can’t think of anyone or any animal I’d rather work with.

The cop’s seven-year-old canine colleague refused to let go of the suspect despite his severe injuries

Young mum fuming after being banned from breastfeeding in Zara changing rooms – and told to use a toilet instead

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Charlotte Stanbridge who was asked to leave a changing room at fashion store Zara when she tried to breastfeed her baby Teddy. See National News story NNFEED: A young mum was left livid after staff in a high-street clothing store told her she could not breastfeed her baby in their changing rooms - and told her to go to a grotty toilet. Charlotte Stanbridge, 21, was shopping in Zara with baby Teddy, seven months old, when she asked staff if she could take him into the changing room to feed him. But the shop assistant at the Bournemouth, Dorset, branch told her to take him to the toilet in a nearby Costa Coffee instead. Stay-at-home mum Charlotte said: "My sister and I went in to browse and found a few things we were looking to buy.

Charlotte Stanbridge, 21, was shopping in Zara with baby Teddy when she asked if she could use a changing room to feed him

Performance Arts Awards Launch Groundbreaking Musical Theatre Syllabus for 2016

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Performance Arts Awards (PAA), RSL’s innovative performing artsqualifications announce the launch of theirbrand new suite of fullyaccredited Musical Theatre qualifications for aspiring Musical Theatre performers. Developed alongside industry specialists and education professionals, PAA Musical Theatre further continues RSL’s long-standing commitment to industry relevance and academic rigour by launching a world-class suite of qualifications from Premiere to Grade 8. PAA Musical…

Pensioner stuck in bath for FOUR DAYS survives by topping up hot water and drinking from tap

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Pensioner Doreen Mann, 87, was stranded in her bath tub and had been calling out for help for days

Supercar owner catches kid riding bike on Lamborghini roof

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A supercar driver was furious after catching a teenager riding his BIKE on the roof of his Lamborghini. See story SWLAMBO. Aaron Rylan, 28, was doing bench presses at the gym when he glanced out of the window and saw the cyclist doing a stunt on the roof of the yellow Gallardo. The businessman raced outside but the kid and his pals had disappeared so Aaron checked his dashcam which had been left recording. It shows Izzad Adnaff,15, take a 30 metre long run-up, hop is bike onto the bonnet at full speed and roll over the windscreen - which bends with the impact. Incredibly, Aaron posted the footage on social media and Izzad's MUM saw the footage - and dragged her son over to apologise.''Singapore's a fairly small country and when I posted the clip online, some of my friends knew him and his mother. 'We soon found out who it was and his mother was not happy. She made him come to meet me to say sorry.''

Izzad Adnaff, 15, takes a long run-up, hops his bike onto the bonnet at full speed and rolls over the windscreen

Mum’s throat swells to the size of a watermelon after GP misdiagnosed cancer as cold

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Heather Longdon.  A mum has spent the past two years battling a rare cancer – which she originally thought was a common cold.  See NTI story NTICANCER.  Heather Longdon was diagnosed with stage three larynx cancer last August after having a constant cough, sore throat and heart palpitations for 11 months.  The 27-year-old, of Bulwell, Nottingham had chemotherapy and radiotherapy every day for seven weeks.  The blow came just two years after Heather and her husband Ben's IVF baby, Logan, died of cot death 10 days after his birth and seven months after the couple's second son, Kian, was born.

Heather Longdon, 27, went to her GP with a runny nose and tickly cough, but was repeatedly told there was nothing to worry about

Pet owner builds amazing Great British Bake Off tent for her HAMSTERS, along with dozens of other ‘real life’ sets

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A pet owner has made dozens of miniature real life sets including the Great British Bake Off Tent - for her HAMSTERS. See story SWHAMPSTER. Mum-of-four Beverly Bovrill, has created dozens of stages for her adorable pets including a ballet studio, snooker tables and an Olympic park. The creative 49-year-old from Devizes in Wiltshire, who is a big fan of the Bake Off was astounded when she received so much attention for her miniature tent on social media. They have six syrian hamsters altogether at the moment, Max, Lulu, Marmite, Mouse, Piggy, Bowie  She's not stopping there - she claims Strictly Come Dancing is the next on her list of sets to make. She said: "I'm a great fan of Bake Off and we are currently in the middle of doing strictly come dancing. *** Local Caption *** Byline Beverly Bovrill/SWNS.COM

The 49-year-old Bake Off enthusiast was astounded when she received so much attention

Brave five-year-old who was told he had constipation will never walk again after being diagnosed with rare cancer

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Daniel Carter, 5, from Hull, East Yorkshire. A five-year-old boy told his stomach pains were due to constipation has been diagnosed with a rare cancer and told he will never walk again. See Ross Parry story RPYACHE; Little Daniel Carter had been complaining of pains in his stomach for months and doctors told his family that he just had constipation. However after his parents Katie and Kevin Carter found him collapsed on the floor of their home in May he was rushed to hospital and underwent urgent tests. They were devastated to be told that he had a cancer of the chest and spine. Daniel has since undergone six gruelling months of treatment and will have to endure another eight months of chemotherapy after a ten-hour operation which he is due to have tomorrow (weds Oct 19) An initial operation on his spine removed the majority of the tumour but tragically it was so badly damaged, Daniel will never be able to walk again.

Little Daniel Carter had been complaining of pains in his stomach for months

Miracle tot born with just two tablespoons of blood in her body defies odds to celebrate first birthday

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Little Frankie Morrison, nearly 1, was born with just 35ml of blood in her body, just over two tablespoons, and therefore had more water than blood., pictured in hospital shortly after her birth in 2015, October 15 2016. See Ross Parry story RPYWATER: A baby has miraculously survived after being born with just two tablespoons of blood in her entire body - and the rest made of WATER. Little Frankie Morrison had just 35ml of blood when she was born - which is seven time less than the average amount inside a newborn. It meant she had more water than blood inside her body when she was born. The real-life water baby had to immediately be resuscitated by doctors as soon as she was born through an emergency Caesarean section after medics found she was not moving inside her mum's womb.

Courageous girl was born with just TWO tablespoons of blood – a seventh of most newborns

Heartwarming moment man proposes to his girlfriend – while surfing the Severn Bore

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Surf instructor Peter Abell got down on one knee, held out a ring and popped the question

WATCH : Cats play patty cake with each other

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Cats who purr-form ‘patty cake’ together. See SWNS story SWCATS; Patty cake is a hand-clapping game normally for children singing their favourite nursery rhymes on a playground. But paw-clapping Olle, Lillebror and Ferdinand, known online as the Patty Cake Cats, have the bizarre habit of playing the game with each other. The British Shorthair trio wave their furry arms around and clap their paws together, as if they are playing the game. Affectionate owners Helena and Olof Rogbrant have captured their antics on camera and posted videos of them on the feline's own social media channels.

The trio of British Shorthair felines have built up a huge following on social media