The Pursuit of an Online Degree: Some Amazing Statistics

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When it comes to getting an education, most degrees call for at least a basic understanding of statistics and an overview of math at the postsecondary level. There are two very important factors relating to the statistics that will be mentioned going forward and that is the body that compiled the statistics and the date…

Parents joy after stranger from Germany donates bone marrow to save five-year-old with leukaemia

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Mia Phipps, from Leicester, August 2015. See News Team story NTIDONOR; A perfect bone marrow match has been found which could save the life of a young girl fighting leukaemia. Five-year-old Mia Phipps has been admitted to a children's hospital in preparation for a transplant operation which is planned for next week. The match was found just weeks after Mia's parents, Chris and Mandy, made an appeal to the public to consider signing up as potential donors.

Mia Phipps was first diagnosed with leukaemia when she was 21-months-old

Ordinary hen has laid Britain’s largest egg – FOUR times bigger than normal

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The egg measures nearly eight inches in circumference, is 3.75 inches tall and weighs 200g.

Young mum savaged by out-of-control Staffie leaving her with horrific injuries

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Collect of Keeleigh Jacques who was attacked by a dog and bitten in the leg. See News Team story NTIBITE; A woman has told how she was left traumatised after a dog attack in Lincoln left her needing nearly 50 stitches. Keeleigh Jacques, 23, has severe scarring following the incident that took place on Horton Street after the attack. A dark brown Staffordshire bull terrier bit deep into her thigh and then continued to sink its teeth into her shin. Keeleigh was treated at Lincoln County Hospital where she was rushed into theatre and had 35 stitches on her shin and 11 stitches on her thigh.

Keeleigh Jacques, 23, was left scarred for life when a Staffordshire Bull Terrier sank its jaws around her

VIRAL : Teacher praised by 50 Cent for freestyle rap video

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Christian Foley – aka Just Muz – uses rap as a teaching technique at his Hackney school

Man left brain damaged after brain bleed was missed by doctors who sent him home on TEN separate occasions

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Alex Rea has won £675,000 in damages

McVitie the cat has covered 100,000 miles around europe in eight years

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McVitie in Italy. See SWNS copy SWCAT: A cosmopolitan cat dubbed the world’s most well-travelled moggy has covered 100,000 MILES in eight years, according to its owner. Sue Crook, 51, rescued five-week-old McVitie in 2008 after hearing its distressed cries on a holiday camp in Spain. She and her partner, Dick Garrard, 67, nursed the forgotten feline - which was covered in sores - back to full health and the trio quickly became inseparable. As a result, lucky McVitie has enjoyed the luxury of joining Sue and Dick on their travels around Europe.

McVitie the cat has travelled across Europe alongside her pet-loving owners Sue and Dick – as well as fellow Moggie, Millie

Teen left with head wound after clown attack

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Owen Russell who was attacked by a clown.  A teenage boy left covered in blood and needing stitches after being attacked by a clown has warned that people could die because of the craze, October 12 2016.  See Ross Parry story RPYATTACK.  Owen Russell, 17, was left with a head wound when a tree branch was thrown at him by a masked person trying to terrorise people as the 'killer clown' craze sweeps the country.  The schoolboy said he was lucky not to have been killed or to have lost an eye in the attack.  He said he and a group of his friends spotted the clown, who was wearing a mask with orange hair and a red nose and had a 'sinister laugh', on a path in Dinnington, South Yorks., last night (Tues).  When challenged by the teens as the clown approached them, the masked attacker walked off carrying a branch before turning round and hurling it at the group - hitting Owen on the side of his head, and leaving him with a V-shaped wound which needed stitches.

Owen Russell, 17, was left with a head wound when a tree branch was thrown at him

New DVD training aid for Scissor Lift operators

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Following the successful launch of the Boom Lifts Safety DVD, Blue Slate Videos has produced a second DVD in the MEWPs Safety Series for scissor lifts. This DVD is a comprehensive training aid for everyone involved in training scissor lift operators. Although more stable than Boom Lifts, there are still many hazards involved with operating…

UK Workers and Customers at Risk as Businesses Fail at Gas Safety

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A new survey from British Gas Business has revealed that almost 20 per cent of UK SMEs are putting their employees and customers at risk by failing to install carbon monoxide alarms in their work premises. While most of Britain’s small and medium sized enterprises take workplace gas safety seriously, around a fifth (21%) aren’t…

Dad disgusted to find blue hair net inside Lidl coleslaw

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Jamie Fetcher who regular shops at the global discount supermarket Lidl

“I put a knife into it and noticed something blue and rubbery inside.”

School apologises after accidentally texting the word ‘c**t’ to hundreds of parents

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The text message sent by St Dunstan's School. See SWNS story SWSCHOOL; A school has apologised after it accidentally sent a text to hundreds of parents - using the word C*NT. St Dunstan's School made the slip-up in a message asking mums and dads to fill in a form. But instead of requesting students' 'country' of birth, they failed to type the 'O' and 'R', giving the text a rather ruder meaning. It read: "St Dunstan's sch notice: Students will be bringing home a Data sheet for you to check & sign pls complete the 2 new sections Cunty of birth & Nationality."

A school’s unfortunate slip of a keyboard sent an unintentionally obscene text to hundreds of parents

Burger addict who lost 14 STONE is desperately trying to raise money to remove two stone of saggy SKIN

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Chris Degnan, 32, of Sleaford, has two stone of loose skin after loosing 14 stone - Pictured before weight loss. See Newsteam story NTISKIN: A fast food seller who got hooked on his own burgers before losing half his bodyweight is desperately trying to raise £8,000 to remove two stone of saggy SKIN. Chris Degnan, 32, tipped the scales at 27 stone after years of gorging on a daily diet of fry-ups, burgers and chips, all washed down with bottles of fizzy pop. At his heaviest, Chris was munching a gut-busting 5,000 calories a day and had a BMI of 58 - which classed him as very severely obese.

At his heaviest, Chris was munching a gut-busting 5,000 calories a day

Man ‘disabled for life’ after his fingers were slashed by a knife wielding KILLER CLOWN

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Simon Chinery from Blackburn, Lancs., has been left injured and disabled for life after being attacked by a 'creepy clown'

Terrified Simon Chinery, 28, was covered in blood as the masked attacker sliced his right hand “down to the bone”

Miracle baby defied odds to reach her first birthday after parents refused abortion

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Doctors told Jo Scott that foetal Emie was “incompatible with life” and advised her to terminate the pregnancy “four or five times”.

Man stunned to find serial number on his new £5 note was same as his PHONE NUMBER

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Lee Sharman 39, who found one of the new £5 notes with the last digits of his home telephone number as the serial number on it at his home on Orchard Road, Broughton Astley, Leicester, Leicestershire. October 12, 2016.  See News Team story NTIFIVER; A father-of-one was stunned when he showed off a new #5 note to his friends, only to realise the serial number matched his home phone number – beating odds of over a TRILLION-to-one. Lee Sharman, 39, was at a local pub with a group of pals when the conversation turned to the topic of the new polymer note, which was first introduced in September. On every #5 note there is a serial number made up of two letters, two digits, a space and then six more digits. The painter and decorator had been explaining how the lowest serial number in circulation was AA00 000017 during a drink with friends on Sunday (9/10) night. nBut when he looked at the serial number of his fiver, Lee was shocked to discover the last six digits on the serial number were his home number of 284163.

The estimated odds of a person finding their own landline number beats odds of a trillion-to-one

8 Effective Tips to Decide Whether or not you’re looking at a Pension Scam

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There are definitely some tips that you will need to keep in mind when it comes to avoiding a pension scam so you don’t get hundreds or even thousands of dollars taken from you by an unscrupulous individual.