Premier League Star Allan Smart ‘called woman a “f***ing s**g” then bit off her husband’s ear’

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Allan Smart former Premier League footballer at Swindon Magistrates Court, Swindon

The former Premier League striker lunged at the man after calling his wife a “f***ing slag” when she rejected him, court heard

WATCH – Brave Bystander Drags Robbers Out Of Jewllers During Ram-Raid

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CCTV of the gang raiding the jewellers.

The brave woman heard a crash as a Jaguar driven by William Cochrane, 39, reversed into a Niemantas Jewellers

WATCH – Hero Gran Chases Off Robber Despite Being Hit On The Head With An Axe

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An axe-wielding thug is captured on CCTV robbing a newsagents before a hero gran chases him out the shop - despite being hit on the head with the weapon

Shocking footage shows the hooded man pull out the hatchet, jump over the counter and trap shaken cashier Sue Thomas, 65, behind the till.

WATCH – Hilarious Moment Man Opens Bag Of Watrose “Calorie Control” Crisps To Find Just One Crisp

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A Waitrose customer was stunned when they opened a packet of own-brand "calorie control" crisps - and there was just ONE inside. See NTI story NTICRISPS.  Helen Abbott, 47, ordered her weekly shop through delivery service Ocado but thought the six-pack LoveLife chips felt a bit light.  The mum-of-two was so sick of receiving under-filled packets she asked her son, Sam, 21, to open it while she filmed on Wednesday (1/3).  Hilarious footage shows the barber shake the bag before breaking the seal, tipping the package upside down and pouring a lone crisp onto his hand.  The video has already been shared over 1,000 times after the family from Hucknall, Notts., uploaded it on Wednesday night.

Helen Abbott, 47, ordered her weekly shop through delivery service Ocado but thought the six-pack LoveLife chips felt a bit light.

Meet The Family Who Have Been At One Village School For Over 100 Years

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Left-Right - Rick's Sister Anita Pellat, 68. Sam's mum Charlene, 34 with Sam and Rick Pellat, 72.

Five-year-old Sam Phillips is now using the same playground as great-grandmother Doris Smith did at Whiteshill Primary School in the 1900s.

Pub Serves Up Biggest Steak In The UK Weighing 220oz & Measuring 2ft LONG

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The 220 ounce steak meal plated up at the George Pub And Grill, in Stockton On Tees, Co. Durham.

The giant meat feast is over two inches thick and takes two-and-a-half hours to cook – and costs £124.95.

Parents Call For Research Into HVP Jab After Teen Daughter Is Left Paralysed

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Chloe Brookes-Holder, 18, from Cheltenham, with her mum Sophie.

Chloe Brookes-Holder, 18, was a normal 12-year-old who danced six days a week and dreamed of a career on stage when she had the jab at school.

Besotted Seal Spends All Day Cuddling Mini Me Stuffed Toy

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Hiyori the seal with a seal plush toy at Mombetsu Land, an attraction in Japan’s Hokkaido district.

The seal, believed to be called Hiyori, was given the plushie toy by zoo staff and it was clearly love at first sight as he couldn’t stop hugging it.

Breast Cancer Patient Slams NHS After They Leave Her With Wonky Boobs After Mastectomy

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Gina Truman, 53, from Yeovil

Mum-of-two Gina Truman, 53, says she has breasts of different sizes because of ‘postcode lottery’ budget cuts.

‘Allergic To Modern Life’ – Couple Face Eviction From Their Hobbit Style Mud Hut Due To Planning Rules

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The mud hut home of Kate Burrows and her husband Alan near Chumleigh, Devon.

Kate Burrows says extreme move was prompted by her rare condition – Multiple Chemical Sensitivity

E-Cigarette EXPLODES In Dad’s Pocket And Leaves Him With Severe Second Degree Burns

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Michael Hardy of Cromford who has suffered second and third degree burns after his e-cigarette exploded in in jeans pocket.

Michael Hardy, 36, says the acid burn injuries he received from his exploding iJoy Looks E-cigarette are even more painful than breaking his back.

Grieving Husband Plans To Sue After Watching His Wife Die From Food Poisoning

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Christine Morgan

Distraught Nigel Morgan, 66, watched his beloved Christine, 71, fall ill after a family meal to celebrate news of their granddaughter’s pregnancy.

Migrant’s Son Swaps The East End For Eton After Winning £76,000 Scholarship

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Kaashif Kamaly, 15, inside a class at his school, Forest Gate community school, East London.

Kaashif Kamaly, 15, will swap impoverished Forest Gate in the East End of London for the hallowed halls of the world-famous public school after winning a two-year £76,000 scholarship.

Babies Are Now Being Weaned Onto Rice Cakes And Mango Instead Of Porridge And Rusks

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Today’s children are being weaned onto rice cakes, mango and even avocado instead of the more traditional toast, porridge and rusks, a study has found.  See SWNS story SWBABY.  Eight out of ten parents believe the diets of babies and toddlers have changed over the years with more exotic fruit and vegetables more likely to be used to wean children nowadays.  Eighteen per cent more children are given rice cakes as first finger foods today than 20 years ago, while 17 per cent more are fed avocado – compared to just two per cent in previous generations.  The number of children being fed sweet potato as a first food has risen by 22 per cent, while the introduction of pears has increased by 11 per cent.  Wafers, kiwi fruit and courgettes have also seen an increase in popularity in recent years.  In contrast, rusks have suffered the biggest decline of all foods – with 32 per cent LESS children eating them now compared to 20 years ago.  And 72 per cent of parents believe giving your child varied foods can have an effect on how adventurous they are with foods as they get older.

Eight out of ten parents believe the diets of babies and toddlers have changed over the years, with exotic fruit and vegetables taking the place of traditional fare.

Fitness Instructor Breaks Her Toe Fighting Off A Fox After It Snatched Her Chihuahua In Its Jaws

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Marie Wilson, 42 who fought off a fox that was attacking her chihuahua, Madison, in her backgarden

Marie Wilson was injured after repeatedly kicking the fox while wearing slippers

Family Of Elderly Dementia Sufferer Who Died At Care Home Covered In Deep Cuts And Bruises Call For Investigation

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Pamela Matthews in her room at Woodbine Manor.

Blind Pamela Matthews, 85, was left with deep gashes, carpet burns and extensive bruising after a month-long stay at £825-a-week Woodbine Manor.

Super Gran Celebrates Her 100th Birthday With Spin On Motocross Bike

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Nancy Watson who celebrated her 100th birthday by riding on the back of a motorbike with neighbour Tim Sizer.

Nancy Watson also revealed the secret to a long life was “smiling, laughing, joking and drinking Guinness”.