German tank ace ‘Black Baron’ was killed by a modest granddad from Northants

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A modest British granddad has finally been credited with killing dreaded German tank ace the ‘Black Baron’ – ending a mystery which has lasted for more than half a century. New evidence has emerged which proves retired Joe Ekins, 86, fired the fatal blast which ended the reign of terror of Nazi Germany’s most feared…

Schoolboy Brandon Thorne, 12, allowed to vote in General Election – wearing his school uniform

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A council were investigating claims that a twelve-year-old boy voted in the General Election – wearing his school uniform. Brandon Thorne, 12, accompanied his parents Ramon, 75, and Naomi, 44, to their polling station at Thetford Abbey Neighbourhood Centre, in Thetford, Norfolk, last Thursday. Brandon, a pupil at the Charles Burrell Humanities School in Thetford….

Council employs 300 translators speaking 84 languages to give advice to immigrants

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A council is employing 25 times more interpreters than 10 years ago as a result of an increase in non-English-speaking immigrants. The number of translators at Milton Keynes Community Language Service have rocketed from 20 to 300 since 2000. Massive demand means the centre, part of Milton Keynes Council, now offers services in 84 languages…

Open wide, puma dentist faces up to his biggest challenge

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This brave dentist was feline brave after removing four teeth from an adult PUMA. Fierce big cat Demelza had been suffering from gum disease and was sedated and transported in a special ambulance to the veterinary school at Cambridge University. Experienced animal dentist Peter Fordyce, who usually works with domestic cats, then performed the dental…

Odd looking bird “GUIN” rare cross between guinea-fowl and chicken

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This odd-looking bird had her owners in a right flap when they discovered she was a rare cross breed – with FOUR wings. The strange bird – called a Guin – is a bizarre cross between a guinea fowl and a chicken. But guin – nicknamed ‘Tulip’ after she hatched in Spring – has two…

Controversial DIY drug kits supplied by police

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A police force sparked controversy  over plans to hand addicts leaving custody ‘DIY drug kits’ with clean needles and advice showing how to find the best veins. The new scheme launching at Parkside station in Cambridge next month is the first in the country to provide such packs to intravenous drug users at a police…

Judge gives road rage thug week off curfew so he can attend rock festival

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A judge suspended a curfew imposed on a road rage thug who attacked a street sweeper – so he can go to a ROCK FESTIVAL with his family. Daniel Hunsdon, 31, reeked of booze when he leapt out of the passenger seat of his car to scream abuse at a council worker who blocked his…

500-year-old archive of ”filofaxes” released include Plague remedies, poetry, bad jokes and royal dedications

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Plague remedies, poetry, bad jokes and royal dedications form part of a 500-year-old archive of ”filofaxes” released online for the first time. The fragile collection contains of thousands of pages taken from 20 handwritten ”miscellanies” – books used to record snippets of information and events much like a modern-day filofax. The oldest books date from…

Lazy baby crane needs extra swimming lessons

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Meet Larry the baby crane who is so lazy that animal handlers have been forced to give him extra – swimming lessons. The fluffy youngster is part of a breeding programme in which 24 cranes are being reared to re-introduce the rare species to Britain from Germany. But while his peers happily swim around during…

Ugly zebra gets makeover to help him find a mate

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A zebra who failed to earn his stripes with the ladies has been given a full ‘makeover’ to help save the species – including having his teeth and nails done. The love-shy zebra – called Bingo – has had his ”unequal” teeth straighten and hooves clipped to give him more pulling power. Officials were forced…

Staggering cost of getting dressed as average woman wears £1000 worth of clothes – survey

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The average woman steps out of the house wearing clothes and accessories worth over £1,000 – almost £100 more than a man. A study found the typical female dons lingerie worth around £26, a skirt costing £30 and shoes worth £51. She also shows off a top costing £22 and cardigan or jumper worth £38…

Crisp packet solution could stop hurricanes before they form says world renowed inventor

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A renowned inventor claims to have developed a way of preventing hurricanes using a squadron of sea planes – and giant CRISP PACKETS. Rear Admiral Nicholas Goodhart, 90, saved thousand of lives in the 1950s after designing the first system to guide planes onto aircraft carriers. He now claims to have invented a way of…

Turncoat Labour candidate branded Brown “Worse PM” suspended by the party

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A turncoat Labour candidate who branded Gordon Brown ”the worst Prime Minister Britain has ever had” has been suspended by the party. Manish Sood, who stood for the Labour Party in Norfolk North West, also branded Brown ”a disaster” just 48 hours before the General Election. Sood, who claimed he was roasted by Peter Mandelson…

Paedophile prisoner demands extra digital television channels at HMP Whatton

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A convicted paedophile sparked outrage after complaining there were not enough new digital television channels being beamed into his prison cell. Sick Kevin Skaith, 43, is currently serving a three-and-half year sentence at HMP Whatton, Notts., for possessing nearly 120,000 sick images of children. Skaith, who is on the sex offenders’ register for life, complained…

Peterborough District Hospital laptop stolen along with 1100 patients personal details

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Patients were outraged after it emerged a laptop containing 1,100 personal files had been stolen from a hospital. The computer disappeared from a consultation room in the Ophthalmology department of Peterborough District Hospital between 26 and 27 April. It contained the retinal images, names and hospital numbers of patients who had recently undergone eye examinations….

Drinker taken to hospital after friends tape him to chair and leave him outside

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A pub regular was taken to hospital and treated for exposure after drunken high-jinx went wrong and he was tapped to a chair and left outside in freezing temperatures. The drinker was dragged outside in a stupor before being taped to a chair and left on the pavement outside the Talbot Inn in Bideford, Devon…

Thief disguised in burkha strikes again

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An armed thief dubbed the ”Burkha Bandit” has struck again at a travel agents’ dressed head to toe in the traditional Muslim woman’s garment, police revealed. The man burst into Thomson Travel in Dunstable, Beds., at 10.40am on Saturday and threatened a customer and two female members of staff with a knife. He forced one…