Frankie Howerd’s luxury home and estate sale for £1million – Ooh err missus!

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Fans of comic legend Frankie Howerd now have a chance to get their hands on his country estate for a knockdown price of £450,000 – almost half the original asking figure. Wavering House has remained untouched since since Howerd bought it with his partner and manager Dennis Heymer for £19,662 in 1969. The picturesque pink…

England Ladies Bowls team play on world’s smallest bowling green in Devon

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This is the moment the England Ladies Bowls team squeezed in a little practice – on the world’s SMALLEST playing green. The 30 women made big strides in their game by taking to a pitch which measures just six feet long and three feet wide. The English Women’s Indoor Bowling team took to the small…

Council refuses to collect residents’ wheelie bin rubbish if lids are left open

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A council is refusing to collect residents’ rubbish if their wheelie bin lids are left open by just a few inches. Contractors will ignore any bins with the lids ajar and mark them with a sticker reading: ”Bin lid open, making it unsafe to empty”. They will be collected on the next round in two…

Man pretending to fall off cliff, falls off cliff and dies

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A forklift driver who was pretending to fall off a cliff for a photograph slipped and plunged 300ft to his death, an inquest heard. Tragic Jacek Wojtala, 39, was ”joking around” and waving his arms to look like he was about to tumble off a coastal path. He stood on the edge of the 300ft…

Heartbreaking tale of suicide daughter who loved her dad too much

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A father and daughter committed suicide at the same spot on a railway line within three days of each other. Tragic Barney O’Connor, 64, threw himself under a train at Husum Way, Kidderminster, Worcestershire Just three days later his grief-stricken daughter Colleen, 39, died in identical circumstances at the same spot. Last night their distraught…

4.05pm is ‘Twit o’clock’ – OFFICIAL

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4.05pm was dubbed ‘Twit o’clock’ – because its the point in the working day when employees down tools and log onto social networking sites like Twitter. Research revealed the average worker logs onto Twitter or Facebook to post tweets and updates close to the end of their day at the office. The study also found…

41 year old arrested during football game for headbutting 16 year old goalkeeper

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A 41-year-old man was arrested after jumping the barrier at a youth football game and HEADBUTTING a 16-year-old goalkeeper. Parents and players were left horrified by the assault on the teenager during an under-17s match at Stony Stratford Town Football Club on Sunday. The shocked goalkeeper for Stony Stratford in Milton Keynes, Bucks., was taken…

Fin-omenal – miracle goldfish survives 7 hours out of water

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This incredible goldfish stunned his owners after surviving in the open air outside his tank — for SEVEN HOURS. Carol Norris, 44, was upset to discover 13-year-old Mr Fish floating lifeless at the top of his tank when she came down to feed him at 7am last Saturday. She was unable to find any sign…

Schoolboy becomes addicted to Meow Meow by saving dinner money.

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A desperate mother has described how her schoolboy son became addicted to Meow Meow – by saving up his dinner money. The 34-year-old mum says her son, 14, got hooked on mephedrone and has suffered sleepless nights, ill health and mood swings. She says her son started using the drug after it was given to…

Meet minature sculptor Willard Wigan who produces the world’s tiniest hand made works of art.

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Meet micro-sculptor Willard Wigan who produces the world’s tiniest hand made works of art. His painstaking sculptures are invisible to the naked eye and can only be seen through a powerful microscope. Willard who is six feet tall with an array of tatoos, grew up in Birmingham as one of a large family of nine…

Jealous boyfriend attacks his lover at swinger’s party

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A boyfriend attacked his new lover because she was getting too much attention – at a SWINGER’S party, a court heard. Jealous Anthony Humphreys, 45, took the woman to the sex party but became angry when she started to join in. He got ”upset” when he saw her go to a bedroom with two women…

Cracked antique vase sells for staggering £100,000

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A rare oriental vase sold for £100,000 at auction despite the fact that its intricate paintwork has been ruined by a huge crack. The antique vase, which was hand-crafted in China during the reign of Emperor Kang Xi, who died in 1722, was recovered from a dilapidated building. It was expected to fetch just £3,000…

10-year old boy saves family after dog turns on gas cooker

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Quick thinking 10 year-old Thomas Malkin saved his family after Border collie Buster accidently switched on the gas knob on the kitchen cooker. In the house at the time was mum Karen Bromley, 42, a primary school assistant, retired dad Leonard Malkin, 62, sister Kathyrn, 18, a college student and Thomas. Proud mum Karen bought…

Ferrari rollercoaster unveiled at world’s largest indoor theme park in Abu Dhabi

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These are the first pictures from inside Ferrari World – the biggest indoor theme park on earth – where thrill-seekers ride giant rollercoasters sitting in the marque’s supercars. Ferrari World Abu Dhabi is due to open later this year on a sprawling 111 acre site in the mega-rich Gulf state of the United Arab Emirates….

Tragic hairdresser killed in hydrogen peroxide explosion

March 25, 2010 | by | 3 Comments

A teenage hairdresser was killed when her car exploded after fumes from a leaking bottle of hydrogen peroxide ignited as she lit a cigarette. Tragic Jenny Mitchell, 19, was driving home from a visit to her fiance Russell Andrews, 21, when her silver Mini Cooper was engulfed in flames following a ”catastrophic explosion”. It is…

Astonishing miniature church carved in the eye of a needle

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A sculptor has put the finishing touches to his latest miniscule masterpiece – a tiny detailed church carved from one single grain of sand fixed – INSIDE the eye of a needle. Talented Willard Wigan, 52, created the sculpture of St Bartholomew’s Church in Churchdown, Glos., after his girlfriend Rachel Slade, 40, bet him he…

Dirty thief steals toilet seats

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Police are hunting a dirty, low down thief who stole two Crazy Cow novelty toilet seats from the Globe Inn in Wells, Somerset. Landlady Jo Evans said: ”I’m really angry about this now, very upset. I can’t afford to replace it straightaway. I’ll have to get another bog-standard one for a while.”