Council accused of discrimination after refusing white job applicants

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A council has been accused of positive discrimination after it refused to accept applications from white people for two £18,000-a-year jobs. Bristol City Council (BCC) has created the graduate training posts in a bid to recruit more minority employees. This means that only people from ethnic minorities are allowed to apply for the two-year placements,…

Elderly woman given litter fine for feeding birds

June 1, 2010 | by | 11 Comments

A woman was fined £80 for littering after wardens caught her throwing bread crumbs – to the birds. Heartless rubbish spies spotted the frail woman sprinkling bread over her garden railings onto the pavement for starlings. The woman, who has not been named, argued with the two street wardens but was slapped with an £80…

Solar-powered eco-radio made from bamboo designed by British student

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A student is hoping to help communication in third world countries by inventing a solar powered radio – made from bamboo. Innovator Becky Barber, 22, has designed a radio which can be built very cheaply using the canes of the grass plant. The radio is powered by a small solar panel and is encased in…

Tardy teacher suspended after pupils complain

June 1, 2010 | by | 2 Comments

A tardy teacher has been suspended after pupils dobbed him in for repeatedly turning up to school late. Science Sir Jasbir Dhillon, 40, rushed into lessons up to an hour behind schedule on 21 occasions over the last two years. Fed-up pupils complained about Dhillon’s punctuality at Washwood Heath Technology College in Birmingham, West Mids….

Full service petrol pump with attendant to close after 100 years

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One of the last garages in Britain with a serving petrol pump attendant is to close after nearly a century – as supermarket prices and EU laws finally force it out of business. Bentley’s Garage in Exmouth, Devon, opened in 1912 and for nearly one hundred years offered customers fuel as well as free oil,…

Family sink up to waists on mudflat on bank holiday visit

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This is the moment a family was rescued by helicopter after sinking up to their waists in dangerous mudflats at a seaside resort over the bank holiday weekend. The three adults and six children became trapped in mud half-a-mile from shore at Weston-super-Mare, Somerset, as the oncoming tide rushed in towards them. They struggled to…

British farmer shot by cattle rustlers in Swaziland

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A British farmer living in Swaziland has been shot dead by suspected cattle rustlers, it has been revealed yesterday. Charles Davies, 52, was attacked in the bedroom of his 300-acre ranch near Nhlangano in the south of Swaziland. The farmer, who was originally from Cheltenham but moved to Africa in 1986, was shot once in…

Britain’s youngest beekeeper unable to eat honey because he is diabetic

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A schoolboy told of his joy at becoming one of Britain’s youngest beekeepers – despite being unable to eat his own honey because he is diabetic. Adam Dawson, 12, passed an accredited beekeeping course two months ago and has now completed his first hive containing 30,000 honey bees. But while most beekeepers are wary of…

Fears for British aid workers caught up in Israeli Gaza attack

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THERE are fears for two Bristol men who were part of the Gaza-bound aid convoy that was attacked by the Israeli military. Armed forces boarded the eight vessels clashing with some of the 600 people on board and killing up to 20 of them. Dad-of-three Sakir Yildirim and Cliff Hanley, of Bristol, were on one…

Unofficial cheese rolling contest takes place despite ban

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Hundreds of daredevils gathered on a steep hillside  for the first ever ‘unofficial’ cheese rolling contest – after the historic event was axed over health and safety fears. Runners and spectators met at Cooper’s Hill near Brockworth in Gloucestershire to carry on the tradition which sees competitors chase a 7lb wheel of Double Gloucester down…

Stunning Kingfisher diving pictures captured by wildlife Photographer Mark Hancox

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These stunning pictures show the split-second a kingfisher spots his prey before diving into a pool of water. Wildlife photographer Mark Hancox, 48, spent a month waiting in a specially-built hide to catch a glimpse of the kingfisher hunting. He snapped the elusive bird at the very moment it launched itself off a perch and…

Fake proof bank note uses technology found on the wing of a butterfly

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Scientists studying tropical butterflies have created replica models of their wings using technology that could be used to combat fraudsters. Brightly coloured patterns on beetles, butterflies and other insects could now be reproduced on bank notes and passports to minimise the risk of forgery. Mimicking these iridescent patterns has long eluded scientists as they are…

Desperate dad gets arm stuck in pub vending machine while grabbing childs toy

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A desperate dad got his arm stuck in a pub vending machine for over an hour after he reached inside to grab a child’s toy. The man had put a £1 coin into the machine for one of his children, but it failed to deliver the promised toy and he became stuck up to the…

Lincolnshire council staff found using porn, adult chat and Facebook at work

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Council workers have been sacked and others reprimanded after bosses found them logged onto porn sites, using saucy adult chat rooms and posting work gossip on Facebook. Lincolnshire County Council axed one member of staff and handed others final warnings following an investigation into office internet abuse. One embarrassed worker was marched out of his…

Climber survives broken neck horror plunge after falling into ice cold stream

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A trainee army officer who broke his neck in a 500ft plunge down a mountain ravine survived five hours before being rescued – because he landed in an ice-cold stream. Super-fit Simon Miller, 24, was thought to have died in the horrific fall down the slopes of 2,848ft (868m) Blencathra mountain in the Lake District….

Giant caterpillar’s web cocoons hedgerow

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Residents have been flocking to look at this spin-credible sight – a giant caterpillar’s web which has completely cocooned bushes and hedgerows. The sticky, silky mass is the work of thousands of tiny caterpillars of the Spindle Ermine moth which all start weaving at the same time. Caterpillars, which feed on cherry trees, hawthorn and…

Teenagers found guilty of killing mother in firework house attack

May 28, 2010 | by | 1 Comment

Two teenagers have been found guilty of killing a mother by pushing a firework through her letterbox as part of a campaign of bullying against her teenage son. Sick Owen Hewitt, 18, and Samuel Luckes, 17 – along with Ryan Croft, 18, who pleaded guilty at an earlier hearing – dropped the specially-adapted explosive into…