Mum Fuming That Son’s School Forced Him To Start Shaving Every Day From 12-Years-Old Because He Had Stubble

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Connor-Jay Wright, 14 from Dover, Kent who has to shave every day for school.

Kim Wright, 34, said Astor College demanded Connor-Jay shave daily, from the age of just 12, despite him being too young to buy razor blades.

Comic Book Mega Fan Changes Middle Name To SUPERMAN After Collecting World’s Largest Collection Of Memorabilia

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Marco Superman Zorin, 30 from St Albans, Herts holds the world record for the for the largest collection of Superman memorabilla.

Marco Superman Zorzin, 30, currently has a staggering, 2,000 strong collection including a 6ft 10in tall statue of the superhero.

Amateur Photographer Captures Stunning Shots Of A Barn Owl In Norfolk

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This barn owl takes a pause for reflection as it perches by a pond for a night-time snack. See National News story NNOWL; The amazing set of pictures of one of Britain's iconic hunters was taken by an amateur wildlife snapper in Norfolk. Vince Burton, 40, who works as an accountant, began feeding mice on a small piece of land belonging to a local farmer. He was intending to attract kestrels that he had seen hunting there, but ended up with a barn owl moving in.

The amazing set of pictures of one of Britain’s iconic hunters was taken by an amateur wildlife snapper in Norfolk.

Mum Hosts Exhibition Of Son’s Secret Artwork – Which She Unearthed After He Died Of An Overdose

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Gillian Freeman the mother of Michael Freeman pictured with some of his artwork.

Troubled Michael Freeman, 34, suffered a fatal heroin overdose following a two-decade battle with mental health issues and addiction.

“Disease Face” – Girl Who Had Horrific Acne As A Teen Beats Trolls To Become Beauty Queen

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A girl suffering from horrific bouts of acne was hounded by Instagram trolls hopes to inspire others after being named as a Miss Preston 2017 finalist. See Ross Parry story RPYACNE; Rachel Crawley, 22, of Preston, Lancs had originally been scouted for the regional beauty pageant when she was 18 - but spots and deep acne scars on her jawline knocked her confidence. Miss Preston will be later crowned in April, but Rachel says she hopes just taking part in competition will help give girls who are shying themselves away the confidence they need.

Rachel Crawley burrowed herself away and missed Christmas and New Year gatherings because of her breakouts that began when she was just 16.

Stunned Commuter Spots Seven Nuns Sitting At SEVEN SISTERS Station

March 10, 2017 | by | 2 Comments
This was the scene on a London train platform when seven nuns were spotted at Seven Sisters station, London.

Ben Patey, 33, was travelling home from work when he captured the amazing snap at the north London Underground stop.

Touching Moment Cancer Patient With A Passion For Primates Is Visited By A Real Monkey On His Death Bed

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Ian Cadman (right) with his nephew Stephen.

Frail Ian Cadman, 58, met two-year-old marmoset Millie on his final day on Earth as he lost his battle with cancer.

Schoolboy Recreates ‘Brownlee Brothers’ Scene As He Carries Fellow Runner With Stitch Across Finish Line

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Julian Otu, 10, a NELSSP young ambassador from Allerton Primary School with Riley Watson who he carried across the line after Riley got a stitch.

Riley Watson, 10, was just 60ft from the end of a gruelling run when he collapsed with a stitch.

Depressed Man Who Wanted To Die Has His Condition Cured – By MAGNETS

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Freddie Webster.

Freddie Webster says living each day was “torment” and even when he was partying in Bali he lived with a constant fear of relapsing into depression.

Woman Fundraising To Get A New Nose For Her Dog

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Kate Comfort from Snowdown, Kent, is appealing for help to get Bonnie her dog plastic surgery.

Kate Comfort fell in love with collie-cross Bonnie – who was found on a railway track with a missing leg, no tail and no front half of her muzzle.

Mum With Incredible Voice Belts Out Hits Between Bottle Feeds And Gains Thousands Of Fans Online

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Housewife diva Kerrie-Ann Lomas who has become a Facebook sensation with her incredible voice.

Talented Kerrie Ann Lomas, 26, has been viewed nearly a million times with her powerful rendition of ‘Listen’ – as her three-year-old clambers all over her.

Royal Mail Refuse Delivery To Entire Street After Postie Was Chased By Pensioner’s Tiny SHEEPDOG

March 8, 2017 | by | 1 Comment
Derek and Patricia Read with their Shetland sheepdog Missy on Dormy Close, in Bramcote Nottinghamshire.

Pensioners Dereck and Patricia Read were stunned when their new postie complained about their three-year-old Shetland Sheepdog Missy.

Care Home Cuts Number Of Falls With ‘Luminous Loos’

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The toilets in the Haven residential home in Colchester light up at night to help the residents find the loo and prevent them from falling in the dark.

Staff at the Haven Care Home in Colchester, Essex, grew concerned when a number of guests slipped after getting out of bed in the dark to visit the toilet.

Father Gutted To Hear Outcome Of Daughter’s Inquest On FACEBOOK After Coroner Moved Date Without His Knowledge

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Melanie Wilson.

David Wilson had waited four months for answers into the death of Melanie Wilson

WATCH : Woman Branded A ‘Dunce’ At School And Struggled With Illiteracy All Her Life Learns To Read At 87

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Ursula Shepherd aged 87, from Exmouth, Devon, is learning how to read for the first time.

Retired factory worker Ursula Shepherd says her teachers in the 1930s “didn’t care” if she was educated.

Young Woman Claims She Was Turned Away From Boots Interview Because She ‘Wasn’t Dressed Conservatively Enough’

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Rosie Reilly, 26 wearing the clothes she wore to her interview at Boots.

Rosie Reilly was wearing a black and white high-collared blouse and a knee length black skirt when she met interviewers

Five-Year-Old Girl Who Released Balloons On Her Birthday Stunned When They Reach GERMANY

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(L-R) Ruby Pare (7), Scarlett Pare (5) and mum Emma Pare, pictured with balloons similar to those that were found in Germany.

Scarlett Pare wrote her name and postcode on tags on the shiny number ‘5’ balloons when she let them go in her garden