Bodybuilder Who Wanted Tattoo Cover Up Got Hooked And Ended Up With £5k Body Suit

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Bodybuilder Ray Houghton who got hooked on ink and got his whole body covered in tattoos in one year.

Ray Houghton, 59, has been a fitness fanatic since he was a boy, but was reluctant to show off his impressive muscles thanks to eight hodge-podge “embarrassing” tattoos.

Generous Strangers Raise Over £2,000 For Homeless Man In Just 48 Hrs After Belongings Where Stolen

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Generous Bob Barnes and homeless man 'Steve'.

The public answered an appeal launched by law firm manager Bob Barnes who befriended the rough sleeper, known only as ‘Steve’

Recovering Anorexic Turned Down For NHS Treatment After Being Deemed ‘Too Fat’

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Hanna Brown, 26 at her home in Langford Bedfordshire

Hannah Brown, 26, has previously battled the eating disorder twice and so spotted the signs it had returned earlier this year.

Teacher Risks Job And BANS ‘Ridiculous’ SATS Tests For ‘Sake Of Pupils’

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Jill Wood, Headteacher at Little London Community Primary School, Leeds, has put her job on the line after refusing to run SATS for their year 6 pupils due to the unnecessary stress the test causes children.

Jill Wood said she was willing to put her job on the line to fight the controversial national curriculum tests

Quick ways to get your garden BBQ ready

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Pic Credit - Pexels

British summertime; to say it can be difficult to predict when the sun is going to make an appearance would be an understatement. One minute you can be caught in the midst of a downpour of biblical proportions, the next it can be cracking the flags – so we need to make sure we’re ready…

Gran Who Suffered Heart Attack At Job Centre Was Too Scared To Leave As She Feared Losing Benefits

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Salena Hannah pictured with her grandson Josh Greenough.

Salena Hannah, 50, started suffering chest pains during an appointment and asked if she could be excused to see a doctor.

Four-Year-Old With Ultra-Rare Condition Given ‘Death Sentence’ After Funding For Life Saving Drugs Is Cut

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Little Harley Bond aged four with dad Wayne and mum Emma Bond,  has an ultra-rare condition called Sanfilippo (specifically MPS III), which affects his central nervous system.

Harley Bond has Sanfilippo – a rare life-limiting condition that damages the brain and central nervous system.

Mum Discovers She Has Genetic Heart Disorder After Her Daughter Unexpectedly Died

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Elise Fitzpatrick, a 24 year old dental nurse who died of Sudden Adult Death Syndrome.

The parents of Elise Fitzpatrick were left heart-broken when they found the ‘perfectly healthy’ 24-year-old dental nurse dead on her sofa.

Former Shop Worker Becomes Britain’s Youngest Female Driving Instructor At The Age Of 23

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Car nut Gemma Barker has become Britain's youngest female driving instructor - at the age of just 23.

The former shop worker will now teach pupils nearly twice her age after she passed her Approved Driving Instructor test with an A grade.

‘Butterfly Girl’ Can’t Hug Or Hold Hands With Her Mum Because Of Rare Condition

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Jasmine Ritchie.

Jasmith Ritchine was born with a blister on her knee and medics diagnosed her with epidermolysis Bullosa (EB).

Bestselling Author Broke Autistic Son’s Silence And Built A Relationship Through Minecraft

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Zac Stuart, 11, with his dad Keith, 45

Keith Stuart, 45, based his critically-acclaimed novel A Boy Made of Blocks on his struggle to communicate with his eldest child, Zac

Former Nurse Forced To Live Out Of Car And Eat Dog Food After Disability Benefits Are Cut

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Ann Cumberland- Quintin has been living from her car with her dog, Chanel for over a year.

Ann Cumberland-Quinn, 56, say she has struggled since her Personal Independence Payment (PIP) was stopped following a review in December.

Sick Dad Who Abused Daughter For 20 Years Finally Jailed After Being Caught Boasting Sex With Her Was ‘Best He’d Ever Had’

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Layla Bell, 31 of Nottingham who was raped during her childhood and teens by her father.

Twisted Raymond Prescott, 54, first attacked Layla Bell, 31, when she was just seven years old, and told her: “It’s our little secret”.

Mum Forced To Give Birth At Home – After Midwives Failed To Show up

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Emily Hunt of Church Street, Elloughton,  Emily with her new born baby James Hunt.

Emily Hunt and her husband Simon had planned to welcome their child into the world at their home and had spoken to midwives about their plan months before.

Couple Reorganised Wedding In Just Four Days After Devastating Diagnosis

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Christine Henderson marries Steven Hirst in a ceremony at home after being diagnosed with terminal cancer.

Christine Hirst hastily brought forward her planned July wedding to partner Steve after being told she made to live to see her big day.

Mum-Of-Two Has Surgery For The 24th Time To Stop Her Body Falling Apart From Very Rare Degenerative Illness

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Rebecca Hempsellin wearing a cast

Mum-of-two has undergone 24 operations – many to fuse the bone in parts of her body back together – and is on 40 tablets every day

Take Ten Minutes A Day …

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Life is all too much of a rush. There are deadlines, bills, shopping the 9-5 grind. Our time is dictated and yet we never seem to take time. It is imperative that we do make time for ourselves in a day, it helps us achieve calm, balance it allows us to focus and for us…