A couple has spent £24,000k ($30,000k) to turn their house into a spooky Halloween light show.

The show includes spotlights that can be seen from miles and attracts thousands of visitors at the weekends.

Kyle Bostick, 35, and his wife Christina Bostick, 36, even synced the light show to the tune of Taylor Swift’s hit songs in light of her celebrated Eras Tour.

The couple also used an extract from “Beetlejuice”, horror-themed songs by Rob Zombie and tune by heavy metal band System of a Down.

Kyle began the annual tradition in 2020 after his wife Christina saw a house with “perfect” Halloween decorations online.

By Halloween 2022, the pair had spent £44,500 ($50,000) on decorations for their home and this year they have added £24,000k ($30,000) of new decorations.

They new additions include a skeleton band, a stage, light beams, a screen that plays custom animations and vertical fog cannons.

Kyle explained: “The beams we’ve added in – called moving-head lights – can be seen from miles away.

“There’s an extremely busy road about a mile away from here with lots of cars and street lights and you can see the house.

“The screen, which has projection mapping, turns a whole part of the front of the house into a big screen for animations.”

He added: “The moving-head lights cost $20,000. The projection mapping cost $2,000 or so and the skeletons cost $2,500.

“The fog machines cost about $1,000 a piece too. All in all the new additions cost about $30,000.”

Kyle, an IT technician, spent over a month setting up display.

He built the stage, reprogrammed the skeletons and added motors.

Kyle, who is Garden City, Michigan, USA, said: “The skeletons were pre-programmed so they did their own thing.

“I took them apart, reprogrammed them and built them a stage so I could turn it into a concert.”

Kyle also mounted the rest of the decorations and programmed all the animation and movement himself.

The popularity of the show means that the couple sometimes need to go outside to manage traffic in their neighborhood.

The Bosticks use their lights for good and take charity donations from onlookers.

They generate about $2,000 per show.

This year they are donating to a breast cancer charity.

Kyle said: “This year the show is pulling in the biggest crowd we’ve ever seen.

“When we go outside to manage traffic we see kids screaming to the songs.

“We get hundreds of cars and thousands of people on weekends. Our neighbours are still supportive so it’s no problem.”

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