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A three-year-old gave her baby brother this hilarious TOWIE-style makeover with cosmetics – to ‘look just like you mummy’.

Mum Catherine Carr, 24, thought she’d grab a quiet moment to sort some washing and left daughter Tiffany downstairs watching TV with snoozing sibling Frankie.

But Tiffany then decided to use her mum’s make-up to paint her bro’s face – leaving him a deep brown colour.

The younger used a brush to cover him with bronzer, gave him red lips with lipstick and drew on eyebrows with eyebrow pencil.

Her mother came down to find Frankie fully made-up – and was even more gutted when Tiffany explained she wanted him ‘to look like you mummy’.

Catherine, of Harrogate, Yorkshire, said: “I left him fast asleep and she was sat quietly watching her tablet.

“It was all so nicely peaceful until Tiff shouted ‘mummy come downstairs – I made Frankie look like you’.

“She’d basically piled as much as bronzer onto his face as possible and covered him in highlighter cream.

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“She’d also put my lipstick on him and done quite a good job drawing on his eyebrows with my eyebrow pencil.

“She seemed to think he looked exactly like me – I couldn’t see it to be honest.”

But far from getting a telling-off, Tiffany’s make-up job had her mum in stitches.

“I was mortified, but I couldn’t tell her off – it was just too funny,” Catherine explained.

“Some would have told her off, but she’s always doing hilarious things like this, she’s a little legend.”

And she said Frankie seemed perfectly happy with his makeover as well.

She said: “He loved his new look. He was fast asleep when I left him but I came downstairs and he was sat on the floor smiling his head off.

“He looked like a doll, she’d put that much make-up on him.”

Catherine shared snaps of Frankie and his sister on a Facebook parenting group, with thousands of mums and dads liking it in just hours.

She wrote: “I don’t know what’s worse, the fact she she thinks I look like that or the fact that she’s done his eyebrows quite good.”

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