The toilet was installed by Transport for London for bus drivers caught short in the area, but locals are furious about the stone-grey building.

Local politicians in a leafy suburb have joined the fight against the “arrogant” plonking of a toilet block resembling a Dr Who Tardis on a residential street.

The toilet was installed by Transport for London for bus drivers caught short in the area, but locals are furious about the stone-grey building.

Hundreds of objectors have signed a petition against the private, driver-only toilet, known by fuming locals as ‘the Turdis’, in Biggin Hill, south east London.

Residents say they were given no warning about the permanent portaloo – and now local councillors have pitched in on the row.

There are now three of these bogs in Bromley, with others in Petts Wood and St Mary Cray.

The Biggin Hill bog has already had its window smashed, but neighbours claimed it was a bird.

Speaking last night (Tues), executive environment councillor William Huntington-Thresher said he was calling on TfL to lose the loo as soon as possible.

He said: “It appears TfL intended to notify residents but this did not happen,.

“It is disappointing TfL did not consult residents, and it is also disappointing TfL did not attempt to locate toilets that can be used by a number of bus routes.

“They clearly decided to install these with minimum effort on their part.

“I would agree with residents the location is entirely unsuitable and call upon TfL to remove it as soon as possible.”

The toilets were installed by TfL using its permitted development rights, meaning the authority could only object on the grounds of highway safety.

These rights have only been used previously for bus shelters, and the council is exploring whether it does extend to toilets.

Biggin Hill councillor Julian Benington said: “It is a monstrosity.

“The need for a toilet there is certainly questionable.

“I would like to ask the portfolio holder to ensure this toilet is removed as soon as possible – we don’t want it hanging around until Christmas and the new year.”

Petts Wood councillor Simon Fawthrop said TfL was acting “as though it can do whatever it likes” by placing a toilet in a special conservation area in his ward.

TfL has already apologised for the communication breakdown and is investigating how letters failed to reach Biggin Hill residents, and said it was meeting with neighbours to discuss the site’s feasibility.

Nick Fairholme, a director at TfL, said: “We are sorry that we did not inform all residents of our plans to install a toilet for bus drivers in Biggin Hill.

“We try to be mindful of residents when we install these important facilities but understand that there are concerns about this location.

“We have offered to meet the local community to explore the feasibility of a more suitable location, or if that is not possible to see if any changes can be made to the existing facility.”

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