By Amy Reast

A man bought a $410 abandoned storage unit at auction – and found it contained $70,000 worth of designer clothes.

Wade Venture, 37, snapped up the storage unit at auction with little idea what it contained.

The treasure trove contained over 400 pairs of footwear – including brands such as Gucci and Coach.

Along with that, the content creator from Portland, Oregon, found $8,000 worth of fur coats and other items still with the tags on.

Wade, who shares his finds online @wadesventures, estimated the haul was worth around $70,000 in total.

He has started re-selling items – with one coat which sold second-hand for $1,500.

He said: “It’s rare to find a unit like that in particular, often you find household stuff or trash.

“It’s more than likely she had a shopping problem -people speculated maybe she was keeping it from her husband!”

Wade bought the unit on March 27 for $410 having only seen a few pictures taken of the entrance to the unit – so he didn’t know exactly what to expect.

Having bought 400-500 units in the past – much of the contents of which were donated to charity – he said little comes as a shock.

But he said even being as experienced as he is, this one took him by surprise.

He said: “People think I’ve been doing this so long I’ve seen everything, but I’ve never found a unit like this before.

“Normally I find things 30% new and 70% used but this was all brand new.

“It was such an awesome experience, I was so shocked.

“Units like this are really rare and special.

“She wasn’t just buying run-of-the-mill stuff, she was shopping at Macy’s and JCPenney.”

Because of the storage units being abandoned, it’s rare to know anything about its previous owner.

Wade added: “There were expensive Gucci shoes and purchases – it could be she didn’t have the money.

“Or she could have passed away.

“Another common one is they move to a different state.”

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