A man has befriended a squirrel – who now visits him every day and “helps” in his jewelry shop.

Todd Alan, 61, started his business in 1986 and set up his first store in 1990.

In September last year, a neighbor found an injured squirrel in the road and brought it to Todd.

After bottle-feeding him every three hours for three weeks, Todd eventually nursed him back to health and named him Charlie.

Since then, Charlie has been a regular in the workshop – “helping” Todd work on all his projects.

Todd, of Sarasota in Florida, USA, said: “Charlie lived with us for a little while and commuted into work with me every day.

“He was interested in whatever I was holding or working on including pens, jewelry tools, pieces of jewelry and he was especially interested in my hands.

“We set up a tree, swings and other squirrel-appropriate fun items like coconut shells in the workshop for him.

“He enjoyed jumping around, exploring and playing in the workshop.”

In December last year, Todd decided it was time for Charlie to return to the wild.

He said: “We raised him to save him and not as a pet.

“We wanted to get him accustomed to the wild and took him outside daily.”

Initially, Charlie was gone for two days but he eventually returned.

Now he lives in the wild but visits Todd daily, usually early in the morning and around sunset.

The reaction on social media and in store has completely taken Todd by surprise, with people loving the squirrel who “works” in the jewelry store.

Todd said: “We have many Charlie fans.

“Customers who visit the store often ask about him and one fan even sent him nuts and a squirrel bed!

“The reaction has been overwhelmingly positive and surprising.”

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