By Lottie Vonhenning

A man has struck up an unlikely friendship with robins which he has hand fed every day for eleven years.

Karl Shelton, 49, was out walking his dog one day when one of the birds came down and flew onto the ground.

The following day, Karl returned to the same spot with a piece of flapjack.

Every day, the red-breasted garden bird got closer and closer, and Karl has now created a community of local robins that join him for a meal twice a day.

Karl started this habit 11 years ago and has fed some of the birds for up to seven years.

Karl, who lives in Bridgenorth, Shropshire, said: “One day, when I was out walking my dog, a robin came down and flew onto the ground where I was walking.

“The next day, I came back with a piece of flapjack and the robin got closer and closer day by day.

“I fed that robin for seven years in total until one day it just stopped showing up, which I suppose is just how it goes.

“The second robin that I met and began to feed also met with me every day for seven years; I named him Cash because he had a scar on his chin, just like Johnny Cash!”

As a full-time carer for his partner, who deals with chronic back joint pain and depression, Karl is rarely able to have a scheduled break.

His daily walks with his red fell terrier were a way to get him out of the house, and it has since become much more important.

Karl is now greeted by many robins each day and will feed them worms which he buys off of Amazon.

He said: “Robins are quite territorial but once the other nearby territories caught on, all the robins would come out and feed together.

“My partner loves to watch the videos as well. She is practically housebound, so it’s a nice treat for her to see the robins.”

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