By George Mathias

It involves a A married man with three kids is competing in the world sex championships – and says he is “living every man’s dream”.

Jax Sweller, 37, is competing in the month-long festival run by the Swedish Sex Federation in Malaga, Spain.

variety of rounds, including seduction, appearance of sexual organs and proficiency in sex acts and will be live streamed over the internet.

Each ‘round’ will last between 45 minutes to an hour and fans will vote on who wins.

Jax Sweller, 37. (Pix via SWNS)

Competitors are paired up with random strangers of the opposite sex – but Jax insists his wife doesn’t mind and supports his hobby.

Former cameraman Jax, 37, from Tampa, Florida, said: “I got and call and got offered to enter and I couldn’t really turn it down – I’m getting paid to get laid!

“For a guy especially, it can be quite difficult, getting an erection in front of so many people is kind of daunting so that will be a challenge.

“Every day you’re teamed up with a person to do certain sexual tasks, then people who are watching it will vote for who they think are the best performers.

“But I still love this line of work and am living every man’s dream.”

Jax was formerly involved in filming adult films now makes his money being in front of the camera.

He is getting paid $4,000 for entering – on top of the all-expenses paid trip.

Jax, who describes himself as a “budding pornstar” says he has always been open that working in the adult industry was something he wanted to do.

“I’m open with my wife and how I feel and the desires and things I want,” he said.

“I’m a very honest person and I check with my wife every time I go and do a scene, I make sure to have her support every time.

“I just see it as a different type of business.”

Jax is coy on his chances of victory in the competition.

“I’m going to have a good time,” he said.

“I would love to win, but in a way doing what I do for a living it feels like I have already won.”

Jax Sweller, 37. (Pix via SWNS)

Contestants submit STI tests ahead of the championship, which runs from March 5 until April 5 and have to repeat the test every week.

Last years ‘sporting’ competition was held in Gothenburg, Sweden with Dragan Bratic who owns a number of strip clubs in the Jönköping area of Sweden.

The organisers believe sex is a “gender neutral sport”.

They said: “In order for people to achieve the most desired results, they must train both their mental and physical abilities.”

At the end of all the events, the competitor with the most votes will be crowned the champion.

The Swedish Sex Federation said: “Sex is the satisfaction of psychological and physical needs.

“Through sex, people achieve mental and physical well-being both in the soul and in the body.”

Categories are –

1. Seduction of a competitor/athlete

2. Massaging

3. Massaging of “erotic zones” on a contestant’s body

4. Foreplay

5. Oral sex

6. Penetration

7. Trigger: How long a competitor/athlete can show his endurance against another competitor

8. Appearance

9. Artistic execution of pose/stance:

10. Creativity in changing pose/stance:

11. Endurance and number of orgasms over specified time.

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