By Samuel Wightwick

A couple did a double take after an ultrasound revealed they were expecting twins – for the second time.

Jessica, 34, and Victor Ortega, 36, are already parents to fraternal twin girls and they are now expecting another pair – a boy and a girl.

As she went into her ultrasound appointment Jessica decided she wanted to record the moment.

Jessica and Victor Ortega are already parents to fraternal twins and they are now expecting another pair – a boy and a girl (Pix via SWNS)

Jessica, an HR manager in Houston, Texas, USA, said: “I took the video to have as a memory but I actually felt a bit bad when I saw mine and my husband’s reaction.

“It was more shock than overjoyed, but I think that was more natural than anything else. We were just so surprised.”

According to Multiples of America, a non-profit organization supporting families of multiple birth children, once you have had fraternal twins, the chances of having another set are three to four times higher.

Jessica always wanted a third child and knew the risks of a second set of twins whilst trying.

She said: “I wanted one more baby after we had our first set of twins.

“Victor used to joke around and say that knowing our luck we would end up having twins again!

“Sure enough he was right and we did!”

Jessica didn’t find the news easy to come to terms with at first, and her feelings were mixed about the situation.

She said: “When we found out I just cried a lot. I went through every emotion.

“I called my mum and sister on facetime and basically said ‘why would god send me more twins?’

“They were, of course, super excited and they said to me that I’m such a great mum and did such a great job with first twins that God decided to send me two more.”

Jessica and Victor Ortega are already parents to fraternal twins and they are now expecting another pair – a boy and a girl (Pix via SWNS)

Despite her initial fears and trepidation about going through the twins experience again, Jessica said that her family reminded her of just how lucky she is.

She said: “Shortly after we got the news, my brother-in-law and sister came over and said ‘lets go and have dinner to celebrate’

“I didn’t feel like celebrating at all. They were saying how lucky I was but I didn’t feel lucky.

“But they reminded me that there were so many people out there that can’t have kids at all and I’d been blessed with four.

“Thinking about that completely got me over being scared and made me realise I have what so many people want. It really is a blessing.

“I had so many comments on TikTok too saying ‘you’re so lucky I wanted twins this whole time.”

The couple’s four-year-old twin girls Camilla and Victoria are both very excited and they even seemed to know about the pregnancy before their parents.

Jessica said: “So we found out on labour day that I was pregnant.

“When I dropped the girls off at daycare, the teacher came to me and said ‘Congrats! I heard you’re having a baby’.

“So I said ‘Thanks we only found out yesterday’ and the teacher said ‘Yesterday? The girls have been telling me for two weeks straight that you’re pregnant!”

Jessica says that the girls even managed to guess the gender of the babies.

She explained: “We asked them do they think the babies will be two girls, two boys or a boy and a girl and they constantly said a boy and a girl and never changed their minds.”

The twins, who are going to be named Vincent and Carolina, are due on May 13 but Jessica has a c-section booked for 29th April.

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