By Leo Black

This is the bizarre moment tourists in Peru caught an Alpaca commuting home from work in a taxi.

Panchita the alpaca goes to and from the Cuzco’s Mariott Hotel in a taxi every day to greet guests and take pictures with them.

Frank Sheldon, 50, was in Cuzco for his 50th birthday when he met Panchita and its owner Kelly.

After a day at work, Kelly stands outside the hotel with Panchita and waves down cabs.

Frank, a tourist from Torrance, California, USA, said: “They live on a farm 30 minutes from downtown.

“She just waves down the driver from the street so the driver does know what he is signing up for.

“I kept asking Kelly how she got to work and she told me a taxi.

“I thought: ‘I must be wrong and it’s just a lost-in-translation moment or maybe she meant like a pickup truck that is a taxi.'”

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