By Samuel Wightwick

A dog was rescued after getting lodged inside a car engine.

Nova, a two-year-old weimaraner, had wedged herself deep into the engine area of a ’67 Chevy Nova after chasing a cat into the cramped space.

The American Humane Society (AHS) were called to the scene near 67th Ave. and Camelback Rd. in Phoenix, Arizona, USA.

Two-year-old Weimaraner Nova after being rescued. (Pix via SWNS)

After about 15 minutes of working to ensure her limbs were free, the rescuers were able to gently pull the 49-pound dog to safety.

AHS Field Operations Manager Ruthie Jesus said that during her 10 years working in the field, only one other dog had been stuck in a car engine but never a full-sized dog like Nova.

Straight after being released, the initially scared dog instantly became happy, wagging her tail in appreciation of her rescuers.

After a few days of medical observation, Nova received her spay surgery and is now up for adoption.

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