Katielee Arrowsmith

Photographer | Edinburgh

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Katielee is a seasoned photographer with a fresh creative
outlook. She’s got a proven record for capturing pivotal
moments and stunning aerial imagery. Since her first
photography job in 1998 she’s worked in England and Los
Angeles picturing Hollywood stars such as Brad Pitt and
Angelina Jolie. Katielee joined SWNS’s Scotland office in
2011, since then her versatile skillset has seen her cover
subjects in news, events, PR, politics and more

James’ lifelong passion for photography developed after processing his first black and white film at the age of fifteen. Thereafter he graduated in Photography Video and Digital imaging, and has worked with an array of press agencies before joining SWNS in 2013. James is a master PR photographer who has a dexterous way with lighting, composition and people. His amicable character contributes to the good rapport he builds with those he photographs.

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