By Izzy Hawksworth

A busker captured the heartwarming moment she received her “biggest ever” tip of £100.

Singer Jodie Lauren, 21, was so shocked she even asked the kind stranger if he was sure he wanted to gift her the cash.

The wholesome footage shows Jodie saying ‘no way’ and asking the man ‘if he’s sure’ he wants to tip £100, before thanking him in Gloucestershire.

Jodie, who has two songs called Find That Part of Me and That Isolated Feeling, says she “didn’t expect” him to donate £100 but is “so grateful”.

The performer from Gloucestershire said: “I had been busking for an hour and it was really cold.

“My card reader had been dodgy all day and I was losing out on tips because it kept powering itself off.

“He was listening to me sing quite a few songs, then we had a chat about how hard the industry is and then he gave me the tip.

“I didn’t expect it – I was shocked but I’m so grateful.

“I couldn’t believe it.”

The card reader is set at £2 and the video shows the man ask Jodie if he can put in a new amount, before handing it back to her.

Jodie, who studies music at university, has been busking for around 18 months but has been singing “her whole life”.

She mainly sings ballads but enjoys busking as she likes “sharing her talent” with members of the public.

Busker Jodie Lauren who got a £100 tip. (Pix via SWNS)

Jodie said: “I like sharing my talent and being able to build up as an independent artist.

“It’s good to have people hear my music and hear things that I write.

“It’s extremely hard to break into the industry as an independent, female artist right now.

“My dad has taught me all he knows about music since I was two and my granny has always been a massive inspiration.

“My family are so supportive of my career.

“This was a great thing to happen.”

You can listen to Jodie’s music here:

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