WATCH – Moment Manhole Cover Explodes From Ground During Flash Floods – Almost Hitting A Woman

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This is the terrifying moment a manhole cover "exploded" during flash floods in a city centre - and narrowly missed killing a woman.

Water pressure built up that was so powerful it erupted ‘like a fountain’ and blew the heavy concrete and metal slab 12ft into the air.

Orphaned Baby Deer Finds New Home – In Front Room Of Family’s Bungalow

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Fern the six-week-old roe deer who is living in the home of Maxine Scott owner of Auchingarrich Wildlife Centre, Perthshire.

Fern, a young roe deer, was found abandoned at the roadside when she was just a week old.

School’s Out-rageous! – Viral Video Shows Primary School Staff “Channelling Their Inner Child”

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This hilarious video shows staff "channelling their inner child" that left pupils "howling with laughter" at an end of year assembly.

The footage shows a number of teachers wheeling themselves down a corridor on chairs in fits of laughter and excitement with one member of staff actually falling off during the ride.

Charlie’s Fight – Dad Of Baby ‘Left To Die’ By Brit Doctors Inspired By Charlie Gard’s Family To Fight For Treatment Abroad 

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Little Jorja Emerson.

Little Jorja Emerson has a rare chromosome disorder and epilepsy which has left her battling crippling seizures.

Mum Dashes To Supermarket For Crying Son’s Favourite Food – CUCUMBER

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A mum's video has gone viral - showing her racing to a supermarket before it closes to buy her tearful son a CUCUMBER.

Alice Lewis, 23, says three-year-old Stanley has loved the salad favourite since he was a baby and started crying when he was told there were no more in the house.

Family’s Dog Killed By Flying Gnome During Break In At Their Home

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Jenson the Pomeranian who died after a gnome was thrown through a window during a robbery in Ipswich.

Jenson the Pomeranian suffered fatal injuries and died moments after being hit by the concrete garden object which thieves used to shatter a window.

Eagle-Eyed Mum Correctly Diagnoses Baby Daughter’s Bruises As Leukaemia

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An eagle-eyed mum may have saved her baby daughter's life after she correctly recognised marks and bruises on her skin - as signs of leukaemia.

Laura Handley was reading a news story about tragic schoolboy James O’Mara who died just a week after being diagnosed with blood cancer.

Veteran Cancer Battler Completes Gruelling Iron Man Challenge After Beating Cancer – For The Fifth Time

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Cancer survivor David Fletcher completes the Long Course Weekend Wales 2017 iron man challenge with fiancee Angela and son Lee.

David Fletcher, 39, has fought off Hodgkin Lymphoma, skin cancer, testicular cancer and germ cell cancer twice over the last 18 years.

Home At Last : Five-Year-Old Left Brain Damaged After Choking On Ham Sandwich – Finally Home Following 20 Months In Hospital

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Dylan Woodley who was left brain damaged after he choked on a ham sandwich.

Dylan Woodley, now five, was happily tucking into his lunch when the sliced meat got stuck in his throat and he ran to his mum Ally Wheatley for help.

Bear Necessity – Heartbroken Mother’s Desperate Appeal To Find Lost Teddy Which Plays Recording Of Late Baby Son

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Noah Lister, 19 months old, died in his sleep.

Jodi Lynn, 18, was devastated when her only son Noah Lister died in his sleep at their home in February this year.

Best Friends – Inseparable Horse And Donkey Rehomed Together

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Tully a horse and Eric a donkey have become firm friends after arriving at Scottish SPCA's centre in Drumoak, Aberdeenshire.

Warmblood crossbred Tully and Eric the donkey became inseparable after their previous owner had to give them up.

Mum Who Calorie Counted From The Age Of Nine Feels ‘Liberated’ After Quitting Gym And Gaining 60lbs

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Amanda Redepenning pictured , happier, in her comfortable curvy bodyshape.

Amanda Redepenning, 39, went from a size ten to a size 20 (UK), gained 60lbs and is now classed as clinically obese – but is happier than ever.

Family Of 15-Year-Old Who Died After Taking Former Legal High Reveal She Thought She Was ‘Invincible’

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Leah Kerry who died after taking recreational drugs.

Tragic Leah Kerry ‘rolled the dice’ by taking a new psychoactive substance with two friends during a night out, loved ones say.

No, You Haven’t Had One Too Many! : Bristol Pub Is First To Display Christmas Tree – In JULY

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Bosses at the Air Balloon in Filton, Bristol., have put up a fully-decorated tree.

Sweet Dreams – Royal Navy Chef Becomes Real-Life Willy Wonka

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A Royal Navy chef has become a real-life Willy Wonka after creating a chocolate factory - in his BEDROOM.

Sweet-toothed Nicholas Nittle, 34, makes anything from chocolate lollipops and traditional bon-bons to flavoured shoes and hand bags.

Aww! – This Clumsy Kitten Suffers ‘Wobbly Cat’ Syndrome

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Trooper the wobbly cat. See SWNS story SWWOBBLY; This clumsy kitty with Wobbly Cat Syndrome will melt your heart - because it falls over 30 times a DAY. Trooper was born with a neurological disorder which means he finds it impossible to balance. The disabled feline was rejected by his mother at birth and abandoned in a barn where he was found by a farm owner. He was taken in by the Victoria Humane Society and adopted by animal lover Charla Stromkins when he was four months old.

VIDEO – Trooper was born with a neurological disorder which means he finds it impossible to balance.

WATCH – BBC Producer Fergus Beeley Yelling Abuse During Road Rage Incident

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Footage of BBC wildlife producer and director Fergus Beeley in a road rage incident with Simon Gale on the M27 motorway near Portsmouth.

BBC wildlife producer and director Fergus Beeley shocked a family when he got out of his car and launched an angry tirade against them.