Dad-of-five who was shot in the chest by robbers miraculously survived – thanks to his ‘bulletproof’ phone

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Siraaj Abrahams, 41

Siraaj Abrahams was ambushed as he pulled up outside his home

Darwin’s On the Origin of Species: A Picture Book Adaptation – Kickstarter Project

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Evolution by natural selection is one of the best ideas in science. It explains an incredibly wide range of biological facts. But it is taught in a dry and confusing manner in school. Many people don’t really understand Darwin’s theory. Some don’t even believe in Evolution. In 1831, Darwin embarked on a five-year survey voyage…

Teasenz Disrupts The UK Tea Supply Chain

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Chinese tech startups might be still leading the news headlines today, but agricultural startups are making their way up. Teasenz, China’s largest cross-border eCommerce store for Chinese teas is one of them. For a beverage with a history of almost 5000 years, most people can’t imagine that there’s still any potential for innovation and disruption of…

“I’m not scared of dying” : Young cancer victim “princess of the Beatson” leaves heartbreaking note to her parents

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"I'm not scared of dying"

Francesca Mancini beat the disease twice but died just weeks before her 21st birthday…

Global Pricing Innovations and Partners4Access announce a Strategic Partnership to deliver integrated price and access solutions for pharmaceutical launch success

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Strategic partnership formed to support collaboration and innovation. The Core focus is ‘Orphan Drug Solutions’ & Price and Access through data analytics and modelling.

Fifty pupils sent home from school in Newark for breaching uniform rules

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Outside Hartsdown Academy, Kent, today.

Some pupils were told their trousers were too tight while other girls were told their skirts were too short

Donkey surprises centenarian at her birthday party after she dedicated her life to rescue donkeys

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Babs was stunned when a donkey came galloping into her garden party

Devestated eight-year-old with cerebral palsy told she will “grow out of it” by shop worker

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Ruby Doolan with mum Danielle, 28 (Surrey Mirror/SWNS)

The pair had gone shopping for a pair of shoes with a high instep but left the store after the insensitive comment

Mum hits out at 999 call handlers who refused to send an ambulance when her 5-year-old daughter was choking on a grape – because it was “not an emergency”

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Kate Pickering, 35, with her five-year-old daughter Iris (SWNS)

Mum was referred by 999 call handlers to NHS 111 service who refused to send an ambulance to help

Cancer mum’s dying wish is for bullies to stop falsely labelling her son – a PAEDOPHILE

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David Broom, 51, and his mum Faith Broom, 73 (Lewis Clarke / SWNS)

Furious Faith Broom accused cruel gossips of adding to her pain

The sounds that could help ease the symptoms of poor gut health…and the £3bn wage bill

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Birds singing, children playing and football

Horrified mum releases pictures of 10-year-old son’s shocking injuries after alleged racist attack

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Awais Ali - aged 10 - shows his injuries after he was beaten in a racist attack. See SWNS story SWATTACK; ?The mother of a 10-year-old boy who was savagely beaten by young thugs in a racially-motivated attack in broad daylight has released photos of his injuries to raise awareness of racism. Anisa Iqbal said her son Awais Ali was walking to a nearby friend's house to play PlayStation on Monday in Fishponds, Bristol, when two slightly older boys demanded he hand over his phone and money. "My son said 'I haven't'. Then they said 'Oi, Paki, stop, where are you going?'" Ms Iqbal, 33, said. The boys then allegedly grabbed him and took him to a nearby disused building where they made him climb some scaffolding.

Two slightly older boys called him ‘P*ki’ and demanded he hand over his phone and money

Care home opens pub for pensioners to enjoy a tipple and give residents “a sense of familiarity and comfort”

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Donna Johnson - Resident Manager, Edna Thurston and  Stan Heath (Cambridge News / SWNS)

The Old London boozer comes complete with its own beer taps and wine bar

Poor cat left with crossbow bolt in her leg after callous attack

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Fleur the cat (Allan Bruniges SWNS)

Poor Fleur managed to make it home despite being shot through the leg with a crossbow bolt

Firemen save two puppies from barn blaze thanks to special oxygen masks

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Puppy called, "Blaze". See SWNS story SWPUPS. Fire crews battled to save five tiny puppies who were inside the barn on afarm near Bovey Tracey at the time - but sadly three died at the scene. Crews from Newton Abbot, Bovey Tracey and Moretonhampstead, as well as the water bowser from Torquay, attended the scene at Hatherleigh Lane after receiving a report at 14.41 that a small barn was alight.

The tiny sheepdogs were close to death when they were rescued from a smoke-logged farm building

Mum furious after son is sent home because his £48 Clarks school shoes ‘look too much like trainers’

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Mangotsfield School pupil Alfie Ingerfield with mum Nicola (Bristol Post/SWNS)

Teachers have given Alfie one week to buy new shoes which mum Nicola says she cannot afford.

Family with eight kids claim council house is unsuitable – despite turning down five-bed property

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Father Arnold Mballe Sube (far right) and wife Jeanne (holding baby) with their children at their home in Luton, Beds. See Masons copy MNHOUSE: A jobless family-of-ten claim they're being "neglected" by not being given a bigger council house - despite turning down a five-bed property. Arnold Mballe Sube and his wife Jeanne, 33, share their three-bedroom home with their eight children but say they need at least six doubles for them to live comfortably. They claim the conditions of their home in Luton, Beds., are "terrible", but turned down the chance to live somewhere roomier over a lack of storage space.  Arnold, 33, said: "Me and my family have been neglected, we are living in a three bedroom house and there’s not enough room for us to live - there's ten of us.

Couple share their three-bedroom, end-of-terrace home with their eight young kids. But say they need at least six doubles for them to live comfortably.