Elderly Dog Survives After Running Off & Getting Stuck Down A Rabbit Hole For FOUR WEEKS

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Sylvia Dean is reunited with Oscar her Jack Russell after he survived four weeks in the wild when he was found down a rabbit hole

Mischievous Oscar bolted after picking up the scent of a rabbit during a walk with owner Sylvia Dean

Tragic : Young Man Died In Freak Accident After Slipping Over And bumping His Head

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Jack Berger, 21 with girlfriend Charlotte Kybert, 18.

Jack Berger was knocked unconscious when he slipped and hit his head on the pavement

Mum Left With Two Broken Legs After Being Thrown From Roof By Attacker

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Millie Butt.  A 25-year-old mum has told how she was left with TWO broken legs after she plunged 10ft from her roof onto concrete in a horrific attack by Scott Baird.  See SWNS story SWROOF.  Millie Butt was asleep in bed when ‘local man’ Baird, 26, who she’d ‘known for years’ broke into her home in October 2015.  When the full-time mum to Kayne-Lewis, 3, and Konrad-Lei, 2, climbed out her bedroom window onto her porch to escape, Baird followed her.  In a sickening attack, Baird grabbed the mum by the hair and beat her on the roof, and she tumbled 10ft onto concrete as horrified neighbours looked on.

Millie Butt, 25, was napping in bed when would be burglar Scott Baird, 26, who she had “known for years”, entered her home.

Police Continue To Investigate The Deaths Of Young Couple Found In A Car Following ‘Chemical Incident’

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The scene in Chelmsford in Essex where two people were found dead in a blue Ford Fiesta on 06 December 2016

The bodies of Nikki Willis and her boyfriend Tom Putt, both in their 20s, were discovered in a brand new blue Ford Fiesta

Woman Hit With Fine Threat For Flying Festive Santa Flag – Because It Breaches ADVERTISING Laws

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Janis Patterson, 64, hoisted up the colourful festive flag which shows Father Christmas and his reindeers flying in front of a moon.

Farmer Spared Jail For Failing To Control Cows That Killed Uni Professor

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Michael Porter who died after being trampled by cows

Brian Godwin, 83, had been previously ordered to offer more protection to dog walkers using the public footpaths

Smashing Idea! : Rage Cage Opens In The UK Charging Customers To Smash Up Objects

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Zaac Spencer, owner of the Rage Cage, Brinsley, Notts

The bizarre attraction in a disused church offers children and adults the chance to take out their anger

Crohn’s Disease Sufferer Has Unsightly Bottom Scar Transformed With Incredible Tattoo

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Before picture

Brave Cinders Fletcher, 35, was unable to sit properly for eight years after suffering excruciating pain from abscesses that developed due to her illness

Fox Killed After Pack Of Hounds Brutally Mauled It To Death During ‘Illegal Hunt”

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A member of the Hunt Saboteurs Association at the Old Surrey Burstow & West Kent Hunt near Tunbridge Wells, Kent taking a dead fox after they say it was killed by the hunt

The video appears to show a pack of dogs attacking a fox in woodland, before the fox is then removed from the hounds by a member of the Hunt Saboteurs Association.

Top Chef Quits The High Life To Run Chippy In One Of The UK’S Most Rundown Areas

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Derek Hughes at his Caia Fryer chip shop in Wrexham, Wales

Derek Hughes used to work at a luxurious four-star resort in the Highlands where he prepared anything from exquisite salmon fillets to lobster

Met Create Anti-Drink Driving Mannequin Challenge

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Mannequin challenge done by the MET police

In the last few months, colleagues, artists, athletes and politicians have attempted their own mannequin challenges

Police Hunt Conmen Who Wrecked 90-Year-Old’s Home In Elaborate Building Scam

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Ronald Veeson pictured at home

Ronald Veeson’s house was broken into through the roof by the crooks who told him they were fixing his guttering.

Wild Snake Swallowed Door Knob And Had To Undergo Surgery

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Before the Op, This dozey wild snake needed a tummy operation after he swallowed - a DOORKNOB. See SWNS story SWKNOB; The western rat snake used to catch rodents outside a family's chicken coup in their garden in Ballwin, Missouri. They placed a old white door knob on the ground as a ''dummy egg'' to encourage hens to lay. But they were stunned when the found the snake sprawled out on the ground with an enormous bump in his stomach. Incredible x-rays taken by vets show the white outline of the doorknob lodged half-way down his long body. Surgeons have now operated on the snake - nicknamed ''doorknob'' - and returned him to the wild to carry on catching rats. Kim Rutledge from the Wildlife Rescue Centre in  Ballwin, Missouri, said: ''The family would 'employ' him to catch rodents from their chicken coup. ''A doorknob was used as a kind of dummy egg to help him to stay.''

The western rat snake used to catch rodents outside a family’s chicken coup in their garden in Ballwin, Missouri.

Festive En-Tree-Preneur : Savvy Teen Who Planted First Christmas Tree Aged Nine Now Runs Plantation With 1,500 Spruces

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Ryan Brook, 16 on his 1500 christmas tree plantation in Dean, Shepton Mallet, Somerset. See SWNS story SWTREE; A savvy teenager who started growing his own Christmas trees when he was just nine is now running a festive business with 1,500 of them.

Ryan Brook, 16, planted a sapling his dad Andy gave him after getting fed up of his mum Gail’s annual search for the perfect tree.

Mum Mistaken By Paramedics For Being Drunk As She Was Suffering Massive Brain Haemorrhage

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Kerry Whitehead and her husband Lee at their home in  Hull

Kerry Whitehead, 43, and her husband had been taking clients to a music festival when she began to feel unwell

‘Calm Down And Go Home!’ : Young Mum Gave Birth On Hospital Toilet Floor After Midwife Told Her She Wasn’t In Labour

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Leanne Spencer with her daughter Athena Leake who was born on the hospital toilet floor

The first-time mum left the antenatal suite, but only made it as far as the ladies’ toilets before giving birth

Couple Accused Of Abusing Baby Over ‘Injuries’ – Which Turned Out To Be A BIRTHMARK

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Parents Amy Agnew and  Stephen Gardner with their children Scarlett and Esmae

Amy Agnew, 24, and Steven Gardener, 32, took Scarlett to Hospital after being concerned about a dark mark on her foot