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Andrew revealed that he will be sharing his millions with over 20 people in his family, including Trisha’s 14-year-old daughter, who has special needs.

Andrew said: “She will be set up for life. Any care she needs she will have.

“I won’t stop doing the lottery. I don’t do any other gambling but I will still buy my £1 scratch card.”

Andrew Clark is believed to have three children named Jamie, 22, Rikki, 23 and Zhoe, 27, and he lives in a home worth around £200,000.

He has three granddaughters aged nine, six, and two. He has put £200 each in their Christmas cards.

When asked about being apparently relaxed about the win, he said: “This is me. We’re very down to earth people. Trish will keep me grounded.”

He added: “Trish bought a Nissan Quashquai. She’s not a car person but that’s what she wanted.”

Andrew used to make parts for Mercedes Formula One.

He said: “Perhaps now I can buy one.”

Asked about Christmas presents, Andrew said: “Everyone will still get the same pair of socks that they were all supposed to get.”

Speaking about their families, Trisha said: “I’m sure they will help us spend it.

“They money will benefit them for life.”

With Andrew claiming the ticket, a frantic six-week search for the winner comes to an end.

The National Lottery deployed ad vans to the area to encourage the winner to come forward, and even enlisted local town crier Steve O’Dare to spread the news.

Andrew’s is the 12th biggest win ever in the UK, and is not the first time someone from the area has got lucky.

In 2015, Richard and Angela Maxwell, from Conningsby, Lincs., won £53m.

And in May this year, another winner from Grantham, Lincs., scooped just under £10m.

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