A couple who had their wedding cancelled because of Coronavirus donated their wedding food to NHS staff

Fiona and Adam Gordon fed over 400 staff at two hospitals over two days with the roast beef and hog roast which was supposed to feed their guests on Saturday.

SWNS_WEDDING_FOOD_003.jpg Image by: Matthew Newby SWNS

A couple who had their nuptials cancelled because of coronavirus have donated their wedding food to NHS staff.

Fiona and Adam Gordon fed over 400 staff at two hospitals over two days with the roast beef and hog roast which was supposed to feed their guests on Saturday (21 March).

The catering company they were using for their big day, Galloping Gourmet, is run by a man who has close links with veterans' charity Hull4Heroes.

And when they were dealt the mortifying news their wedding could not go ahead they got a call asking if they would donate their food.

Amazingly Fiona - nee Bromyard - and partner HGV driver Adam, 30, decided to go along with their wedding anyway - in a quiet church service with just them and two witnesses.

The 31-year-old, from Hull, East Yorks., said they had been planning their wedding for just over a year.

They were having a church wedding with a big reception planned for after.

She said: "We were catering for 120 day guests, and as the venue pulled out at the last minute the catering firm had bought it all in.

"We were having a roast beef dinner, canapes and a hog roast in the evening.

"That would have been a lot to go to waste.

"When Tony Norris from the catering company called us up to ask to donate we didn't give it a second thought."

SWNS_WEDDING_FOOD_002.jpg Image by: Matthew Newby SWNS SWNS_WEDDING_FOOD_001.jpg Image by: Matthew Newby SWNS

The pair had paid £250 for their own beef but the £2,500 they've paid to Galloping Gournet still remains in credit - as the charity have footed the bill for the big feed.

The company are hanging on to their money so they can cater the wedding party at a later date.

Galloping Gourmet owner and Hull4Heroes volunteer and Royal Navy veteran Tony Norrie packed up his horsebox trailer and served food to NHS staff to say thank you for all their hard work during the pandemic.

Charity founder Paul Matson said they felt "choked up" as they served hog roast sandwiches to hungry NHS staff outside Hull Royal Infirmary and Castle Hill Hospital in Hull, East Yorks., at the weekend.

He said: "Everyone was delighted, even the head of the hospital came out and thanked us, so we made everyone happy and that's exactly what we wanted to do.

"As we started and we saw the queue forming I think we were all a bit choked up. It was a really nice way for us to do something.

"A few even put tears in our eyes just saying, 'Look, this is absolutely wonderful, thank you so much'.

Fiona said: "The reaction we have had for doing this is absolutely amazing, but of course the real heroes here are the charity workers.

"We're just happy to help bring a bit of light in the middle of all this. It is times such as these when you realise what's important.

"The fact that we managed to help in some way because of this is a silver lining.

"The main thing for me and Adam is that we got married and we are together.

"We really wanted to get married on the 21st March as I lost my mum six years ago and that is her birthday.

"Our wedding was very low key, but we got dressed for the occasion and had my brother and mother-in-law as witnesses.

"We then went home, changed out of our clothes and had some champagne and cake."