Harrowing 999 call captures terrifying moment a violent thug broke into his ex-girlfriend's home to beat her semi-conscious

Shocking injury pictures also show Aaron Marsden Booth's victim with horrific facial bruising after he smashed his way into her home in Glossop, Derbys

SWNS_999_ABUSE_03.jpg Image by: Steve Chatterley

A harrowing 999 call captures the moment a violent thug smashed his way into his ex-girlfriend's home where he beat her semi-conscious and stabbed her with a knife.

Aaron Marsden Booth, 27, can be heard breaking through the front door of his ex-partner’s home as she screams in terror and begs for help from police.

She desperately asks call handlers: "Can I have the police please, my boyfriend is breaking in. He is kicking my door down can you hurry up?"

A loud noise of the door being smashed in can be heard in the background before the she lets out a "blood-curdling scream" and pleads: "Please, don't hurt me."

Booth can be heard telling her: "What I'm going to do...I'm going to f***ing kill you." before the phone line cuts dead.

The abusive yob then battered the beauty salon worker semi-conscious in her own home before she was able to flee from the property in Glossop, Derbys.

Booth then stabbed his victim in the street in front of police officers who were arriving at the scene before holding the blade to her throat.

Officers, armed only armed only with batons and capture spray, pleaded with him to not harm her further and he eventually walked away and returned to her address.

He then forced armed police into a three-hour standoff as his ex girlfriend was rushed to hospital following the shocking incident in February this year.

Booth went on to plead guilty to wounding with intent and was jailed for 14 years as his victim, now 31, bravely watched on from the public gallery at Manchester Crown Court

Shocking injury pictures released by Derbyshire Police after the case also show the victim, who the force have not named, with horrific facial bruising and swelling.

Judge Richard Mansell QC praised her in helping bring Booth to justice and ensuring that others would not become a victim at his hands.

He told her: “You have been brave in the extreme. You have not just protected yourself; you have protected other women.”

The victim said Booth was "charming" when they first met in 2017 and, despite warnings from pals about his previous behaviour, began a relationship with him the following year.

She came to realise why her friends were concerned as his abusive behaviour came to the fore in May 2018 when he began drinking to excess and taking drugs.

Sentencing, Judge Mansell added: “When at home, you would bully and degrade her by spitting, flicking cigarettes or throwing household items at her, as well as calling her names.

“You pursued her by turning up at her home and the beauty salon where she worked and contacting her friends, but then left her alone for about a month.

“However, you met up with her in July 2018 and persuaded her that you would change and so she agreed to start seeing you again.

“Very soon you reverted to the same kind of behaviour.”

In the September of that year Booth threatened to kill his victim before wrapping both his hands around her neck as if to strangle her.

His victim tried repeatedly to break of their relationship. But each time Booth would bombard her with calls and texts and force her, through emotional blackmail, to retract her complaints made against him.

The evening prior to the assault, Booth’s victim had been enjoying a night out with her friends - during which he was caught on CCTV following her from pub to pub.

In the footage Booth could be seen becoming increasingly angry as the night went on, before finally his victim had to lock herself in a toilet to get away from him.

After Booth, of Glossop, was ejected from the pub, his victim left the bar and went home to bed before he turned up at her front door demanding to be let in.

His victim called police as he attempted to kick the front door down.

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Judge Mansell said: “She was crying and pleading with the operator to hurry up because you were trying to break in.

“After a few moments, there is a huge bang and she lets out a blood-curdling scream of terror as you smashed a window and climbed into the house.

“You immediately set about beating her up, knocking her to the ground and punching her repeatedly about the face.

“All that could be heard was her moaning in pain.

“This was a sustained and brutal assault on a defenceless woman.”

Leaving her in a semi-conscious state on the floor with multiple fractures to her face, Booth grabbed a knife from the kitchen.

Realising he had a knife in his hand, his victim managed to run from the house but Booth caught up with her stabbing her repeatedly in the legs and side.

Police officers witnessed the stabbing and urged Booth to put the knife down – instead he grabbed his victim, holding the knife to her throat and telling officers he would kill her if they came any nearer.

Eventually the officers managed to talk Booth away from the woman – and he walked back to the house in Sumners Place, Glossop.

Locking himself in the property - armed officers were forced into a three hour standoff before he eventually threw his weapons out of the window and was arrested.

After being charged with attempted murder, Booth went on to plead guilty to a section 18 assault – wounding with intent.

He must serve at least nine years in prison before he can apply for parole and once freed must serve six years on licence.

He was also handed an indefinite restraining order which prohibits Booth from contacting his victim.

Detective Constable Graham Millar, of Derbyshire Police, said after the case: “I would first like to praise the bravery shown by his victim.

“The incident in February was the culmination of months of physical and mental abuse by Booth.

“His behaviour ground down a strong, independent, young woman – causing her to lose more than two stone in weight as Booth’s campaign of abuse continued.

“This all came to a head in February. In what should have been a place of safety, she pleaded for her life as he beat and stabbed her.

“Anyone hearing that call cannot help but feel a part her terror as he smashed his way into the house.

“It is testament to her bravery and strength that was able to bring charges against Booth.

“She showed that same strength, dignity and bravery throughout the court process – even when it appeared she may have to give evidence against Booth – and ended in her sitting in court watching him be jailed for 14 years.

“I hope the sentence handed to Booth brings a degree of closure to this chapter in her life.

“I would also like to take this moment pay tribute to the officers who were first on the scene that night.

"Armed with only their batons and captor spray they were faced with a situation that could easily have led to a far more tragic ending.

“Their actions on that night were, quite simply, incredible. They are an absolute credit to the force and I am proud to call them fellow Derbyshire Constabulary officers.”

Following the case, victim Zahra Rechelle took to social media to thank well-wishers for their support and shared the shocking video released by police.

She wrote: "I obviously knew and agreed to this being shared, but only this!

"I know it’s horrific to hear and he’s evil.

"But the police saved me, my eyebrows still look delightful in them awful pictures, we now live by the beach with the best family and friends and he has to do a minimum of 9 years in prison!

"Thank you to everyone’s messages, so overwhelming makes me cry."

Pal Leah Mae Rudge replied:" This literally broke my heart. I love you babe, I’m so glad you’re safe and the other side of all this now xxxxxxxxx"

Summer Coppock added: "I've never heard anything like this.. not even on a horror movie! Its actually made me cry. You're such a strong woman Zahra Rechelle and I'm so glad you're okay now."

Emma Charles wrote: "Unreal, what an amazing woman you are for standing up to him and sharing this to try help others. Love and hugs."

Video by: Steve Chatterley