SWNS_CAKE_THIEF_001.jpg Image by: Sharon Pitcaithly

This adorable video shows the moment a mum found her five-year-old daughter stuffing her face with an entire birthday cake she’d stolen from the living room.

Five-year-old Bethany Pitcaithly Nelson pinched her mum Sharon’s 50th birthday cake, after it was left on a table following the party.

Sharon discovered her daughter sat in the hallway in her nappy, shoving the massive cake into her mouth.

Home carer Sharon said she found it so funny, she couldn’t resist taking a video of cheeky Bethany, in their home in Auchtermuchty in Fife, Scotland.

SWNS_CAKE_THIEF_007.jpgImage by: Sharon PitcaithlySWNS_CAKE_THIEF_005.jpgImage by: Sharon PitcaithlySWNS_CAKE_THIEF_004.jpgImage by: Sharon Pitcaithly

Sharon said: “The previous night, my children and all my family held a surprise 50th birthday party for me, and when I got home I left it on the living room table.

“It had been a fun but boozy night. I was a little tipsy.

“Bethany went into the living room the next evening, reached up, pulled the box off, then went into the hallway to hide and eat it.

“It was almost a full birthday cake. I couldn’t help but laugh when I saw her.

“Once I stopped filming, I sat down and had a bit of cake with her as well!”

Bethany tucked into the cake at around 9pm on June 16.

Sharon said mischievous Bethany gets into all sorts of bother when her mum’s back is turned, and has even broken four TVs in six months.

Video by: Sharon Pitcaithly