By Amy Reast

A greedy elephant terrified a group of tourists on safari when it began rummaging around in their Jeep for a snack.

Ilona Johansson Jänkänpää, 22, was on a safari ride in Yala National Park, Sri Lanka, with boyfriend Jacob Tillberg, 24, and some friends.

The elephant ran at the vehicle and a video shows passengers lifting their legs as it rummages around while the driver warns them “it’s ok, don’t worry” and “don’t move”.

The elephant eventually left after finding nobody was carrying any snacks – but the tourists were left terrified, on March 13.

Ilona, from Gällivare, Sweden, said: “Near the end of the route, we saw this elephant.

“There were other Jeeps around but we got closer than the others.

“We were the only ones that got close, and now I know why!

“He started to run up to us, looking for food in the Jeep, and we panicked.

“It was just looking for food, but I was scared because it looked so aggressive.

“When the elephant realized we didn’t have any food, it went past us and we drove off.

“It only lasted a couple of minutes but it felt like a long time because we didn’t know how it would react.

“The trip was worth it in the end but it’s definitely an experience I’ll remember my whole life.

“It was terrifying in the moment but now we can look back and laugh!”

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