By Leo Black

This is the moment a racing-mad grandmother found out she had won after betting on the Grand National.

Video shows Margaret Harding, 88, getting the news on the phone – gobsmacked that she picked the winner.

Margaret, of Northampton, East Midlands, can be heard saying: “Crikey! I can’t believe it!” as she gapes at her granddaughter who is recording.

The retired receptionist passionately follows and bets on the horses and even gives her family advice on how to place their bets.

She had placed the bet on I Am Maximus ridden by Paul Townend, who took the spoils in Saturday’s showcase Aintree race.

Margaret had bet £5 so took home £35.

Granddaughter Maisie Stanford, 27, a marketing executive from Northampton, said: “All the family ask her for tips on betting on the horses including me.

“I won £20 from asking her the week before.”

Margaret, discovering she has won money on the Grand National. (Pix via SWNS)

According to Maisie, her grandmother is mad for horse racing and follows all the races and news to keep track of the sport.

Maisie said: “She loves to read up in the newspaper about the latest stats and odds and races and she often does pick a winner.

“She got my aunty to go to the local bookies and put a bet on for her. She bet £5 and won approximately £35.”

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